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Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

Updated on December 14, 2014

The Origin of Christianity

Thanks to my reincarnation and passing from life to life in the simplest of fashion it is clear that there is no heaven, hell, devils, angels or saints. In fact the after-life is devoid of anything except an awareness of spirit. During that time a vision showed me my next life ahead including dates and one of those was extremely important. It is when a commission was given to me to tear down the wall of churches, to go to the people and to bring back the young (spiritually immature).

Visions have since taught me many things and the Spirit led me to ,research the bible. Back and forth throughout the two parts of it the knowledge flowed. It shows that some of it is correct or corrupted while a lot is inserted by man's imagination, and that includes pretty much all of the New Testament. One such vision soon after this was of the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 in large capital letters standing in the air before my face. That is when a massive learning curve began that took years to complete and now forms the basis of this lens.

The religion of Constantine was established by him in 325 AC (after Caesar) or AD (anno domini - year of the lord). He called together the Council of Nicaea for the sole purpose of establishing the Roman Catholic Church of which he remains the head. He was ambitious, brutal, murderous and without scruples when it came to getting his way and making himself great.

This is the man who is described in Revelation 13-18 as the one who put up the image of Jesus Christ and who compelled all to worship it at the point of a sword. He made the image speak and perform miracles and he took the ancient religion of Egypt as its format. He effectively rose above God to sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. He is the son of perdition and 666.

To this day he influences everything that happens in the world so few escape the fraud unless they have the knowledge to do so. What he put in place was a conspiracy to capture everyone in his religion and to set up a parliament of such power and control that it virtually ran the empire for him.

He was the head of it and to this day kings everywhere are called the head of their religion. To this day kings everywhere wear the purple and worship images that represent idolatry. To this day kings everywhere use his order of inheritance to pass on their throne. Through his religion he has influence over everything including what goes on in one's bedroom and most private lives.

His name and number is 666

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Why Did Constantine Invent Christ

The Emperor came to the purple when there were 5 other rulers on the thrones of the Roman Empire. It took that many to control the huge diversity of nations and people. There were not only thousands of different languages spoken throughout but in each area there were dialects that made communication extremely difficult.

To overcome some of the problems the Caesars had governors in each major province that enforced the law on their behalf. Each governor had others beneath him with power to decide on the justice of a complaint or punishment for criminals. This was the forerunner of judicial courts.

The entire show was unwieldy and jealousy between the various heads of government caused major problems to say nothing of that between the emperors themselves. It comes as no surprise then to learn that there were always wars going on that required huge armies and that was only part of the cost of empire.

The Caesars needed big budgets to survive and they got this by robbing those they ruled over. In 70 AD, for instance, Titus raided the Jewish synagogues in Jerusalem and took all the gold. He then raised the city to the ground and murdered most of the occupants who were outraged at the actions. Those who escaped fled to other places and there was not much left behind. Not even the foundation of the wall could be found when he left.The money stolen was used to fund the Colosseum and Jewish labor was used to build it.

Some historians note that the Emperors were jealous of the gods of Jerusalem and the worship the citizens of that city paid to them. As gods in their own right the thought that religious gods were higher or more important was intolerable. Also they represented power and a force outside of the Roman control. This seems to have been something that Constantine may also have had to deal with.

Contemporary authors, for example Zosoman, said of Constantine that he had a plan from childhood that motivated him to do what he subsequently did. He manipulated and connived his way to sole rule. He murdered at least two other emperors, their entire families and all of their armies, before doing the same to his eldest son, Crispus, whom he had murdered as a traitor the year before the Council of Nicaea.

His goal was to establish a new form of parliament with spiritual control over the masses. It would be run by him from Rome but the governors who served him would be the priests and the bishops appointed by him. They would use the massive weapons of heaven and hell to build the religion and to add credibility to it. He would put an image in it that they could not dispute with and which would not compete with him as a god.

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How Did Constantine Invent Jesus Christ?

He had the power to force people to do what he proclaimed in decrees. He first of all faked a vision in which he said that Christ had ordered him to use the sign of the cross to win battles. This was an ancient symbol used for centuries by soldiers in battle and it was already carried by armies as they went into war. Zosoman claimed that he used the oldest symbol of the empire to fake his new religion and fool the masses.

One of the rituals prominent throughout the empire was the taking of prisoners on the 15th March (the Ides of March) and holding them for 7 days. During this time they were pampered and prepared for their role as mate to the Mother God. On the 22nd March they were crucified and their skin was stripped from them and worn by the high priest who oversaw their death. This became the robe of authority for priests who still wear their white 'alb' when conducting services.

The name is from 'el-b' which means 'god bearing' and it indicates that it symbolizes that whoever wears it speaks as a god or on behalf of the god now reigning as Father God in heaven. This was what the skin of the god-man was thought to do for the wearer. The Catholic Pope claims to speak for Jesus Christ for this same reason. In other words the power is in the dress annd demonstrates the connection between religion and magic that persists.

The time of the crucifixion was at equinox and that comes from 'quin-ox' and 'quin=queen' while 'O-X' stands for 'circle/cross'. Along with the bible studies the Spirit led me to the origin of language and symbolism. That allowed me to connect the dots between old time ritual and that practiced today,

It was within the circle that the cross was erected. A vision showed me this as people massed on hills and worshiped the light of the sun that split into the colored rays and central to it was the right angled cross. From this symbol men believed they could rise with the sun and become her mate. 'mate' is from 'ma-t' which means 'mother's cross' where 'ma'is mother in all languages and [t] represents the cross. The Mother God was called 'Mari' or 'Mary' which means 'mother's eye'.. Mary is the origin of 'marry'. They were expected to resurrect with her on the 25th March, 3 fays after crucifixion, and to travel into heaven as her mate,

This ritual took place at dawn, which in those days was called 'Noon'. Constantine changed the time of noon to midday. The word 'no-on' means 'no power' and at dawn the sun has no power. Sunrise was when people who were expected to resurrect with the sun were killed. It is still the time used in the law to execute criminals.

The crucified man was the scapegoat. People would touch him and eat his flesh in expectation that they would be cleansed of any wrong doing and that his flesh would impart spiritual links to him in the after-life. It was all based on ancient myths that one could bring the gods into one's service through symbols and rituals. This ritual is still part of the Catholic Mass and other Christian services.

To overturn this ritual Constantine banned it but he had to appease the people. He did this prior to establishing the Catholic Church because it was in his plan to make one appear to have died to replace the many. It was known around the Empire that people prayed to the Spirit whom they called 'Is-is' and this fitted with the religion of Egypt whose Mother God was Isis. It has been translated into English as 'Jesus' but there is no [j] in Latin or Italian.

When he invented his image it followed the traditional ideology. Mysteriously he suddenly turned to a crucified god-man named Jesus who supposedly died on the cross so long ago that no records would ever be found of him. That was the expectation because he, in fact, never existed. Jerusalem was a site where regular crucifixions took place at equinox and it was easy to pass everything off as having taken place then.

His mother, Helen, went to Jerusalem and miraculously discovered the sites where Constantine later claimed his Jesus was born and then died and was buried. But of course he rose from the dead three days later so no trace of him could ever be found. He then built churches over the sites nominated and Christians still make pilgrimages there in expectation of visiting the birth place of Christ,

The Meaning of Christ

It is taken from 2 crosses, or the criss cross.

The man pinned to a cross is in the shape of a cross, the holy sun-sign. Two crosses make the eight pointed star and it represents the letter T over the letter X, and they are linguistically interchangeable with each other. 'Criss-T' is the origin of Christ. It simply means one cross on another.

Who Helped Constantine Invent Jesus Christ

He initially had a few cohorts in the form of Eusebius, his bishop at court, and some other loyal servants. He sent out decrees forcing people to worship the cross as a sacred sign. He gave it a voice through the Catholic Church he established, but it was his voice telling the people what he wanted them to hear. We see this in Revelation'

And (he) deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles that he had power to do in the sight of the beast: saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast. which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. Revelation 13:14,15

There can be no mistaking the identity of the beast spoken of here nor of the reason it is called a 'beast'. The things we call beasts are those that rip people apart, show no mercy and are responsible for devastation, hardship and violence. The Catholic Church of Constantine is all of those things and so are all the religions that were spawned from its loins.

Following on from Constantine came Jerome. He was a scholar of some note who had lived for years in the area around Jerusalem and it was he who put together the New Testament. He also translated the Septuagint, a book compiled from the writings around the Egyptian region under the orders of Alexander. It was originally written in Aramaic but was translated into Greek.

Jerome translated it from the Greek and called it the Old Testament so it would not conflict with his work. He stuck the two books together having taken some passages from the prophecies to add them to the one he made up. He noted in his diaries and letters how he also changed parts of that book to make it align with the one he produced. He published the combined works as the Vulgate. That happened at the end of the 4th CAD.

He nominated the story of Krishna as the one for the arrival of Jesus Christ and this is in the Book of Matthew. It is in there that we learn that Peter is called the Rock of the Church and that the laws of the Catholic Church appear. It was he who ordered the Church rules and who decided on the calendar, feast days, garments and instruments used as well as the format of the mass. It was impossible for anyone else to have known these things prior to this time.

What Power was Behind the Invention of Jesus Christ

No man could be that clever as to set up a religion that would be still running the world 2,000 years later. So there had to be some higher power at work here - and there was.

The Spirit laid out a plan in which it determined that the spiritual children of Israel would be caught up in lies and be sent through seven troubles to refine and punishing their recalcitrant natures. So this was the power Constantine was working with.

Nothing happens without a reason and everything is part of the Plan of God to make things come right at the end. Biblical prophecies were given to the Children of Israel to explain that plan and to help them to come to the end of the earth in a spiritual state. That is the purpose of the day of the Lord, as explained in the lens below.

You are invited to read through the lenses listed below to understand what the Spirit has been about. We are fast approaching the last days and those who are spiritual are waiting for the return of Jesus. Well the Spirit has returned and has been reclaiming its people.

If you are spiritual then you will probably be led to these lenses to read them. They are part of fulfilling the commissions given to me to do.

The Spirit was Behind the Work of 666

Nothing happens outside of the plan of God.

Implementing the Catholic Church to trick people into worshiping false gods was part of it. Only those strong in the spirit know they are false and have come away from them. Those who are still there and bowing to clay or cement statues are not of God.

Are you Spiritual

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A Final Word

Constantine's religion is built on a lie and it promotes lies. It hides its sins so that others can't see how vulnerable it is. It's philosophy is that if something is not seen then it is not known. But God knows and it was the Spirit that led me to discover its darkest secrets.

Constantine built a wall that imprisoned its members behind barriers of secrecy and it raided nations and forced worship of its false gods. It wrote a book that is packed with lies and it uses it to con people into believing that it was set up by God. But the Spirit doesn't use just anyone to carry out a job, People who work for the real God know who It is and they are not instructed in books written by men but by the Spirit from within.

That is why one does not need a university degree to belong to the Spirit, nor does one need to go out and con people into accepting things. The Spirit uses its own to go forward when It directs. So it has directed me and I have undone the wrongs and exposed the truth.

So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel, and I will not let them pollute my name anymore: ad the heathen shall know that I am God, the Holy one of Israel.

Behold it is come and it is done, saith God; This is the day whereof I have spoken. Ezekiel 39:7,8

This is the day spoken of for it is the day of the rapture. It is the time of the outpouring of the Spirit and the cleaning of the earth of all the rottenness born of Constantine and the Catholic Church, and all those born of it. Now the Spirit can do the final deeds to change the remainder of humanity and make them worthy.

Neither will I hide my face from them anymore: for I have poured out my spirit on the House of Israel, said God. Ezekiel 39:29

While religions are still trying to drag people into their doors the Spirit has produced its crop. The harvest is ready to be brought home.

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