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The Energies and Vibrations of People, Places and Possessions

Updated on November 24, 2015

Do you believe in energies?

Do you believe that all things have a certain energy or vibration? For instance if you pick up a stone would you say to yourself that because it is solid there is no life within it, it is as dead as a dodo?

Some people would argue that is not true. That stone could have survived for hundreds, maybe thousands of years and will have witnessed wars and also times of celebration and will have eroded over time revealing a fresh new layer to witness whatever happens next. Think about it. If that stone were crushed it would become no more than dust, the same thing we become when we die - and many people believe that there is a connection between us and the universe, that when it comes down to it we consist of the very same atoms that form the stars above.

How do you connect to the world around you? Read on and see if anything resonates....

What energy does your house have?

Do you ever notice that when you visit certain houses that you feel a particular way? Why is that? Is it because you don't know the house and are therefore a little apprehensive as to what may lie behind the front door? Is it because you know the house and either get a good vibe from it or a bad one?

Every house has a vibration one way or the other and most people without realising it pick up on this as soon as they enter. Take notice next time you visit somewhere, how do you feel? Do you feel instantly comfortable - at home, even? Does something make you feel on edge and that you won't be staying for long?

Energy needs to flow and the air in many houses is stagnant due to poor positioning of furniture, maybe too much clutter and poor ventilation. Arguments can cause stagnation too, they linger in the air like a bad smell. Have you ever walked into a room where unbeknown to you an argument has taken place and you pick up on that bad vibe? By the same token, have you ever walked into a room and felt totally exhilerated and alive because of the positive atmosphere?

Everything has an energy so it's not just the house that creates a good or bad vibe, it is the people and possessions within it that create the bigger picture. You could have the nicest house in the world but the energy could be ruined by what is inside the home. Likewise you may not have much in material terms but your home is a thriving place filled with laughter, people and good times because the energies are positive.

What vibes do you get from others?

How do other people make you feel? Everybody has the capacity to have good moods and bad moods and therefore however they choose to be will affect those around them.

However, some people you could almost label as being 'positive' or 'negative' because they will repeat certain behavioural patterns, they will twist their life around to either focus on the good or the bad, they are either victims and losers or winners who always seem to be having a great life.

Have you ever met someone and straight away either liked or disliked them without knowing why? Have you communicated with someone over the internet yet never met but somehow feel connected to them - or better still, met your soulmate - a person with whom you 'just know' and connect with on a very deep level.

Do you like how someone makes you feel? If not, why do you bother with them? If you find yourself constantly in their company then perhaps you lean more to their personality than you realise, as an example; maybe their misery makes you feel needed. But that's not good is it? Constantly being in someone's company who is always down on life will eventually rub off on you. You will be down on life, even if you consider yourself a positive person, you won't be as positive as you think you are.

Have you noticed how positive people are usually very successful, whether in love or business? They probably have people flocking around them like moths to a flame because they just ooze happiness. Some people get annoyed at positive folk - they may seem too 'in your face' because they often don't like to procrastinate. For them life is to be lived and NOW!! They often face life and get on with it, which to a person who is down on themselves can be a little bit aggravating because they prefer to mope about and go at a snail's pace.

So be aware of the different personality traits within your home and you'll probably find you have good rooms and bad rooms based on who is in them. Dependent on your own mood, stick to the room that suits how you feel and avoid conflict with anyone who is not on your wavelength.

I personally have been known to open all the windows and doors in my house if there has been an argument. I believe arguments linger in the air (as I've already said) and the quickest way to change the air is to let fresh air in. Once I've performed this ritual I light candles as if to restore harmony and balance. For me it works, to you - you may think I'm a bit nuts!

What energies do your possessions give off?

Do you think your possessions may give off certain energies? Hold something in your hand that you treasure, how does it make you feel? It is likely to put a smile on your face - it may trigger a particular memory. Now hold something in your hand that you're not too keen on, how does that make you feel? Why is that?

Objects and possessions have associations to time, places and people. Have you inherited something and it sits on your mantelpiece either in pride of place or it is just there because you feel obliged to keep it? is your house filled with nik-naks that have been handed down, borrowed or that you simply haven't purchased yourself, for yourself?

It can be wonderful to be surrounded by things that have come from other people, providing they make you feel good and they were given and received with love. If however, you have objects that you associate with bad feelings, maybe a necklace from an aunt who passed away but with whom you didn't get along with in her lifetime, then every time you look at them or feel them they will trigger negative emotions. So why keep them? The act of hanging onto something that you don't want or like will bring negativity to your house and your life.

Take a good look around you. How many objects are truly yours? How many things have you chosen for your house and done it as a couple with your partner rather than accepting your parents old hand-me-downs? Your possessions and your home should reflect your personality. Too much of Uncle Fred's influence, even if you are/were very fond of him will make you feel like he's looking over your shoulder. Express yourself! Be yourself!

Choose to have only the things around you that make you feel good. Get rid of anything that is neither useful or that no longer brings you happiness - the same goes for the company you keep. I promise you your life will change once you are aware of the energies you surround yourself with from people to places to possessions.

Connection - coincidence or not?

Have you ever noticed how you think about something or someone and then something happens to draw whatever it is into your life?

This is not coincidence, it is about how you perceive the world through your thoughts and how the universe responds in return. Thoughts have a vibration, it is a scientific fact and thoughts can actually be measured.

So pay attention to your thoughts. Are they positive or negative? Do you consider yourself a positive person yet on the other hand can too easily mutter under your breath when someone has annoyed you? That is not true positivity - a more practised positive person would rise above it, immediately.

So, positivity is something we need to practice. By that I mean to focus more on the positives than the negatives and by doing so we will attract more positive things into our life. We need therefore to alter our mindset, to not react in certain ways to certain situations/people and be more conscious of the thoughts we put out.

This is because our thoughts return to us, so if we think good things then good things will happen. If we think the oppostie, you've guessed it! Learn to not let things get you down, there is always someone worse off than you. Learn to give and do everything in life with intention and love. If your thoughts aren't pure then what you receive back won't be pure either.

If you're trying to attract something or someone into your life then the universe will only respond if you are giving out all the right signals (through your thoughts and actions via love) but most importantly you need to be ready to receive. So as the saying goes, 'Be careful what you wish for.'

The Power of Thought

So when the phone rings and it happens to be someone who has been on your mind, it is no coincidence, it is the universe responding to your thoughts and connecting you both together - chances are they have been thinking the same about you!

When your car breaks down and you're late for work and just as you arrive you step into a puddle, it's no coincidence - you have probably been thinking negative thoughts about someone/something and the universe has responded to your call for negative things to come into your life, and the more the merrier! Change the way you think. Do it NOW and be aware that wherever your are in life literally or metaphorically, you are there because of how you think and respond to everyone and everything around you.

If you're trying to break a life-cycle, change your thoughts. Thoughts create our behaviour and so with time and practice we can actually re-tune our brain to act differently and break the cycle. The only thoughts that bring success are positive ones, a positive mental attitude always wins and once you practice positivity you will seek it all the time because of how it makes you feel.

So everything has an energy but you have the ultimate power to decide what brings you joy and what to associate with, even the very words you utter have an energy so be aware of the words you select because you are likely to be drawing things into your life based on what you are saying. Positive people say positive things, they are upbeat and use vibrant words in their language. Negative people have a negative, monotonous tone and the universe responds by bringing a humdrum lifestyle and like-minded people.

It's up to you. Hopefully I've woken you up a bit and made you think about the world around you. You have created your world, believe it or not based on your thoughts, your actions and the people and possessions you have around you. If you don't like it, you know how to change it. If you do like it then you are more spiritually aware than others and definitely following the right path - well done!

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    • justmelucy profile image


      6 years ago

      I absolutely feel and know the power of energy. I can feel your energy through the writing of this lens and the others that you have so wonderfully shared. I admit my own energy was very negative for a long time. I tried to blame it on my situation but have learned I was almost a willing victim to the abuse. I let it grow rather than seeking my higher power, my guides to prepare a rescue of sorts. I also agree that our possessions have energy. I learned to cleanse yard sale items, gifts and even store bought items before bringing them in my personal space.

    • whiteskyline lm profile image

      whiteskyline lm 

      7 years ago

      This plays a huge part in our lives. Everything absolutely has a vibration. Though, you got me thinking about my possessions. I need to clear out some clutter :)


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