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True Reincarnation Experience

Updated on November 29, 2014

The Evidence for Reincarnation

Reincarnation is not something 'out of the blue' nor is it dismissed lightly by those who have some inkling of a past life or are experiencing things they cannot otherwise explain. For those who have not the experience there are things to learn here.

Recently a Muslim asked me about my spirituality and we discussed reincarnation. He stunned me when he read my lens on my reincarnation and said he had never heard of reincarnation. It was then that I realised the effect of being in a closed religious environment has on people. He not only had no knowledge of it but was naïve in many other areas of life as well.

Here you can read of my experience of reincarnation, the evidence for reincarnation and the messages the Spirit has given to me to deliver. It does this through a series of lenses featured below.

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My Spirituality

To die is not painful but simply a quick passage to the Spirit, if you are spiritual. When I died from my last life I was a man of around 45 and then I was in the Spirit, with the Spirit and part of the Spirit. It was wonderful. There is no heaven, hell, devil, angels or saints, just the Spirit and your awareness.

No one has returned from heaven to speak of it but millions have had after life experiences and spoken of their previous lives, They know there is life after death but it is not how religions teach it. Heaven and hell are strings that religious groups use to treat people like puppits. If you accept what they are teaching then you'll go to heaven but if not down you trot to hell. How ridiculous these things are and you need a rather feeble brain to absorb and take it in. Intelligent people walk out and seek knowledge elsewhere.

When I was between lives many visions were given to me so that I could do a certain job. When sent back it was not something I looked forward to because I had been shown the hardships, rejections, ridicule and difficulty of doing the work of the Spirit. But my life went on and through learning and observation the time came, as shown to me between lives, to start the job.

This lens explains it all.

Scottish Child Part 1

Working Miracles

Peole who are spiritual have power with God and many are used as channels to bring instant healing to others. This happens in my case when the power sends me to someone in need of healing or who is searching for the truth.

This lens is about miracles and how the Spirit works in some people's lives to bring about healing and knowledge.

Scottish Child Part 2

Spirituality Within

The voice of the Spirit is known to its own. You don't need an interpreter or intercessor. You can speak to God direct, just as you would to a friend sitting in your lounge room. The Spirit is with Its people all the time. It does not leave and come back, except if you drive it away by anti-spirit activity. There is a lot of things that are anti-spirit in this world and it is something that spiritual people know from inside without having to be taught.

This lens on spirit within fills you in on what I am talking about here. If you are spiritual then you will hear the voice.

Scottish Child Part 3

What Its Like to Live in the Spirit

Living in the Spirit is a joy and fulfillment. It is completeness, happiness, friendship, love, peace and outreaching. You can usually tell those who are spiritual because they have things together, are happy in their minds and their skin and they are not looking for entertainment and so on.

You should never see a spiritual person mark their body with tattoos and most will not even wear jewellery to enhance their appearance. The Spirit within is all they need for completeness. Many spiritual people may be loners because they cannot tolerate stupidity, gossip and small talk by others and they are not seeking thrills and excitement, which many need to replace the spiritual force they are missing. They are never lonely or bored and they mostly will be the carers of the environment, other people and they usually rear good solid children.

Spiritual control may help you understand more about it. If you are spiritual or know someone who is then be tolerant of them. They are a gem to society and an asset to everyone around them, when given the chance

Scottish Child Part 4

Spirit Talk

This lens deals with the communication side of the Spirit. How we can talk to it and what it may say to us. To put your trust in God and ignore the ways of man is a must if you are spiritual. You don't need the things of man to confuse the voice within. To hear that voice is a precious gift, to act on it a marvel, and to be led by it an inheritance reserved only for God's people. You may be one of them. If so you will know. If not then don't worry about it.

This lens will explain it in depth.

Scottish Child Part 5

Spiritual Protection

If you are of the Spirit and know that you are led by God then you have no need for man's ways. One of the first things the Spirit had me do when commissioned into this work was to ignore all books, television, radio and other and concentrate just on what the Spirit was teaching me. After 2 years of intense study and lots of miracles happening during that time, to others and to myself, I was conditioned into the work and cleansed of man's evil. Many cannot associate with that until they realise how beautiful and filling the Spirit power is.

Spiritual protection is explained in depth on this lens

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© 2010 norma-holt

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    • profile image

      harrel 6 years ago

      energy can never be destroyed it can only change form. Quantum physics law. Science prooves that we don't just die we change.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very clear as a crystal. Lensrolled to 'Reincarnation and the Bible'. Thanks Norma.

    • noxid25 profile image

      noxid25 7 years ago

      Great lensography! Thanks for the feature! :) Lensrolled back to my Ghostly Encounters lens.

    • Davidfstillwagon profile image

      Davidfstillwagon 8 years ago

      Very interesting subject, good lens Norma! 5 and fav'dit