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Shadow People

Updated on July 25, 2014

Introduction To Shadow People or Shadow Person Terrifying Paranormal Experiences

In the paranormal world, the Shadow People or Shadow Person is a dark shadow or entity that may appear to be seen at the corner of your eyes and when you turn to look they disappear. The shadow people are usually seeing during the night and they seem to have two different type of figures, the hat man and the hooded shadow man.

Millions of people around the world are having encounters with the shadow man or shadow figure. Usually the apparition is dark and the feeling of sorrow and dread overcomes the atmosphere. Some people have reported sleep paralysis during their encounter with the shadow man.

The Shadow People phenomena is very well documented within the paranormal communities. These experiences are real and are very frighting.

Shadow People

When we talk about shadow person or a shadow man we usually refer to the two typically common known shadow man: The Hat Shadow Man and The Hood Figure Shadow Man. Both are witnessed by millions around the world and their description is always the same, dark humanoid shadow, but it seems to be evil or malevolent. When people witness these shadow figures they sense a feeling of dread and sorrow. Some are usually possessed by these entities.

These shadows are scary looking and people always get a very negative energy coming from them. They seem to be around us to suck our energies and be stuck to us and manipulate us. Many ghost hunters have come across many shadow people or shadow person and there are many pictures and videos documenting these sightseeing.

Scary Shadow People Videos - Watch The Scariest Videos About Shadow People and The Shadow Man

ghost adventures shadow people
ghost adventures shadow people

Shadow People on Ghost Adventures and Other Paranormal TV Shows

Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and More

The Shadow People have been seen in many paranormal TV shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters TAPS and Ghost Lab. They always associate the shadow people with demonic and evil entities or spirits.

In some cases theses guys capture a shadow person. Check them out to see their new adventures.

Have You Ever Seen A Shadow Person?

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Real Ghost Apparitions Caught In Camera and Video

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    • profile image

      spajicdr-nikos 4 years ago

      I see them constantly

    • profile image

      RoSelou 4 years ago

      I think I found a shadow people, but it was not just a shadow. It forms an alien figure, but I believe it is a shadow person after I read other lens on Squidoo. It was not that scary, I guess. In fact, I was so happy at that time not knowing someone was with me, until we found out in a photo.

    • SmokeybonesJr profile image

      SmokeybonesJr 4 years ago

      Nice lens, thank you for the information.

    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 5 years ago

      Brilliant lens- wont sleep tonight-Blessed

    • Stress-Master profile image

      Stress-Master 5 years ago

      Great lens. Very interesting.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Love this lens!

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Sweet lens, thanks for sharing