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The Evolution of Consciousness

Updated on September 13, 2014

Is Consciousness Evolving? If So, How Can We Tell?

Many of us feel it. Its an almost tangible thing. There is a quickening; a quiet urgency that is making its presence known. Some call it the shift.

The time is now. It has been predicted for thousands of years, sometimes with what appears to be contradictory outcomes. What does it mean? How do we prepare? Is this the end? Or, is this a new beginning? Has it already started?

The questions are many. The answers ambiguous.

All of the signs are pointing to us, right here, right now. And, somewhere, deep inside, we do know exactly what to be and do. And, some of us must lead the way.

Food for Thought!

Predictions for Our Immediate Future - Are a Two Sided Coin

Nearly every major religion and culture has ancient predictions pointing to our time in history. And, each of these predictions seem to contradict each other. Why do you suppose that is?

In my research and reading thus far, whenever I encounter this seeming dichotomy, I believe that we, as a society, are being offered a choice. We can either continue to do the things we have always done in the ways that we have always done them. And, we will continue to get the results we have always gotten. If we choose war as our best peace negotiation tool, we will continue to see pain and destruction as the outcome. If we become peace, war becomes obsolete. And, if we can realize this soon enough, we can change the course that we are on. It is really up to us to decide.

The Daily Peace Ripple - A Prayer for World Peace

You CAN make a difference. Each one of us that becomes more peaceful, more conscious, more present adds to the global consciousness. Just as each drop of water together creates the ocean.

Your prayers matter. Your meditation matters. Who and What you are matters.

"How Can I Help?" You May Ask.

Believe it or not, YOU are the most important person in the world!

World Peace begins with Inner Peace. This is so important, that I am going to say it again. World Peace begins with Inner Peace.

Our personal feelings are the key to the outer manifestations that we recognize as our world. When we approach our world with an inner feeling of peace, serenity, love & calm, our outer world reflects that back to us. When enough of us make it our habit to experience personal peace, love, beauty and serenity, the world conforms to our experience. Its not the other way around.

There have been numerous studies done on the effects of meditation with a focus on crime rates in a given area. When a large enough population meditates on peace and loving compassion, the results can be measured in lowered crime rates.

You ARE the most important factor in this equation. If you are reading this, you are key to the world's graceful transition during this shift. If you are meditating on peace, love and beauty, You ARE changing the world. By aligning yourself with Universal Consciousness, YOU are the savior the world has awaited for over 2000 years.

The Mystery of 2012 - Predictions From Long Ago

The Evolution of Consciousness - Meher Baba

World Peace - And the Important Part That You Play

Can One Person Make A Difference? - Share Your Perspective

Do You Believe That Personal Peace Can Affect The World?

See results

Please leave your comments here. - Thank you!

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

    • JoDeeVale profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      [in reply to Tipi] Thank you, Susie! I'll give you a shout when I get the photo. My friends are going to email it to me sometime this week. I have only seen it on their camera! In the meantime, I'm doing research on orbs, what they mean, and what they are. VERY interesting stuff!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are a part of the children of the Light, are we not? "This little light of mine. I'm going to let it shine...let it shine!

      You are made up of the fabric of the universe.

      Threaded with the very dust of the stars.

      Know it, accept it, and allow it to shine forth.

      Thanks for the tweet, I didn't know you were on Squidoo, now I do. I like your lens very much. If you would ever want to contact me on Squidoo, please feel free to do that. I'm interested in the picture you tweeted about, would love to see it. Sounds like a lens that I would like to promote, a great topic!


    • religions7 profile image


      9 years ago

      Interesting collection of links and videos :)


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