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Evp Do's and Don'ts

Updated on June 26, 2017

How are EVP's made:

Spirits make imprints using magentic imaging

The EVP is a residual effect caused by excess energy that has to be released.

The spirit speaks directly into the microphone.

Do's and don'ts for recording EVP's

Bring extra, fresh batteries

Have a list of questions to ask

Talk in a normal voice

Note any sounds, noises, and voices made by the group

Use the highest sensitivity setting on the microphone

State location, time, and weather conditions

Don't ask if there are any spirits or ghosts present. They may not realize they are spirits.

Don't use the terms dead or death. Again, they may not realize they are not alive.

Generally, during an EVP session I count to 10 to allow enough time in between questions for the spirit to answer.

Questions to ask:

Is there anyone who would like to speak to me/us?

Don't ask, "Is there anyone here?" Make it sound like you already know

someone is there and you're just asking them to speak with you.

What is your name?

Don't ask, "can you tell me your name?" because in all likelihood you'll get a

yes or no as a response.

How old are you?

Why are you here?

Are you sad?

Are you angry?

Are you alone?

How many others are with you?

What's your favorite color?

This question may sound odd, but it gives you a little insight as to who you

are addressing.

What happened to you?

Can you see us?

What do we look like to you?

What color is your hair?

Do you know my name?

Would you like us to leave?

Is there anyway we can help you?


Can you show us what you look like without scaring us?

Is someone keeping you here?

Are you afraid of the other side?

Do you have anythign else to say?

Classes of EVP's

A - Can be heard and understood clearly

B - Can be heard but not everyone will agree on what is being said

C - Can be heard over headphones and hard to understand what is being



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  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    very informational and resourceful hub. i'm fascinated by EVPs and find many of them to be super creepy! i wish i had the guts to go out and get some myself. keep up the great work...voted up and useful. also following you now. - kitty

  • profile image

    amber 7 years ago

    we were at a cementary late one night ( very stupid thing to do ) and we were doing an evp. we were wlaking around and stoped at one of the headstones . i made a remark " i thought i just saw something" shortly after that we got a evp it said in a heavy whisper " if you dont watch it were going to get you " we were completly scared out of our minds!!! in a way we wanna do it again but, kinda scared to . Would you do an evp again after you heard that ?

  • profile image

    amber 7 years ago

    i had something very paranormal happen to me and my friend krystal

  • profile image

    Gene 7 years ago

    if i were to goto a family members house to ask questions would i pose the questions as if i already know there in the room. because quite honestly i want to know if me being there with a spirit i may know who may no realize there dead may not be happy with me if i act like i cant see them ya know what im sayin?

  • profile image

    sarah 7 years ago

    I for the first time tried to record an EVP, I've been having some strange experiences and wanted some answers. so I asked, "is anyone here?" I got nothing, then I asked "what is your name" in response to that question I got "Daemon" the third question I asked was stupid, and I shut the recorder after that