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Eyes Wide Shut

Updated on November 3, 2014

Blind and Dumb

This was first heard in relation to the title of a film, but it struck a cord. How appropriate for what is happening in the world today. Then my mind recalled the times when people turn a 'blind' eye to things going on right under their noses.

As the Spirit led me through a huge learning curve to understand how and why this is and why the world is in dire straights it is not hard to fathom how it came about. We live in the world of 666. His ways run countries and people. His systems, religion, parliament and kingship dominate us. He was more devious than Hitler, more dangerous than all the terrorists and dictators together and more intent than the greatest entrepreneur. A man with power to implement strict watchdogs so nothing could be undone. He closed the eyes and deafened the ears of the world.

It was prophesied:

We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at midday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. Isaiah 59:10

The Power of His Word

Constantine was portrayed as someone "who knew from the first what he wanted to do". He took the purple at the age of 20 on the death of his father Constantius and he rode like fury from England, across Europe to Rome, while defeating his opponents along the way,

His army backed him to the hilt and stood behind him as a Caesar with strong will, forsight and the means to accomplish what he set out to do, Soon after he rose to the position his way was made easier by the resignation of two senior Caesars, Maximus and Diocletion, and the defeat of another, Maximian, at the Milvain Bridge at the entrance to Rome. His entrance to Rome was heralded with acclaim and the bearing of the cross before him. Read his story here

But he was not the only tyrant in history and not the only one who used people's sense of spirituality against them. Read about his religion here How it was formed leaves one with a sense of amazement that he was able to get away with it and that the world is struggling with terrorism generated by liars like him. He was the worst criminal in history and now the hierarchy of his religions wants to make him a saint to preserve their credibility. The question is whether it will change anyone's mind to know the truth?

It Began Way Back

The vision given to me was of a line stretched out from where I stood. At the far end of the line was the beginning and it had the name EVE in large capital letters. Where I stood I saw the word EVENING and in the middle the word NOON. A light arched over the line and it was very bright at the beginning of it and where I stood was the brightest, stronger than the sun. "

Along the line were masses of people, hundreds of thousands of them, and they were thickest in the mdidle where there was a man on a cross elevated above their heads. The people here were reaching up and calling out to that image but here the light was very dark and you could hardly see.

The vision showed me the Day of the Lord and how before it began there was spiritual peace. It started in the time of kings when they tried to outdo each other and prove that each was the 'sun of the sun' capable of ruling their people for ever in paradise. The Maya put this in the codices which Catholic invaders destroyed because it showed the same symbolism and forms of worship as their own faith, But three remain and from them you can see the brainwashing and bribery that took place.

The 'Sun' was the Mother god, and in the west she was called Mari or May, These are the name that gave the Maya their name, as well as the Maori and 'sun-mary' is in samurai and many other terms we recognise. 'Sun-mary' is in 'summary' for everything under the sun. Tis is not the place to discuss the way she influenced the world, except to say that she was the chief god of every nation. Some called her by different names.

The Maya had a madonna and child image in their iconography which they also destroyed. But this is deviating from the point being made above.

Kings promised their men that if they went to battle and died on the field they would be greatly rewarded after death because the ruler would be there with them. It's inccredible that this actually worked and has done ever since. People want rewards and if they cannot have it on earth than promises of riches and great lives forevermore captures their imagination,. So why wouldn't Constantine use this bargaining tool to rope in his followers.

He was more successful in the religion he founded because those who came after him added lies upon lies, murdered, pillage, destroyed and overpowered any opposition to it. Consequently it alone has been responsible for more deaths, more terrorism and more wealth than any other organisation of its type.

What are your Beliefs?

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Keep Them Ignorant of Religious Lies

There is one thing that echoes thoughout all aspects of religious beliefs and that is that if you keep people ignorant of the truth they will rarely venture to find it for themselves. When Leonardo Da Vinci was making a noise about his work of dissecting bodies and of his discovery of how the heart was the pump that drove blood through the body to sustain life he was persecuted and had to leave the country. He may have felt that the church fathers would accept this as a break through into realty but he was wrong if he did.

When Gallileo invented his periscope and looked into the universe to discover that the earth is not the centre of it he was brought before the Church Counsel and imprisoned for life. He felt he had taken a leap forward out of ignorance but the bishops thought otherwise. His books were burnt, he was ridiculed and tortured in an attempt to force his admission that he was wrong and that his work was evil.

When Charles Darwin published his work on Evolution, his books were banned for a hundred years. My Catjolic school never mentioned evolution or of the findings about space, or anything else that might have caused my group to question the legality of what we were bieng taught under the titel of religious insturction. That's largely how they get away with it. Young people are less likely to question anything and what goes in at that age will stay forever. That's what religious fanatis work on.

What was the church hiding by these acts. The first one was that the heart is not the soul. For centuries this had been preached and the so-called sacred heart was supposedly a display of Christ's soul as he resurrected to Heaven. Of course Gallileo proved the church wrong when he exposed that the sun was the center of our universe and not the earth, That meant that the sun was not a god but a powerful celestial body. He demonstrated that there is no heaven or hell because now man could see into space. Copernicus, a monk in the religion, backed up Galileo but his book was not published until he was on his death bed. Another monk, Mendel, would later prove that genes exist and are resppnsible for the passage of traits from generation to generation.

For heaven to exist and for the so-called prophets to be there it has to have a presence. Da Vinci proved that the body has nerves and that they are responsible for feeling pain. A dead person cannot feel pain so Hell is nothing more than a threat and a bribe to keep people in the religion. When these things started to come out into the open the Catholic Church, the religion of Constantine, went on a murderous raid against anyone that it's hierarchy considered a threat. Its chief tartget was women.

Women have a better sense of normality and can see through fake claims easier than men, at least that's how it appears. They have always been considered a threat to the fanciful dogma of religions and, therefore, had to be silenced, pushed into the background, unheard in the temples and discriminated against as evil provokers of wrong doings. Thousands died horribly - burned at the stake while many a child watched on. They had iron masks put over their faces to prevent them screaming as the pain got to them. The fires they endured in death became symbols of everlasting punishment.

Darwin, of course, proved religions wrong by describing how humans emerged from primordial beings and thus overturning the claim that the earth was created in seven days and that the Old Testament is a pack of lies. His work has been tested and credited many times over with the evidence of fossils and visible changes to skeletal structures over time and datable to their time of existence. Genetic links are also proven and now with genetic engineering we see how wrong the religions are, but the diehards are not going to be convinced no matter what.

In other religions, such as Islam and Judaism, women have no voice and are kept secluded from the general religious meetings. A recent protest in Israel was against this discrimination. Women do not want to be forced to sit in the back of the bus or excluded from temple meetings.

Moslim women wear veils, berkers and others garments to hide them from view. So why does the world put up with these fake lying religions which are responsible for terrorism and murderous raides on innocent victims? It's not just for money but to protect the lies and allow the men responsible for them to go on spreading their messages of eternal paradise and burning in hell for anyone who opposes them.

What is your Take on the Bible?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I told my gronhmatder how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"

    • girlfriendfactory profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting read! It's horrible to live with blinders on, but so freeing when they come off! Thanks for including my lens, even though it's not religious it certainly has that aspect of being blinded ~ at least for awhile. Good work!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      enjoyed the reading tonight on this subject, thank you for the write up.


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