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faith in god and hearing him speak

Updated on December 31, 2015

There are many people in this world with mental issues; and it's obvious they need psychological help and some medication. Mental illness is nothing to poke fun at. Once in a lifetime, many of us may become depressed and that is associated with mental illness.

However, not every one that says they were depressed before, will admit that they had a mental illness. Schizophrenia is another form of mental illness where many people who suffer from it hear voices. I wouldn't put having faith and believing in God in that category; but many people do.

If someone has a genuine experience where they claim they have heard God speak to them; whether in their spirit or in an audible voice, they are looked at strangely by people who doesn't have that same connection with God and the supernatural realm.

They are ridiculed and their experiences are belittled; leaving that person feeling alienated and questioning their own faith. People are very complicated, because if a person who ridicules someone's supernatural experience has one of their own; then it would be okay to believe that God speaks or that angels exist.

They're also people in this world that would never dream of telling someone about a supernatural experience out of fear that they will be called crazy. So we will never get a chance to hear all of the wonderful conversations that they had with God when he spoke to them; and that is a shame.

In those dialogues between those deemed crazy and God, we miss out on God's messages to the world, when we don't take heed. Just think if every one choose not to listen to Moses, the ten commandments would not be important to believers today.

Not long ago, there was a woman and her baby daughter who was involved in an accident; where their car went off into a river. The mother died instantly and the toddler was still alive in the cold frigid waters. First responder's wouldn't have found the child if it wasn't for a mysterious voice they heard calling out for help. The mother was deceased, so it wasn't her voice they heard and it most definitely wasn't the 18 month old child.

There was no one else around, so rescuers knew in their hearts it was an angel they heard. No one can explain the supernatural; but I do know that I have a guardian angel and you do too. God is real and so is His voice. Some of us have open minds and hearts and then they're those who choose not to believe. Their world is filled with limitations due to limiting themselves only to things of this world; so they never fully mature spiritually nor do they evolve.

In my case, I was always a believer in God, but my faith in him was flimsy and God knew I needed strengthening in that area. A myriad of terrible things happened between 1993 and 2002 that left me struggling with my faith. I almost wanted to stop believing that there was a God, because nothing seemed to be getting better in my life; and I didn't believe I deserved what was happening to me. I felt I was too good of a person, that my good behavior and disposition was wasted in this world.

I had a dream where I spoke to God in tongues, asking Him many questions. He replied back to me telling me, "In due season, all in due time." His voice was so real, that I jumped up off the couch where I was taking a nap. His voice was so loud and deep that my eardrums quivered. I thought my dad was playing a trick on me so, I went into his room looking for him, but he had already left for work and everyone else in the house was gone too. I was the only one in the house, so I thought... God was also there with me.

There were a series of events that took place long after I heard God's voice but you would have to read the book to find out on your own. I wrote the book because I was instructed to by God. Not to become filthy rich. When I wrote the book, I wasn't even going to publish it. I was going to let it remain a personal journal of my supernatural encounters. God had other plans for these experiences and he wanted me to publish it and share it with the world.

I felt that it was a tall order God expected of me. I'm a shy, reserved and somewhat a passive person who always wanted to keep things low key. The last thing I need is to hear people say, oh she's a wack job. Opinions of others can sometimes be very bothersome to me, but then again they're opinions and they shouldn't make or break me. You have to do what you feel in your heart and suffer whatever consequences. Look at how Jesus Christ suffered for us, and I'm far from being perfect like Jesus.

I want to build a fan base for my book "In Due Season: We will hear God's voice." it's the least I can ask of you. I would like you to help me make God's message go viral. I value the readers of this hub and I will appreciate honest reviews if you ever purchase my book from amazon and other places. Reviews helps the authors on their journey; and readers and fans play a major part.

Some people will be nasty, that's expected when you are trying to do positive things in this world... you meet opposition and ridicule. You're supposed to improve yourself when you hear complaints, that's how any good business person aim to please his or her customers, fans or clients. I hope you enjoy this book if you purchase it, leave a comment below too and I will be sure to answer any questions. Have a blessed and Happy 2016.

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