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favourite books on magic, wicca and paganism

Updated on December 1, 2010

Books on Wicca, magic, paganism and faeries

Being a witch - what to read if you want to learn more about the craft

The Read Witches' Craft: Magical Techniques and Guidance for a Full Year of Practising the Craft by Kate West. I really like Kate West's style of writing. She's very much a witch who is into her understanding of the elements. This is a really simple book, well laid out that explains how to cast a circle, how to draw down the moon, how to draw down the sun for your summer solstice ritual, and lots of other things like how to meditate, do visualising and even a chapter on working on the astral plane. I would totally recommend this book, I use it all the time for its practicality and simplicity. She's not about using a hundred different ingredients but more about actually connecting with nature.

Faeriecraft by Alicen and Neil Geddes-Ward. Brilliantly written book on how to work with the faeries. She teaches you how to do visualisation and pathworking to meet the faeries and your guardian angel. So far I've really found the book helpful and it's motivated me to set up my own faerie altar and to find my guardian angel and my first real faerie king/prince helper in the Storm Lord. He has not revealed his name to me, but when I open my window when it rains or the wind blows he makes himself known to me. Highly recommend it if you are interested in working with the faeries.

The Real Witches' Kitchen: Spells, recipes, oils, lotions and potions from the Witches' Hearth by Kate West. Another fabulously useful book by Kate West. I use this book frequently. I've made soap, prepared food or planned menus for a number of feasts using this book. It is excellent to dip into and it sits in my dining room bookshelf with all my cookery books. This Halloween I reached for it to help me make mulled apple cider among other things. Definitely a must have for anyone who would like to be or is a Hedge witch, or is interested in celebrating the old cycle of the wheel with traditional feasting.

The Real Witches' Handbook: A Complete Introduction to the Craft for Both Young and Old by Kate West. The first book you should buy if you want to learn about the craft. Kate West's style is easy to understand. She is not interested in having loads of tools or the right kind of oil or incense. She is much more about making do with what you have around the house - a really practical book to learn about the basics of the path. She teaches you about the wheel of the year, the different festivals, how to practice and see them in and lots of other things. There's a chapter on moon worship, another on how to come out of the broom closet and let people know you've become a witch. I can't recommend this book and this author highly enough.

Silver's Spells for Abundance by Silver RavenWolf. I don't normally enjoy reading Silver RavenWolf, she just comes across as too American for my poor British tastes, but this book by her is very good. I highly recommend it. I've used many of the rituals and spells and they always make me feel more prosperous afterwards. They help focus the mind on feeling wealthy and things do manifest themselves.

Book of Spells by Soraya. This is a fairly handy book that I use when I need guidance in creating my own rituals. It has an eclectic mix of gods and goddesses for the different spells, and though I have never done a spell in totality as laid out in the book, it is a good source for inspiration.

Being a witch is not an easy path, but it is a very rewarding one. Indeed, being a witch means being different, not only because a witch celebrates the Goddess or the feminine principle in the universe together with her consort the Horned God, who is the masculine partner under the full moon, thus working with the dual features of nature. But more because being a real witch means building a life that is distant from mainstream consciousness. A witch perceives herself differently and works with the universe. A with is not interested in commercialism, but in protecting the environment and in living in oneness with the universe.


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