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Updated on September 7, 2011

Tiny, Little Feet

Tiny feet.
Tiny feet. | Source

Does anyone ever think about their feet?

I seriously doubt if anyone ever thinks about feet. Even when we buy our shoes, we are thinking about style and color, and not about our feet. Oh, we notice them when they are tired and aching, or if we stump our toe, or someone steps on our foot, we suddenly become aware we have these things called “feet."Our means to mobilize, and freely go wherever we want to go is something we just do, and we don’t think about it. Just like many other things in the hectic world, we take our feet for granted.

Look around you and notice...

Today, I saw something that touched my heart. It made me stop and think about how very blessed I truly am. A young handicapped gentleman was struggling to get his foot up on his wheelchair. Apparently, his foot had slipped when he tried to bend forward to put something in a pouch underneath his wheelchair because there were several items, including a couple of books and some papers which were tossed on the ground, and all around him.

There were very many people passing him by as if afraid to approach him. He seemed invisible to all, but me. It was like watching a movie or a dream where I was the only person that saw the main character. I know at least twenty strong, young able bodies walked around him, and passed by him, as if he wasn’t there, and that wasn’t counting the many older people who ignored him.

Little Feet

Comfy feet.
Comfy feet.


My thoughts then shifted into high gear, and I became almost angry at the people passing him by, until I realized I was just standing there gazing at him too.

Pretty Feet
Pretty Feet


Are we are so caught up in ourselves, and our daily routines that we do not see anything or anyone else? Are we so self-absorbed that we cannot take the time to help someone who is in need? These questions poured through my mind and heart as I tried to understand why no one would stop and help this man who was obviously unable to do the simple task of raising his foot and placing it on a foot rest.

This handicapped man made me think seriously about all of our complaints. With all the physical, emotional, and spiritual problems we encounter day to day, we are most richly blessed. We have more than enough to sustain us. To watch such a young man struggle to just be able to roll his wheelchair made me thank the Lord for what we take for granted...OUR FEET!

The old saying I heard as a child, "I complained about having no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet," certainly is a powerful statement.


Would you have stopped and helped him?

Did I stop and help?

We all need to be thankful for our many blessings.

The old adage, "if not by the grace of God, there go I," takes on a whole different meaning when I see someone struggling with things that are so routine for me that I never think about my feet!

I think this is an amazing story that may interest you...


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    • profile image

      Dandelion RLTW 

      7 years ago

      I love it!


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