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Feng Shui 2014 Year of the Wood Horse Annual Forecast

Updated on February 9, 2014

Chinese Zodiac and Astrology

As we enter the Year of the Horse, perhaps you wonder, can you increase your net worth this year? Will you find love with someone special this year? Is your health going to be a problem? Can you get a BIG break this year?

In Chinese Astrology, this new year 2014 is the year of the adventurous Horse. The new year begins in the new moon on January 30, 2014 since Chinese Zodiac follows the lunar cycle. In Chinese Astrology, every year is also associated with an element (fire, water, earth and metal). The year 2014 gives us wood. Hence, you hear the phrase, the year of the Wood Horse. Since the element wood is related to tree or green, the Year of the Wood Horse is also called the Year of the Green Horse.

The Wood Horse year is an exciting year. The horse being an energetic animal, you can be sure that energy is high in 2014.This is a year of success, fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. The year of the horse is an excellent year for travel, and sometimes, in a more far destination.

Earth is the element that brings maximum good fortune this year. So place crystals and precious rocks in areas that you want to energies. Potent crystals will energize your good fortune, especially in the South and Southwest.

Now for all animal signs, the colour to wear and make use of this year is RED. Chinese always wear red to activate prosperity luck and if you wish to activate the fiery year of 2014 it applies even more.

Flying Stars 2014 - The Flying Star 2014 map below shows where a specific flying star is located.

To ensure a year of safety, health, abundance and smooth sailing, one can stimulate the auspicious chi and suppress the ominous energy by re-arranging the feng shui tools in the light of the new energy pattern of the house.

If you're not familiar how to follow this flying star map, you can first find the center of your home. If you wish to apply this map in your office, find the center of that space. Then divide your house or office into eight (8) spaces.

As you can see in the map above, the Quarrelsome Star #3 flies into the SOUTHEAST bringing arguments, quarrels, damages, misunderstanding, lawsuit and trouble with the authorities. It is very strong this year and afflicts the luck of the Snake, Dragon and Eldest Daughter. If your main door is in the Southeast region where flying star #3 resides this year, pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy. Simultaneously, if your bedroom is located in the SouthEast area of your home, apply Feng Shui cures and protection. This negative star must be controlled. Those born under animal Snake, Dragon and Eldest Daughter should carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet throughout the year or display the Feng Shui Fire Ball Cure for Conflict and Misunderstanding in your home or office space.

Flying Star Feng Shui:

Change your Energy; Change your Luck

This year, the Illness Star # 2 is located in the East. This means bad luck of health, or health degeneration and disease.Those who live in all East-facing houses and East bedrooms this year need to protect themselves from this bad energy. Those whose bedrooms and main entrance are in the East should display or hang a Wu Lou for Health and Longevity or carry any wu lou amulets.

Enhancing the good stars such as The Wealth Star 8 in the South, The HEAVEN Star 6 in the West, The Victory Star 1 flies to Southwest, The Romantic Star 4 in the Center, and The MULTIPLYING STAR OF FUTURE PROPERTY 9 in the North maximize your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars bring out the best in you if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!If you want to learn more about Flying Star Feng Shui, here's a good book to learn about the constantly changing subtle energies that are present in our living environment. Understanding the flying star combinations make it easier to respond to annual changes of energies or prepare for these changing energy situations and adjust with it.

Feng shui protection and cures you need for 2014

The application of Feng Shui can help you investigate your luck and show you how you can identify and dissolve the obstacles coming your way and how you can enhance the good fortune that is coming.

Feng Shui winds and energy patterns can influence your luck at work, in business, in your love life and for your physical well being for the coming year. Following Chinese astrology, there are forces that influence the luck of your animal sign.

Feng Shui 2014 Home Protection Kit

(On a Budget Edition)

Stay protected against bad influences and expand auspicious indications in the different areas of your life.. Apply Feng Shui cures and protection to protect you from harmful energies. These Feng Shui kit contains all the protection and cures you will need for your home in the year 2014, saving you time and money. The kit includes protection against bad health and illness, burglary, arguments, court problems, total loss, and much more.

As you can see, I included two Feng Shui kit. One is budget edition, while the other includes more cures and protection.

Feng Shui 2014 Home Protection Kit

(Extravagant Edition)

The 2014 Feng Shui Extravagant protection and cures kit includes the feng shui protection and cures you will need for the year 2014. It also includes a description and outline of where each protection is placed in your home ares. Although both kit includes the basic Feng Shui cures and protection for 2014, the extravagant kit includes more items and cures.

What will make all the difference to the extent success and happiness that can come your way is for you to know exactly what you want and wish for.

Have a Strong Direction

Be clear in your goals, generate good level of clarity thinking regarding the kind of future you want for yourself. Reflect on specific terms. Engage your mind like this and half of the battle is won.

Horse Statues on Amazon

In Feng Shui, the Horse brings the energy of success, fame, freedom and speed. Thus displaying the horse symbol is used in the Fame area or the South area as well as the Career area (North) of your home or office. Displaying an image of a horse, such as pictures, sculpture or paint, brings positive energy. This is the reason why you see Horse statue or displays in business offices or houses of successful and well-known personalities.

Wishing You a Successful Year of the Horse!

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