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Feng Shui for True Love and Happy Marriage

Updated on November 25, 2017

Bring Good Fortune with The Art of Placement

Feng Shui is a fascinating subject that has been part of my life since I grabbed my first book about the subject. I have been practicing Feng Shui for many years now and have personally seen fortunes of some people rise because of the right Feng Shui applications. Having said that, I have also seen some fortunes fall because of misapplications. Feng Shui has brought success and good fortune to a lot of people.

Feng Shui focuses on enhancing the harmony and vitality of our environment. It is based on the belief that energy flows around us and making changes or adjustments in our surroundings can foster good health, improve relationships and welcome prosperity into our life. Although Feng Shui originated in Asia, Feng Shui is now gaining popularity worldwide. The growing popularity of Feng Shui can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of how their environment affects them. Sometimes Feng Shui is misunderstood by some people, equating Feng Shui with religion. Feng Shui is not a product of any religious belief. Feng Shui is an art of placement that started thousand of years ago. Feng Shui is based on careful analysis and calculations. Through Feng Shui, a person's health, wealth, career, love and marriage, and other aspects of his or her life can be improved.

True Love or Happy Marriage Area

Apply Feng Shui to the SouthWest area

As you can see in the map on the left, the love and marriage area is located in the far right rear area or the SouthWest area of your lot, home, and rooms. The SouthWest area is the relationship area. Using Feng Shui application on these areas, you can attract better quality of people in your life and improve your relationship not only with your special someone but with everybody; parents, friends, co-workers, and your children.

Take a few moments to look into the art and decoration in your home or office. Do you like what you see? Do they elicit positive feeling? Do they enhance your joy and inspiration? Do they reflect your goals and dreams?

In Feng Shui, harmony is important. It is also important to live with things that attract and enhance positive energy in specific Ba Gua areas in your home. In the Love and Relationship area for example, place objects in pairs to represent the desire to have a loving and supportive relationship. Be cautious not to display three similar objects because it could represent three people interested in your relationship or marriage.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

For True Love and a Happy Marriage

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. You spend a third of your lives in bed. Therefore, it is important that the bedroom is suitable for relaxing and regenerating you, as well as encouraging love and romance into your lives.

1.In the far right rear corner of the bedroom, which is the love and relationship area of the bedroom, place a pair of objects. You can place a pair mandarin ducks or swans. A pair of Mandarin ducks is one of the most potent feng shui love cures because they mate for life. They symbolized loyalty in love and friendships. You can also display a pair of artistic elements that suggest sensuality and serenity or objects that represents successful partnerships.

2.Place the bed where you have the widest and best view of the room when in bed where you can see the entire room. In Feng Shui, this is called the command or POWER position. By simply adjusting your bed into the command/power position in the bedroom, you are making one of the most fundamental and positive changes for your personal success and happiness. If you can't position your bed where you can easily see the bedroom door directly, then you can place a mirror and place it in an angle so that you can see a reflection of the door from your bed or see a reflection of anyone entering the room. For best love and marriage relationship, do NOT put your bed in a direct line with your bedroom door because the energy flowing in through the bedroom door will be too strong and will cut short your sleep. The rushing energy into your bed could also cause you health problems.

3. An ideal bed is a bed that's raised off the floor with enough space for air circulation underneath. A bed with storage drawers design underneath is not very desirable in Feng Shui because storage underneath the bed could create stagnant energy. A bed with a headboard is also ideal because headboard offer support. Headboard should be tightly secured. Bed should be backed by a wall, not a window. A window back feels insecure.

4. Apply symmetry at each side of the bed. Each side of the bed should have identical furnishings. If you are single and is looking for a partner in life, make sure that your bed is accessible from at least two sides to attract a partner. Also, always promote balance and harmony in the bedroom. Even if you're single, display two nightstands in your bedroom and display a lamp on each night stand. This will elicit that positive feeling of having a partner, of not being alone in life.

5. Place two hearts in the far rear right which is the love and marriage corner of your bedroom such as this nice Feng Shui Love and Relationship Love Nest for Couple Romance Kit which includes a pair of rose quartz hearts and double happiness symbol. In Feng Shui, rose quartz is famous for healing, attracting and keeping love while double happiness symbol is also a strong and beautiful feng shui cure for a lasting harmonious energy in a relationship. This will enhance your present relationship or it could help you find a new and exciting one.

6. Use fabrics that are soft to touch. Add mood lighting, just subtle lighting to set up a more romantic and sensual atmosphere. Use comfortable furnishings. Create a safe, peaceful and fantasy-like setting in your bedroom. Include the romance colors in the bedroom such as shades of red, pink, and white. It is not best to use red bedspread because even though red ignite passion, it is too strong and can ignite anger as well.

7. Paint or put wallpaper on one or more of the walls in the bedroom with a soft, romantic colors to encourage warm and romantic feelings. However, do not be carried away. Remember balance. Do not use too much red paint or wallpaper in the bedroom because red is too strong. If you are now living in a red bedroom, accessories your space to lower the red color down and calm that energy. Remember balance and harmony. Look around your bedroom. How do you feel?

8. Place two red candles in the love and relationships corner of the bedroom. Light them every night for a few minutes to ignite the spark of romance.

9. Remove any clutter in the bedroom. Keep it clean and organized. Clutter could lead to squabbling and disagreements with one's partner.

10. Avoid frightening or scary artwork. Look around your bedroom, what do you see? Do not display violent artworks, paintings such as swords or guns, decorations that encourage fighting or war-like dreams. Inspire tenderness and passion.

11. Remove pictures of your family or children from your bedroom. Otherwise, it will create the feeling of being watched while you and your partner are making love. You can display photos of your loved ones in the family room.

12. Do not put exercise equipment in the bedroom because it could create a feeling that you constantly have to work a little harder while having a good relationship.

13. Mirrors in the bedroom should NOT face the bed. If you put it in an angle, it should not reflect the bed. If you cannot sleep well, remove or cover large mirrors in the bedroom. If your bedroom has a built in closet with large mirror doors, cover it with a curtain at night or when you sleep.

Feng Shui Bedroom Color Tip

Do NOT use peach in your bedroom if you are already married. This hue will activate your partner's roving eye or heart, causing infidelity. In Feng Shui, peaches fruit are also symbols of long life and longevity but there's a danger in using peach COLOR of your walls especially in the bedroom because peach color attracts infidelity. If you are single and use peach color, you can attract a lot of men or women but their intentions may not be favorable to you.

Do you believe Feng Shui can help you find Love and your Soulmate?

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