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Seek to find balance

Updated on November 5, 2011

Seek out the light

The heart can't help what it wants. You can't pick and choose whom you love. Love is an action, not a feeling-it moves you, but where is not up to you. You love whom you love, you want what you want, you cannot help whom your heart will fall victim to.

Some people might question or debate one’s ‘faith’ or ‘spirit’ when expressing or experiencing grief, loss, and or a ‘broken heart.’ However, we are human, and being that we are, we are imperfect, we are flawed, and we are often fooled by our senses and emotions.

Therefore, we often find ourselves feeling ‘heartbroken’ when we suffer the loss of a loved one. This does not, should not mean my ‘spirit’ is not intact; my ‘spirit’ is in Christ and this allows me, and reminds me that while I may be experiencing or feeling the emotions of a broken heart, it is but a moment’s pain…

My ‘spirit’ remains in Christ, which will allow me to (eventually) open my heart again and love again. My ‘spirit’ is what mends my ‘broken heart’. My ‘spirit’ reminds me and allows me to love everyone as Christ loves me-unconditionally… even when my heart does not want to.

My heart has been broken many times, and I am sure it will be broken many more times. For when we love with our whole heart there are going to be those that will, can, and do, use that, abuse that, and sadly, at times, exploit that, thus, leaving us feeling the emotion or sense of a broken heart.

A broken heart can and will mend (eventually), if our ‘spirit’ remains in Christ.

I cannot speak for everyone, thus, I am speaking merely for myself, on behalf of myself, and in accordance to my own beliefs, so I mean no offense to anyone, whether you believe in a ‘higher power’ or not. I am simply stating, that each of us has within ourselves the strength and ‘spirit’ to recover from a broken heart, we just have to find what it is that gives us balance and a sense of peace, for me, it is my faith, commitment, and love for Christ.

I just find it ironic, that when I write about or talk about emotions, grief, loss, abuse, anger, or betrayal, my faith and or spirit are called into question-not by those who do not or may not believe in Christ, but by those who do. I am not a religious person, I am however a spiritual one. I seek not to find fault in anyone’s faith, or religion, or beliefs. If and or when, I am ‘confronted’ or asked about, or questioned, or I share my beliefs, faith, thoughts, ideas, and or emotions, it is generally not those who are opposed to them. I wonder, could this be why so many feel ‘uncomfortable’ or hesitant, to share with others or talk about his or her emotions, thoughts, faith, and or ideas?

When my friends, and or family members are grieving, mourning, depressed, angry, or upset, for whatever reason, it is not their faith or ‘spirit’ I question. I know that, or I believe that, in time, they will overcome those feelings, and find within themselves that which will allow them to recover. When they come to me, open up, and share with me his or her thoughts, feelings, and or emotions, it comes from their heart-for it is our heart that feels or experiences pain whenever there is loss.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our hearts rarely match our heads, especially when we are mourning, or grieving, angry, hurt, depressed, or experiencing a loss. When someone, anyone, comes to me and opens their heart and shares with me, I don’t believe they are coming to me for advice, they are seeking solace, comfort, and validation, not my ‘advice’, judgment, ridicule, condemnation, or ‘words of wisdom,’ as to what or how they should feel, or overcome his or her feelings or sense of loss. I know this, because I am probably the last person I would seek out for advice or ‘words of wisdom,’ namely, because I am not in any position to give anyone advice.

What works for me, worked for me, and what I do or would not do if I were in their position, is not relevant. I cannot and will not speak to someone’s, anyone’s pain or emotions, or what he or she are feeling or going through, for each of us it is different. I can only listen, support, comfort them, and pray for them, just as they have done, or would do for me. Even if and or when we do not share the same beliefs, faiths, or ideas, I know that when I pray, I pray for them to find peace and solace, in their time of need. We do not have to share the same ideas, faith’s, religions, and or beliefs, because what we do share is love, love and respect of one another’s feelings-whatever they may or may not be.

A person does not need/have to believe as I do in order for my prayers to be answered. In fact, a person does not even have to know me, like me, agree, or even understand me, for me to pray for them, or on behalf of them. I pray for everyone, I pray for us all, always, that we all may find that which gives us peace, comfort, and strength, to endure, overcome, forgive, and ultimately find balance in each of our lives.


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