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Updated on February 9, 2012

A seed is sown and a flower blooms and I see God. This is an experience for anyone who creates or helps in creating something out of the ordinary. Just as teacher who dedicates selflessly to teaching will experience Godliness, when the learner discovers their own inner creative potential.

Every one of us is the Gardner of our own lives. As we sow, so shall we reap and the sooner we become aware and take the necessary actions towards a better life, we manifest in ourselves the power to carve our lives the way we want it to be.

A good thought when powered by good emotions creates a positive feeling from the heart. If we only continue to cultivate more of such good positive feelings, we open up as individuals and spread them out of our heart fields to others around us and in turn invoke a sense of joy and positivism in others hearts too. It’s proved that we all have the power to create a connected chain of positive heart fields around us by having purity of purpose and developing compassion in our heart and in spirit.

Such positive heart fields generate a healing circle of mutual caregivers in our community and we should feel blessed to be in such a company invoking mass positivism. The potential is immense as to what all it can be harnessed for … as we all know when we come across alternative healing art forms from various cultures around the world

We must learn to take charge of our self as our life rests with us, body mind and soul … what we will become is decided by what we do today in this moment and not what has already passed by, so we must try to give up feelings of inadequacy and insecurity and move on to discovering and polishing all of one’s hidden latent potential that is in all of us. Once we experience the beauty that’s inside of us, we are more receptive and forgiving of others and learn to give and share more of ourselves. LIFE IS AFTER ALL A GIFT TO OURSELVES TO BE LIVED SHARING …. OPEN IT!ENJOY!


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