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Flying Dreams, Out of Body Experiences and Other Non-Physical Delights

Updated on November 17, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

...To find yourself lighter than air, defying gravity; Moving, rising and falling at the speed of thought...

Whether traveling along just above the grass or soaring straight up past the treetops to the clouds- This is the stuff flying dreams are made of!

Do they MEAN anything? Who has them and How often? Do they scare the stuffing out of the 'flyer' or leave them exhilarated, begging for more? Are the purveyors deep in thought, mending psychological fences? Perhaps revisiting excursions "between lives"? Or are they travailing landscapes on distant worlds "Out of Body"? What is known about this strange and beautiful phenomena?

"When once you have tasted flight-

you will forever walk the Earth

with your eyes turned skyward;

For there you have been,

and there you will always long to be."

~Leonardo Da Vinci


"Is it a bird? A plane?..." - Our next subject, Ben, thinks he's probably logged more night-time hours out of body than in. A frequent lucid dreamer, Ben rememb

AT THE AGE OF 7 or 8...I remember playing on a playground and imitating floating and flying like superman. One of my friends lamented, "I wish I could fly." I asked, "Have you ever had a flying dream? I do." "Yeah," he replied, "I've had flying dreams, they're so neat!!" And then one of the kids shared a vivid experience. We all stood around wide-eyed, nodding and saying, "Aw, Cool!"

My favorite sensation in a flying dream is slowly floating face down across a grassy area- Inching along, floating with no effort at all. And then coming into view of a house that you have to pass around, or over, with just the power of your mind- The anxiety of objects appearing on the landscape makes you have to 'summon the energy' up to lift over it or go around it-

I'm always alone in flying dreams I've never had anyone else with me. At times it feels like your consciousness 'wills' it and you just float inches above the treetops. On occasion I've not been able to get completely over a tree so I kind of filtered through the limbs without touching them you almost feel 'scattered' like your body is diffused in some way. Changes in direction or elevation are accomplished by puffing the body up, gathering energy or holding your breath- it's like a mental exercise, instant intention- the will to rise! And then I land, actually feel the grass on my face or under my feet and all of a sudden I'm aware of the bedroom- noises, temperature etc. Back from the land of nod!

"It was fun to look at the trees I flew past. But as they got smaller and smaller, I thought it best to focus on the clouds!" - Leah shares her experience...Com

AS I BECOME AWARE of what's happening, I'm already in the middle of rising straight up into the sky. No wings, no gravity- It's totally effortless!

Up, up, up, higher and higher- higher than the treetops, without a care in the world!

"I noticed whenever I started to slow down, all I had to do is 'wriggle' my body like a worm and think, "Up, Up, Up!"

And slowly I began to rise again."

-Susan L.

At some point my stomach starts to feel funny and the wriggling thing doesn't seem to work anymore...I flip forward and, flapping my arms, begin to fall. Faster and faster, I know there's no place to land and nothing to stop me!

Coming closer to the trees, I look down at the grass directly below and see a black hole opening up. At the very last second I fall through the hole and drop onto my bed with a jolt! After a flying dream, I always feel really excited- AND glad to be back in my bedroom!

Do they mean anything?

DREAM INTERPRETATION, like any PSI (see definition below) endeavor, is a subjective discipline. The consensus among dream theorists suggests that flying dreams (depending upon the flight pattern, i.e.- flying with ease or falling and landing with a thud), indicate a period of either feelings of supreme confidence or feelings of utter lack there of.

Other possibilities include, tapping into memories of an out of body experience; actually experiencing a taste of 'catching air' out of body; traveling to distant worlds where gravity isn't an issue, etc.

Decidedly more intriguing, flying dreams are most common to two particular groups of people- children between the ages of 4 and 9, and senior citizens. It is quite possible children younger than 4 years old have dreams of flying, they simply aren't able to communicate experiences effectively at such a young age. In my estimation, flying dreams are just another interesting aspect related to the studies being done by Neuroscience these days. (For more 'fringe science' information, refer to subsequent article, "The Science Behind the Séance" CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Regarding children, it very well could be that the presence of flying dreams are simply due to conscious memories of unassisted excursions in an alternate existence. Conversely, the consciousness of an elderly individual may be readying itself for continuing life in the realm of alternate existence.

Woman's Shocking Account - "Dream Drifter" is a gifted spirit medium whom I have known personally for many you will read, this particular experience

WHEN ASKED FOR A MEMORABLE example of a "flying dream", I knew immediately which dream I would recount.

This particular flying dream came to mind for two reasons. First of all, I have an actual witness to the occurrence of the dream, and secondly, the dream involved a close family member. Unfortunately, the family member was the main character in the dream and his fate was sealed...

Let me begin by saying, I have had many of what I call "out of body dreams". It goes without saying that I wholeheartedly believe in the phenomena that one can leave the physical body and travel to other place's in a dream state.

Before I go into one of my actual flying dreams, I think it only prudent that I explain exactly what I experience when I have an out of body dream.

I believe this type of dream starts when I am in a very deep sleep. It seems as if my body's energy collects and becomes overly powerful, very strong. I then find that I can rise out of my body and propel myself, as if flying. I can feel the temperature, the wind, and any weather elements. I can see the darkness of the sky and anything in my path. Fairly quickly I find myself at a destination... I realize I am in another person's space... Their home, a building, wherever. I hover above a scene, without anyone seeing me or feeling my presence. I witness very clearly what is going on, and hear what is said. Returning to my body is rather like just waking up from a dream. There is no trip back, no flying back to my home, to my bed- I just wake up in a flash...

I hope you will keep an open mind while reading the details of this particular flying dream. I know it to be true.

It was the 1970s and my life was busy raising two children. When it came time for bed, I was tired, and would have no problem falling asleep and sleeping well through the night...

This particular night I'd had a very busy day- you see, it was my daughters birthday. We had family over for a birthday celebration.

My mother-in-law made mention that " It's Mickie's birthday today too ". (Mickie, my brother-in-law, had just that week returned from Vietnam ). After my husband and I had cleaned up after the party and had finally got the kids to bed, we decided to turn in as well.

I remember falling asleep quickly.

The Dream

I found myself flying in the cool, dark autumn night...

I WAS FLYING OVER FAMILIAR AREAS. I could clearly see the freeway, and found myself in an area of the city that I knew well. It was the West side of Detroit, where my husband was raised, and where my mother-in-law still resided.

I came to a destination, very near my mother-in-laws home. It was a flat, located above a business, that was on a corner of a residential street. I entered a door and proceeded up a stairway, passing over a landing. At the landing I noticed blue flowered, plastic curtains on a small window.

I found myself at the door of the flat. It was a white painted door, well worn, with a brass colored door- knob.

I floated right through the door and up toward the ceiling. The room had little furniture in it, and what was there was old and badly worn. The walls were white and I could smell a stale odor. A lamp was on and the room was dimly lit.

As I looked down I could see a young man sleeping in a chair. My attention was drawn to a sofa directly across the room. What I saw will haunt me for the rest of my life...

It was my brother-in-law," Mickie". He laid still, sprawled out on his back. I saw a syringe on the floor below his outstretched hand. His face was unnaturally pale. I knew in that instant, he was dead.

In a flash I was home screaming in my bed! Stunned, my husband listened, as I relayed the images in my dream...He comforted me, and consoled me- telling me, "It was just a nightmare, a bad dream".

The next morning all seemed to be well- everything back to normal. No problems in my little world. I felt relieved, convinced that my dream was just that, a dream.

At 10: 45 am, the phone rang- it was my mother-in-law...

She was crying inconsolably; Mickie had been found dead !

The fellow in the chair woke late in the morning to find Mickie dead on the sofa. Scared and not knowing what to do, he collected my mother-in-law returned to the flat. Devastated to have found her son dead, she summoned the strength to notify the police.

After a period of time had passed, I spoke with my sister-in-law and told her about my dream. She was well acquainted with the flat that her brother had died in. In fact she had attended the party that was given for him the night he passed- feeling unwell, she'd left early.

I shared my recollection of the details I remember seeing- including what the flat looked like and how I entered it. Having first-hand knowledge of the flat and its décor, my sister-in-law was shocked. " I know you had to have been there," she said, " You saw those plastic, blue flowered curtains..."

So, I leave you with the thought, is truth stranger than fiction?

Beyond the Realm of REM - Finding myself in a rather precarious position....

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES (OBE) aren't necessarily in the same category as 'flying dreams' but because the sensations are somewhat the same and the following happens to be from personal experience, it is included. Having had a few OBEs in my lifetime, this one particularly stands out for one remarkably simple reason- the room was well-lit at the time!

In 1983 I was sharing an apartment with my, then, boyfriend. Exhausted after returning from a social function that lasted well into the evening, we fell asleep immediately without switching off the three ceiling lights positioned directly over the bed. When I opened my eyes, I didn't immediately recognize the room in which I found myself. Though I knew it was a bedroom, the space appeared totally unfamiliar to me. Upon closer inspection, I realized- one of the two figures I saw lying in bed was ME! Distressed at the thought and thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me, I moved to get a better look and discovered I was somehow "pressed" up against the ceiling in a far corner of the room. Pushing on the ceiling seemed to move me forward instead of down. "I'm dead!," flashed across my mind, and I began to struggle at the very thought. In a nano-second I was back in my body...which, curiously, seemed to be on 'auto-pilot.' The most distinctive characteristic- I was panting furiously- breaths short and though my physiological state had been altered. Quite a few seconds lapsed before a regular respiration pattern returned.

The experience didn't scare me- on the contrary, I feel elated when recalling the sensation of weightlessness I enjoyed that night I found myself bouncing "body-free" up against the white, popcorn textured ceiling.

...With The Wind Beneath Her Wings - A near death experience leaves an extraordinary impression on a tender soul.

SO DESPERATE TO RECONNECT with the profound contentment and weightless sensation of 'going into the light,' a 9 year old girl sought to reproduce the experience of heavenly flight. Enlisting the help of her sister, she tied a rope around her waist and opened a second story window intending to leap out. Her youthful psyche found the crass nature of physical existence disturbing in comparison to the pure love and light of the plane beyond- at times, too difficult to bear, she struggled through bouts with depression.

Comfort came with her ultimate realization that existence on the physical plane could never meld into the other, and she emerged content to live her life.


This is one of my favorite tales of Out of Body Experience- Perhaps because it came from an unexpected source!

DURING THE 'SALAD DAYS,' it seemed as though we (along with everyone we knew) were always in the middle of some home remodeling project or another. Friends and family took turns engaging the help of a charming and talented handyman by the name of Ron. Conservative in philosophy, he regaled anyone within earshot with the latest news-show banter. A no-nonsense man, he loved a good joke and often reminisced about the days he single-handedly built log cabin homes for those in need.

As it often does when I'm around, the subject of Out of Body Experiences just happened to pop-up during our conversation one day. Expecting to get Ron's "over-the-glasses" glare, you can imagine my surprise when he said, "Yeah, I've been out of my body...hasn't everybody?" I had no retort, so on he went, "It was a year or so ago...I was real sick- some kind of virus. My temperature was over a hundred. Laying in bed, half out of it, i opened my eyes and danged if I wasn't upside down facing my body- facing me!! -All bundled up in bed and looking like ten miles of bad road. Why? Is that unusual or something?" My stunned silence finally broken, I smiled, "No, Ron. That's cool! I love it.."

Jump into the Void

One woman's personal journey = A fantastic tutorial for all!

Bonnie has psychic abilities. For her, lucid and precognitive dreams are a regular occurrence.

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I was meditating with a group when I had the sensation a hole opened in the floor before me. I heard a voice encourage me to stand at the edge of what looked like a vortex of some kind. Concentrating, I rose out of my body and stood looking down into a swirling haze. The same voice counted down, "One two, three, jump!" and down I went through the funnel and out into what felt to me like 'pure space.' When you get up you are actually separating from your physical body. Though it felt like I was falling, I seemed to be tethered in some way- the 'silver thread' perhaps? You do feel like you're tied to a line. There is a startling sensation, you realize you don't know how far you can go and still make it back to the room- Although you can get back in your body. It's difficult to describe- very dynamic when you're out see space, a large void of energy, gray matter- Being in a thick fog is the best analogy I can offer. If you've ever experienced fog on a mountain...'fog soup,' it's like that. There are little bright spots in it, little bright areas around you. It's not as though you're immersed in something. Eventually, you mentally 'draw yourself up.' Your mind focuses on being back in the room and instantaneously you're back.

"While you're out there, you feel like you're falling...weightless, kind of floating. You don't see the hole above you at all."

"Jumping into space" shows you that the body isn't "you." The energy that is you just lives in that shell. When you go out you actually feel that that body isn't you...that you're part of the cosmos. I believe this is how your energy lives on- as part of the all-in-all. That first experience showed me the dynamic of my spirit. I know now, without a doubt, the part of me that never dies is truly part of the universe.

Physically freeing the energy from the body shows you clearly that there is a difference between you 'in the body' and your energy out of the body- What a wonderful way to accomplish this in lieu of having a near death epiphany!

Tripping the Light Fantastic

REGARDLESS the raging debate over probable causes or disparate meanings of Out of Body and Flying Dream experiences, for the millions of those who suddenly find themselves cloud dancing, they are nonetheless a stimulating, sometimes frightening and always intriguing aspect of living here in the physical realm.

We all want to know!

Have you ever had a dream you were flying?

See results

What is PSI?

PSI (pronounced 'sigh') is the 23rd character in the Greek alphabet. It denotes the psyche, mind or soul and is used interchangeably to refer to "all things extra-sensory-" including but not limited to, clairvoyance (extraordinary 'seeing'), clairaudience (extraordinary hearing) , and clairsentience (extraordinary 'feeling') and precognition.

* Are your flying dreams frightening to you?

* Do you enjoy them?

* Are you able to "request" a flying dream?

* Talk about ascending (above the trees) and descending- how do you do it?

Share your experience! - What do you remember?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Yeah I have had dreams where I'd fly around the place - same old same old flying type of dreams. They're nice. The other night I had yet another one and I said to myself - I am over these dreams - I just want to REST at night instead of all this dreaming. That night after the day of becoming sick and tired of flying ... I dreamt about football!

      BTW - when my brother was young, his dreams, playing out like movies, would get CONSISTENTLY interrupted by COMMERCIALS! I kid you not.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My flying dreams don't frighten me. When I wake up and remember my dream I just wish I could stay in my dream. It is a feeling of total freedom or weight and the ability of doing what gravity says is impossible. Since I was about 3 I began having these dreams. I would fly up all around the house and my siblings and mom would look and wonder how. I dreampt of flying to a park and took my sisters there exactly where it was in my dream and had seen all the playground and extra stuff there and we were so amazed. I was maybe 6-7. Then I started flying and bringing others either by arm or holding limbs etc., then I was able to go up through buildings from places that I have never seen, let alone even from this world. Too many dreams, but lots of still memories. I just dreampt again last night new place, flying picking up a group, etc. Sometimes I do ask for a dream if i haven't had one in a while. Anyway

    • justmelucy profile image

      justmelucy 5 years ago

      First let me say Great Lens. It feels good to have my flying experiences somewhat confirmed by reading your lens and the comments you have received. I am not alone after all.

    • dkenda profile image

      dkenda 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Hello, Yes, this lens is simply intended to highlight flying dreams...created to give people a place to post their own experiences. Those who have OBEs on a regular basis assert that they are experiencing inter-dimensional travel; They often express feelings/sensations of being helped, watched, confronted and/or joined by other beings during the time out. Thanks for your comment! Kenda

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have some crazy out of body experiences. They are spontaneous. I don't even know what is happening. I try to ignore it but it has been going on since my teens. Not only that I think our heart is really important. Oh, and when we have obes I think there are others who are watching us. Anyone know anything more than this article. This article is really basic stuff.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I just decided to leap into the air. I did not fly very far. I was in my back yard. I have never really attempted a flying dream. But, I will try this. I enjoyed it. There was a little bit of concern at first but I felt like I had control over how to move and could adjust the speed. I enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      akunsquidoku 5 years ago

      nice lens..:D

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I had the most wonderful flying dream when I was about 20 yrs old.My brother and I were flying along an ocean beach at night .It was quite beautiful.Haven't had one since.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have had several dreams of hovering just above the ground but just high enough to be out of reach to anybody. I always feel good and amazed at this gift and I am saying to myself this is real I can fly it is easy. But yet in reality I don't even think about it except maybe sometimes walking around can be a drag and a chore. I think it's the weightlessness and being able to do something nobody else is doing. So there is a sense of showing off watching everybody's faces with looks of awe inspiring. I remember about age of seven I was very inspired by Jesus and the holy ghost and during mass would picture myself hovering above the crowd on the presence of holiness.

    • danowrites lm profile image

      danowrites lm 6 years ago

      this lens hit right on the spot. when i was young(6-8years old) , i had many dreams about flying and looking down to see many machines with people strapped to them, i could feel there pains. growing older i saw an old cotton weaving mill for the first time. i believe my dreams were of that. filling the pain and suffering of hard work.

    • profile image

      JoeSteinbeck 6 years ago

      I used to have a lot of these dreams when I was younger - I miss them!

    • Prezewalski profile image

      Prezewalski 6 years ago

      A great lens this one!! I have had this dream of falling from my terrace quite a few times. And in the dream I felt I was kinda pulled me down with great force...something like I felt the gravity sucking me towards it, it was thrilling, at the same time a bit scary!

    • profile image

      astralgal 7 years ago

      Interesting lens. I've never had a flying dream, but I have had out of body experiences and I think your examples are really good. During one of my experiences I felt like I had control of my 'flight,' the other felt as though another being was leading me 'out and back.' Nice article.

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 7 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      This Lens is wonderfully written. Its content is riveting, and I give much credit to all that were brave enough to submit there personal experiences. I can see you are well educated on this subject, as well as being a fantastic writer... You are a great addition to Squidoo. Please keep creating lenses, I look forward to reading them. We share mutual beliefs... Shar


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