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Where was God and my guardian angel when i encountered the man who had made a me

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    samantha23posted 7 years ago

    Where was God and my guardian angel when i encountered the man who had made a mess in my life

    and break my heart to million pieces?

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    1wishsamposted 7 years ago

    where was god when the holocaust was going on!? where was god when innocent people were murdered? the world is a tough place and its up to us to make the best of what life has to offer! sucks i know!

  3. zzron profile image55
    zzronposted 7 years ago

    God is everywhere at all times and allows things to happen for reasons we may not always understand. but we are to grow and learn from our experiences in life.

  4. Liberate profile image53
    Liberateposted 7 years ago

    God Doesn't Make Choices For You, He Gives You Streagh To Continue Getting Though.

    God Loves You For A Reason, And You Didn't Need To Break Your Heart, You Gave It To The Wrong Person.

    God Gives You A Soulmate, You Settle For Second Best, It Isn't His Issue.

    God Gives Humans Choices, We Make The Wrong Ones. It Hurts Him Just As Much As It Hurts Us. God Does Love You, He Let You Breathe And Live.

    You Need To Talk To The Right Person, Get You Though Your Hard Times.

    I've Never Done Anything Against A Girl, I've Never Hurt One. I'd Rather Die Then Do Such A Thing.

    Though, I've Been Single My Entire Life, And I've Never Been Kissed, Or On A Date.

    Though, I'm A Very Sweet Person, I Spend Hours Talking To People In Depression.

    I Fight With Girls, To Enable Them To Believe They're Beautiful.

    But, Where Was God When I Was Born? That Was A Mistake :'(

    I Do Hate Myself, But I Will Always Help Others.

    And If You Provide True Love, You'll Find The Right Person, Your Heart Was Broken By A Stupid Person, Who Didn't Deserve You In The First Place...

    Renew Your Faith In God.
    That's All I Can Beg For You

  5. Darrell Roberts profile image70
    Darrell Robertsposted 7 years ago

    Is the question where was God or where was I and and how come I did not see that this man was going to break my heart into a million pieces. Was I paying attention to the signals that the other person was displaying by their words actions and dees? Or did I put myself in a delusion and now I have to face reality. 

    God lives in the hearts of all of us, the question is did we do a manual override using this free will thing that I honestly would like to give back some days.  I get myself in trouble, then I sulk for a while then I blame God for a bit then I get over it and move on, taking responsibility for my actions and thanking God for not making it worse.   Thanking God for allowing me to have pure and true friends who have stayed by my side to help pcik up the pices some days.

    Very easy to ask where was God the ruler of this whole universe, it is more difficult to ask where was I and what was I really thinking.

    I do hope you get over your heartbreak and find the inner strength within to move forward. 

    Be blessed.

    Wishing you well.