Does Love really conquer all? Is hate a more powerful emotion, or is it just eas

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  1. keepitnatural profile image61
    keepitnaturalposted 12 years ago

    Does Love really conquer all? Is hate a more powerful emotion, or is it just easier to generate in..

    many situations?

  2. Debby Bruck profile image64
    Debby Bruckposted 12 years ago

    If we implemented the power of love, it wouldn't surely conquer all. "Do all things with love." ~ Og Mandino

  3. Mandrake_1975 profile image86
    Mandrake_1975posted 12 years ago

    I think love really does conquer all, but I think hate is a powerful emotion as well, as I believe it is nothing less than a twisting of love  -a corruption of the true purpose of love, if you will.  Someone who hates loves their self so much more than the target of hatred that that twisted and selfish-love becomes focused upon those things which they deem a threat to their own self-love (or whatever else it is that they may love).  In other words, hatred is self-love + perceived threat.

    If taken in this light, it is easy to see why hatred is generated so easily and why it appears to be such a challenge to love and kindness.  To me, it seems that hatred is misdirected love.  Love is an emotion which must be shared (in my estimation), and if one's love is focused inward, then the sharing of that love will obviously be distorted when it is projected upon others.

    If I love myself more than all others, and to an extreme degree (for whatever reason - maybe extreme hurt caused by others), then when I project what love I have for myself outward it is most certainly going to offend others, as to them it will appear that I have no love whatsoever because I love myself so much that I hurt or offend those who I project my self-love upon.

  4. DrMikeFitzpatrick profile image36
    DrMikeFitzpatrickposted 12 years ago

    hate may feel more powerful, as it is significantly "polarizing". with advanced scientific equipment, we can now determine that all of life as we know it, is made from "light". a single light wave is frequency with a resonation giving something its form. to see one wave (a quark) will show you a light wave that is half-positive, and half-negative equally complimentary balanced.

    love and hate are not opposites, like and hate are. love in the end is everywhere, in everything. i would have to say, much more "powerful", if we can measure using that term.

    when examined closely, looking at our emotions can lead us to a conclusion-they were/are created to show us we are "out of balance", or what i called polarized. (being on one-side of a two-sided event). all events are two-sided in life. if all of life is light at its basis, then the scripture that tells us "God is love, God is light", and everything is light, we can ask, "Where is God not"?

    when we start seeing each other as connected other than sperate, interesting changes may take place. all everything is, is frequency-we can choose to operate at a higher, or lower frequency. both serve in the end. thanks for the question. Dr. Mike

  5. www.lookseenow profile image61
    www.lookseenowposted 12 years ago

    Love is long-suffering and kind the strongest and most dominant of God’s qualities. If we have love, and manifest it in our dealings with others its power enables us to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. We do not need all of the aforementioned ingredients, but if we single out one of them—hope for instance—it’s power endures as we hope for something unseen, but what if it’s something God has promised?   That’s where faith builds on the things hoped for if we hope for what we do not see, we keep on waiting for it with endurance.
    (1 Corinthians 13:4; Romans 8:25)

    What some of you are doing as Hub contributors is an act of love.  By your posts, and helpful comments you build up others who then become your companions, that they may develop greater fitness for writing too.  What diversity emerges, subjects I never dream of, but still fascinating.  When a hubber asks a question and one of us offers a comment it does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked—no—it’s letting the weak absorb strength and warmth of zeal from you the stronger ones. Here is where we reap what we sow when we give and get more happiness.

  6. danielleantosz profile image74
    danielleantoszposted 12 years ago

    It does seem that hate is much easier, while love requires more work.  While I want to believe that love conquers all, I just don't think that is true sad

  7. AngelTrader profile image60
    AngelTraderposted 12 years ago

    Love is the essence of the universe and like DrMike says we are all connected but the unfortunate thing in the world today is the disproportionate amount of negativity enveloping us all.

    Break that negativity and fear and life would be so much sweeter for all!


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