Do you believe in alien abduction?

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  1. mperrottet profile image82
    mperrottetposted 12 years ago

    Do you believe in alien abduction?

    There have been numerous cases of Alien abduction reported throughout the years and many books written on the subject.  Do you believe that people are being abducted, and if so to what purpose?

  2. CR Rookwood profile image72
    CR Rookwoodposted 12 years ago

    I believe people are having genuine experiences instigated by real 'others' and that these experiences have a major impact on how the abductees think and feel for many years.

    I do not think ETs are abducting humans into spaceships and doing reproductive experiments on them. Instead, I believe that the abduction experience is engineered by creatures who live right here on earth and have always lived right here on earth. They do this in order to alter the consciousness of the people selected so that over time the public consciousness will change as well. These 'others' create the experience by entering dreams and altering perception.

    Why are they doing it? I think it's hard to understand their motives, but I don't get the impression they are malevolent. Although this may sound kind of fantastic (and maybe even ridiculous), I am not the only or even the first person to see it this way. Other people who reject the ET hypothesis but take the experience seriously include information scientist Jacques Vallee, paranormal writers Mac Tonnies, Nick Redfern, and John Keel, and cultural anthropologists who understand they dynamics and structure of initiation experiences.

    1. CR Rookwood profile image72
      CR Rookwoodposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you mperrottet! I appreciate your vote of confidence!

    2. Maggie Bennett profile image61
      Maggie Bennettposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      John Keel has some interesting stuff.  I just read his stuff on Mothman.

  3. tom hellert profile image60
    tom hellertposted 12 years ago

    Where there is smoke there is fire... Something is happening- to these people, they all have the same or similar stories... I dont buy the mass hysteria excuse...
    Think about it if we were investigating a forign planet what would we do... collect samples and study them then release them back to their natural habitat- some folks dont make it through the process just like when we study species- how many people just disappear every year - without a trace???
    sure nutbag psycho-killers take their toll but-it cant be all of them
    During 2010, 692,944 missing person records were entered into NCIC, a decrease of 3.7 percent from the 719,558 records entered in 2009. Missing person records cleared or canceled during the same period totaled 703,316. Reasons for these removals include: a law enforcement agency located the subject; the individual returned home; or the record had to be removed by the entering agency due to a determination that the record was invalid.
    Source: … s-for-2010 Just a thought to ponder....

  4. Jeff Hileman profile image38
    Jeff Hilemanposted 12 years ago

    I kinda think our ancient scriptures and writings tell a story of inner planetary happenings and inner dimensional goings on. Even up til today. So, yes I do believe there are abduction. Its a rabbit hole with a variety of things going on, as is life Right? Also you might both be interested in searching for Programmed to kill Satanic Cover up. Its worth watching and I bring it up due to the twisted connection between abductions and missing/murdered cases. Also as a response to Toms response.

  5. Alastar Packer profile image70
    Alastar Packerposted 11 years ago

    There are some few ET ones where the person or people are taken for short examinations and then placed safely back where they were. But according to sources many consider highly reliable the biggest majority are black-ops generated from this world-- and for what purpose is anyone's guess.

  6. DarkMysteries profile image74
    DarkMysteriesposted 7 years ago

    There have been a number of interesting cases, but the Travis Walton case stands out for me. The fact that not one of them have come forward to say it was all a hoax is really interesting, and for me, the most important part of believing that they saw what they saw.

    All of them have kept out of the limelight , apart from Travis. If they all done this for money, then travis is the only one who has made money. If one of them were to come forward and say it was a hoax, then they would make alot of money too. But not one of the witnesses has come forward.

    This says alot about this case.


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