What are your ways of staying positive?

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  1. midget38 profile image87
    midget38posted 9 years ago

    What are your ways of staying positive?

  2. snoblet profile image86
    snobletposted 9 years ago

    keep focusing on the positives because there's always going to be negatives everywhere you turn.  I just don't want to waste time dwelling on negatives while the positives pass.  Sometimes its hard but I would feel much more foolish for the time wasted.  That's how I see things anyway.

    1. midget38 profile image87
      midget38posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Indeed....so many of us just dwell on the bad instead of the good...that lone does us iin.

  3. Suelynn profile image78
    Suelynnposted 9 years ago

    Is the glass half empty or is it half full?  Choosing the latter incorporates gratitude which instantly changes negative to positive.  I have found that Facebook, in particular, has brought many positives to me.  HubPages, likewise.  I try to focus on the positive rather than the negative and that includes not listening to the news. smile

    1. midget38 profile image87
      midget38posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      So true, Susan. We should start by being grateful for everything we have.......that is already positive and turns things around!

  4. Suzie HQ profile image90
    Suzie HQposted 9 years ago

    I stay positive by working on hubpages every day, learning and interacting with the community in a new career direction for me.

    1. midget38 profile image87
      midget38posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Yes! The community here is awesome!

  5. profile image0
    Andrew Fragosoposted 9 years ago

    In order to stay positive, I look beyond myself to a greater power than myself. My faith in God keeps my life in perspective. Many days in life can be challenging with their ups, downs, problems and situations. But if I know (which I do by the way) that there is someone greater than I in every situation with me, my life is enriched with the knowledge of the best outcome in every situation, regardless of the circumstance.

    1. midget38 profile image87
      midget38posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      God's every answer is indeed a positive one for us, even if the answer is no!

  6. CriticalMessage profile image72
    CriticalMessageposted 9 years ago

    I stay positive by not depending on anybody to do it for me...

  7. lburmaster profile image79
    lburmasterposted 9 years ago

    By keeping my surroundings positive as well. Very colorful, interesting, lots of books to keep me happy, plenty to entertain, etc.

  8. edhan profile image39
    edhanposted 9 years ago

    I am always positive as I find myself no reason of being negative.

    It is the question that I had asked myself in the past, what good when I am negative? The answer is nothing good. So why be negative in life as it may be harmful to our bodies.

    I have learnt in Feng Shui that I have to create the positive Qi energy that helps in my life so now I am always being positive and practising Qigong as well as application of Feng Shui to generate the positive energy for my family and myself.

    Always looks at the brighter side of life as there is always a way to better lives.

  9. Catherine Kane profile image78
    Catherine Kaneposted 9 years ago

    Besides things mentioned in the other great answers here, I've found 2 things useful.

    The first is building habits of looking at the bright side of things. The more I do it, the easier it gets.

    The second is to keep an eye on the stories I tell myself. When I start obsessing over what's wrong or telling myself "ain't it awful?" I can work myself into a negative mood pronto; but if I'm talking positively to myself, my energy lifts..


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