How can one religion be the true religion?

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  1. profile image52
    Samantha Watersposted 11 years ago

    How can one religion be the true religion?

    When each religion has followers that believe that their own religion speaks the truth?

  2. profile image0
    Jerry Hulseposted 11 years ago

    Because there is only one that will take the quilt off of a murderer, or give another chance to a woman that was gang raped and cause her to forgive her perpetrators.
    1John 1:7 says the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
    Religion is man looking up to God and salvation is God restoring the gap we lost through Adam and reaching out unto his greatest creation which is man.

    1. profile image52
      Samantha Watersposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Have you studied every other religion to come up with this conclusion?

    2. profile image0
      Jerry Hulseposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, all others require some type of appeasement to gain their God's favor and no other has made away for the sin debt to be wiped clean. It took another Adam to pay the penalty for breaking God's law and he had to have God's blood like Adam.

  3. profile image0
    jlcustompcposted 11 years ago

    none are true they are all written by men to conjure a feeling and get a reaction. Current religions will go the way of the Greek and Roman gods shortly. We will then read about the Abrahamic Religions in the same way we do the Greek and Roman Mythologies........They are all Mythologies!

    1. profile image0
      Jerry Hulseposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I am a better horse trader than you for if you are wrong, you will face the Living God and if I am wrong the I am still right. Christianity is a relationship with him not a religion and he does talk back if you listen.

    2. profile image0
      jlcustompcposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      @Jerry Hulse - If you are hearing audible voices, other than your own, that is the definition of being mental insane. Further your argument is based on Pascal's Wager which means we can not have an intellectual conversation regarding this issue.

    3. ercramer36 profile image90
      ercramer36posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Amen Jerry!  That is an aweful risk you are taking jlcustomoc.  God's fingerprints are all over creation that is much to complex to just randomly fall it to place.

  4. lone77star profile image72
    lone77starposted 11 years ago

    Perhaps each great religion does speak the truth, but the interpretation goes sour.

    Religion is part of the rescue mission.

    God's children have lost their way and become trapped in and dependent upon physical means for operating and sensing. Before, we didn't need Homo sapiens bodies. We could see just fine without them.

    Many of the great religions were founded by those who woke up by being righteous here on Earth. They should be honored and respected.

    But only one religious body was founded by those who have come to Earth to affect a rescue from the outside in. That is Judaism + Christianity.

    I have studied many religions, performed miracles, been outside of this physical shell and seen the world without human eyes.

    Christ is the Lord and right hand of the Heavenly Father. Buddha, Lao Tsu and others are saints who have been guiding lights to millions and deserve places of high respect for their monumental accomplishments in performing rescues from the inside out.

  5. profile image0
    AndriyRposted 11 years ago

    I am Christian, however - I practice Zen meditation, like singing Hinduism Mantras, and believe in unity of all beings and in reincarnation. This is my true religion. I think what ever gives you a spirit of unity with your spiritual self - is a true religion. After all - really really deep - all religions are the roads to the same truth.

    1. profile image0
      Jerry Hulseposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I just got a few words of wisdom to say on your comment; whatever you believe, it had better be good enough to die with!

  6. ercramer36 profile image90
    ercramer36posted 11 years ago

    How can one religion be the true religion?  Easy, because they all believe different things and they all can't be true.  Christianity is God coming to mankind and saying I sent my Son to die for you so that you can have your sins forgiven.  Most of the other world religions are what you have to do to get to God.  They all can't be true.  Jesus said "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life, NO ONE comes to the Father but by ME." John 14:6.  Jesus claims to be the only way so Christianity and any of the other world religions cannot both be true.  1 + 1 always = 2, never 3.  Truth is narrow and defined.


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