Are my blessings dimenished?

  1. Jerami profile image70
    Jeramiposted 6 years ago

    You told me what to say, Lord, and I've been a saying it! 

        Nobody is listenig, Now what? ....  should I say it again? ....  how many more times?    I'm too tired and I'm to old; I've been told, to comtinue much longer, my story is getting old!
        I can't find the right words, so why not quit trying! Nobody is listening, though some are a dying,  cause they already know. They say shudup old man, we've heard it all before,  ..... ???????     OK ....   somebody else is going to have to say it some more, i pray that someday Lord, they will hear,

    So let me come home lord, I'm all done  I've nothing left to say and nothing left to hear. Now I'm ready, so won't you please, draw me near.

      Here I stand Lord, I pray of you, either take me home Lord or tell me what to do.

          Good night Yawl       Maybe we'll speak again,

    1. seamist profile image56
      seamistposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It sounds like you're depressed Jerami? Why do you feel your blessing are diminished? Rather than spreading the word to those who don't want to listen, set a good example in your own life by helping people in need and trying to have a happy attitude. When people notice you're blessed, happy, and have a peace of mind, sometimes it will draw them to God because they want what you have.