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The Amazing Story of Frank Jenner

Updated on October 14, 2011

Reaching Hundreds of Thousands for Christ

I first heard the story of Frank Jenner a couple of years ago. All I remember initially was that there was a "little white haired man" down by the King's Cross area in Sydney, that told many people about Jesus, and impacted thousands of people for the Lord in the process. I was amazed by the story.

Not many people know much about Frank Jenner, but I found his story inspirational. If you have been working for the Lord and don't feel that it is making a difference, perhaps you'll find the strength to continue on by hearing his story.

For this page, I did more research into this man, beyond the initial YouTube video that I had seen about him.

The Story in Video Form

This wasn't the first video that I saw on Frank Jenner, but it is more accurate. In the initial video, there were some inaccurate facts, and they had his name wrong.

Photo by stelogic
Photo by stelogic

How Jenner Meets the Lord

Frank Jenner used to be your typical Australian sailor. He lived a wild life, and was addicted to gambling. One day, in 1937, he met the Lord and was saved. Instantly, his gambling addiction was gone. He was so thankful about how the Lord changed his life that he resolved to tell at least 10 people every day about God.

Over the years, many people would end up hearing something along the lines of "excuse me sir, but if you died today, do you know if you would be going to Heaven or Hell?" from a little white-haired man on George Street.

Photo by pflores
Photo by pflores

Dr. Francis Dixon Learns of the "White Haired Man on George Street"

One evening, a Baptist preacher named Dr. Francis Dixon was preaching in Bournemouth, England. A man named Peter gave his testimony about how he was saved:

"I was in the Royal Navy. I was walking down George Street in Sydney, Australia and out of nowhere stepped a gentleman and he said to me, 'excuse me, sir, but could I ask you a question? I hope that it won't offend you, but if you were to die today, where would you spend eternity? The Bible says that it will either be in heaven or in hell. Would you think about that, please? Thank you. God bless you!" Then the man left. I had never been confronted with that question - I couldn't get it out of my mind. I got back to England and met someone who took me to a mission and that's where I became a Christian"

Photo by bjearwicke
Photo by bjearwicke

Noel Tells About His Salvation

Some time later, another man, Noel, told about he was saved:

"I was in the Royal Navy and my ship was stationed in Sydney. One evening I was walking down George Street when out of nowhere stepped a man. He said to me, 'Young man, I have a question to ask you. If you should die tonight where would you go? Would it be heaven or hell? Now don’t try to evade the question, it must be one or the other.' What he said bothered me for many months. I sought out a Christian, he helped me, and I gave my life to Christ.”

Photo by wagner_chr
Photo by wagner_chr

Corporal Murray Wilkes is Saved

Dr. Dixon later took a trip to Adelaide. He told the story about Peter and Noel, and a man exclaimed that he was also saved by a little white-haired man on George Street. Corporal Murray Wilkes was saved after encountering this white-haired man while trying to catch a tram. The man asked him if he knew where he'd go if he died: heaven or hell. His response was "I hope I'd go to heaven." The little white-haired man told him that he could know.

Even though Wilkes went to church, he knew that he was a hypocrite. He chose to give his life to the Lord in his barracks shortly afterwords.

Photo by cscholes
Photo by cscholes

Dr. Dixon Goes to Perth

While traveling in Perth, Dr. Dixon encountered another man who knew who the little white-haired man was. This man had been in the Navy, was asked whether he would go to Heaven or Hell when he died, and decided to give his life to the Lord shortly afterwards.

The preacher decided that he had to find out who this little white-haired man was.

Photo by mrhines1
Photo by mrhines1

Dr. Dixon Meets the Little White-Haired Man

When Dr. Dixon went to Sydney, he asked some of the Christians there if they knew who the man on George Street was. He found out that the little white-haired man was named Frank Jenner. He decided to meet this man that had affected so many.

When he met Mr. Jenner, he told him about the four people that he had found that had been saved after being confronted by him. With tears in his eyes, Jenner responded "“I’ve never heard that anyone I had spoken to had gone on for the Lord.”

For 28 years, Jenner spoke to people on George Street. Although some claimed to become Christians, he never knew of one person that truly had his or her life transformed.

But there's even more...

Photo by g-point
Photo by g-point

More People that Jenner Touched...

Dr. Dixon continued in his travels, and found many others that found Jesus after encountering Frank Jenner:

  • In the United Kingdom, pastors at an evangelical conference told him how they had met the little white-haired man on George Street and then met the Lord

  • In India, Dixon met a missionary that was once a Hindu. He visited Sydney, met the little white-haired man on George Street, and upon his return to India, sought out a local missionary to find out how to go to Heaven.

  • In Jamaica, Dixon met a couple of missionaries that had converted after confronting Jenner

  • At a Naval chaplain's conference in the United States, Dixon met a chaplain that had converted after meeting Jenner

Photo by robby_m
Photo by robby_m

Well Done

Jenner eventually became too ill to tell others about the Lord from his shop on George Street. He suffered from Parkinson's. Before he grew too ill to reach others, he had touched thousands.

Jenner's last request, it is said, was to die on a Sunday. He died at a quarter to midnight on Sunday night.

We don't know how long we have left on this earth. We all need to answer this question for ourselves: If we were to die tonight, where would we go? Heaven or Hell? If we have trusted in Jesus for his salvation, then we must answer another question: what are we going to do with the little time that we have left? Will we go on living our lives, or will we tell others, like Frank Jenner did?

Nobody on earth knows how many people Jenner reached, or how many people were reached through the missionaries and pastors that were saved after talking to Jenner. We don't know how our efforts have affected others either, for good or for bad.

Look at the news today. There is growing anti-semitism. People from the "Peace Flotilla" told IDF soldiers to go back to Auschwitz! The economies of countries all around the world are getting ready to collapse. Iran may already have nuclear weapons. People are looking for a leader. The dominoes are starting to line up for the events prophesied in the book of Revelation to come true. Please don't put off another day. The time is short.

So What About You?

Where will you be going when you die: heaven or hell? Are you sure?

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    • puzzlerpaige profile image

      puzzlerpaige 7 years ago

      I've never heard of him, but I like the way he shared. A simple question and then moved on to let folks consider it for themselves. This stayed in their minds and on their hearts. I'm glad to know of Frank Jenner now. Thanks!

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      Inspiring story

    • profile image

      SandraRoseDesigns 7 years ago

      I had heard a bit about him, but it was interesting to read more! Well written!