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Frightening True Experiences of a Psychic

Updated on March 12, 2014


Angel of Death


The Haunting

Let me tell you about a frightening experience, I once had while living in the hills of Indiana,

One New Year's Eve, after my husband, Steve went to bed, I decided to sit down with pen and paper using the method of automatic writing.

I'd learned to channel many years before, after I"d had a spiritual experience. I would ask God and the angels for advice in healing my relationships, especially in my strained relationship with my husband.

Steve was a Vietnam Veteran. He was suffering from post traumatic stress. It was not uncommon for me to seek heavenly advice.

It only took a moment for the rapid dictation to begin. After writing for awhile, I went to bed..My husband, Steve was asleep.

Exhausted I nodded off. A few hours later, I was terribly frightened..I became aware of a presence in the room. A dark hooded figure, with a ghastly face bent over me. I felt him grab me. I began to scream in.terror.

I could feel his strong presence. I felt like I was he strongly clutched me.. My husband grabbed me and pulled me backwards onto his chest. I screamed, and screamed My heart was pounding and this only increased my fear! I was desperately trying to get away. Finally Steve released me...

By then I was fully awake. Steve was deeply frightened by my screams. He slept with a gun behind the bed. He was struggling desperately to reach his gun.

After I calmed down..I related what happened to.Steve. Shaky and out of breath, he said, "I have never felt so frightened in all my life, not even in the jungles of Vietnam, have I been this scared" Steve had been wounded twice in Vietnam by shrapnel!

I felt terrible impending doom..Finally we went back to sleep.

The next morning I related the night's events to my son, Dylan and his girlfriend, Lisa. They were alarmed, as this was not the first incident that had occurred in our house.

That night, after going to sleep, I was awakened by my son's girlfriend..She beat her fists on our door, stating "she was scared". We opened the door!

Lisa was crawling on her hands and knees! She stated, "someone is shining a flashlight through Dylan's bedroom window"..She said, "there's a strange man outside! She was terrified, "she said, "I remember what happened to Donna last night"..

My husband quickly armed himself. He grabbed his rifle, stating "he was going to shoot the intruder"..He opened the back door, with his gun cocked. He aimed in the direction of the stranger. He was now coming around the corner of our house!

Unbelievably, it was our former next door neighbor "Andrew" who had arrived from Terre Haute. Steve quickly lowered his gun, to his right side.

Andrew said, "Hi Steve!, "I'm here, visiting my dad".Andrew's dad, George lived up the hill from us. He and my good friend, Jan had divorced, years ago.

My husband, said, "Andrew I just about shot you!" He then welcomed Andrew into the house..Andrew related, "how as a boy he and Dylan, used to play a game, where he would shine a flashlight through our window",

It was always a signal for Dylan to come out outside! Dylan would then sneak outdoors to meet Andrew. Only this time Dylan was not at home.

We were so fortunate, that we did not have a terrible tragedy on our hands.. Andrew spent a couple of hours with us, talking and catching up with us about his life in Terre Haute.

We warned Andrew, as he was leaving, "never again, shine a flashlight through our windows"

I often wondered about the strange warning I received from a specter of death, the night before!.


Ghostly Encounter


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  • profile image

    alberich 7 years ago

    Well it is also because "those gifts" might be a very dangerous bussines and we intutively know that also.


  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 7 years ago

    Alberich, thank you for your comments!..Many times in our life, if we only listen to our intuition, tragedy can be prevented. We are are intuitive..some of us don't pay attention to it..they consider it frightening, to have those gifts..

  • profile image

    alberich 7 years ago

    Well, life's ways are inscrutable! There are warnings and help all the time we dont just open up to it. And that is for many good resons

    Bless You!