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Genesis Worksheets

Updated on March 5, 2014

Genesis Worksheets for Kids and Adults

Some people learn best when they write something. These Bible worksheets will be a big help when you are studying through Genesis, helping to consolidate what you have read or even to bring some ideas to mind which you may have missed.

I have included a section with links to some of the best Genesis worksheets available on the web, including some of my own design and making.

You will also find a selection of worksheets sorted into different stories in Genesis. Under each section,there will be a variety of different worksheets, including crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, wordsearches, mazes, and more.

Great Genesis Worksheet Collections

This website has a huge collection of worksheets for many of the Bible stories in Genesis. Download a pdf booklet for each story. Each booklet contains a coloring page, fill in the gap pages, true / false questions, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles and more. List of Genesis worksheets:

1 Days of creation (Genesis 1-2)

2 God created Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-4)

3 In the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2)

4 The temptation of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3-4)

5 Cain kills Abel (Genesis 4)

6 Enoch - the man who walked with God (Genesis 5)

7 Noah builds an ark (Genesis 5-6)

8 God sends the great flood (Genesis 7-8)

9 The rainbow - God's covenant (Genesis 8-9)

10 The Tower of Babel (Genesis 10-11)

11 God called Abram (Genesis 11-12)

12 Abram and Sarai in Egypt (Genesis 12-13)

13 Lot and Abram parted ways (Genesis 13)

14 Lot's was captured and rescued (Genesis 14)

15 God's promise to Abram (Genesis 15-18)

16 Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 16)

17 Abraham bargained with God (Genesis 18)

18 Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 19)

19 Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Genesis 21)

20 God called Abraham to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22)

21 Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24)

22 Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25-27)

23 Isaac blessed Jacob (Genesis 27)

24 Jacob's dream (Genesis 28)

25 Leah and Rachel (Genesis 29)

26 The sons of Jacob (Genesis 29-35)

27 Jacob was renamed Israel (Genesis 32)

28 Joseph was sold by into slavery (Genesis 37)

29 Joseph and Potiphar (Genesis 39)

30 Joseph in prison (Genesis 40-41)

31 Joseph tested his brothers (Genesis 42-44)

32 Joseph revealed himself to his brothers (Genesis 45)

33 Jacob and his family moved to Egypt (Genesis 45-50)

Another site with loads of Genesis activity sheets. Each story has the following activity sheets: a coloring page, a story page, a wordsearch, a crossword, and a Bible quiz. List of Genesis worksheets:

1 Creation

2 Adam and Eve

3 Noah built an ark

4 Rainbow promise

5 Tower of Babel

6 Abram

7 Sarah laughed

8 Lot's wife

9 Abraham and Sarah had a baby

10 Abraham and Isaac

11 Rebekah - a wife for Isaac

12 Esau sold his birthright

13 Jacob's dream

14 Jacob and Rachel

15 Jacob wrestled with God

16 Joseph in the pit

17 The dupbearer and the baker

18 Pharaoh and Joseph

19 Joseph's brothers in Egypt

20 Joseph and Israel

The first column contains worksheets related to Genesis. There are a variety of worksheets here, including fill in the blanks, crossword puzzles, mazes, maps, word finds, scrambled words, and codes to decipher.

Creation Worksheets

Genesis Creation
Genesis Creation

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them in six days. It was all good. He created the first humans, Adam and Eve, to take care of this beautiful world he had made.

Fill in the Blanks / Quiz Worksheets

Genesis 1:1-3 fill in the blanks worksheet

Word Search Puzzles

All things bright and beautiful word search worksheet

Creation word search worksheet

Garden of Eden word search worksheet

In the beginning wordsearch puzzle in the shape of a tree

Cross Word Puzzles

Genesis - a book of beginnings crossword puzzle


Creation maze

Creation maze

Links checked May 2013

Adam and Eve Worksheets

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating fruit from a forbidden tree. Their close relationship with God was severed and they were driven from the Garden of Eden. Their disobedience brought sin into the whole world.

Fill in the Blanks / Quizzes

Snake puzzle and clues.


Adam and Eve maze

Other Worksheets

(Garden of Eden word mining worksheet)

Trace over the lines of Adam, Eve, and the snake

Enter your own simple text for copywork on this Adan and Eve worksheet

Links checked May 2013

Cain and Abel Worksheets

Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

Cain and Abel were two of Adam and Eve's sons. Cain was jealous that Abel's offering was accepted and his is not, so he killed Abel.

Lesson 3: Trace the letters, word search puzzle and scrambled letters worksheets

Other Worksheets

Cain and Abel word mining worksheet


Click the download or view button for Abel's faith worksheet

Links checked May 2013

Noah's Ark Worksheets

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

As time went by, people became so wicked that God destroyed all mankind with a flood - except for one man (Noah) and his family. At God's instruction, Noah built a boat, a floating zoo, where pairs of all land animals were kept safe through the flood. After the flood waters subsided, God gave Noah the sign of a rainbow as a promise that he would never again flood the entire earth.


(Help the animals find Noah's ark maze)

Other Worksheets

(N is for Noah - order these events)

(Noah's ark - find the hidden objects)

Links checked May 2013

Tower of Babel Worksheets

Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

After the flood, the population on the earth begins to increase and people became proud, thinking they could build a tower to reach the heavens. So God confused their language so they could no longer understand each other. So the people began to disperse to form different nations around the earth.


Tower of Babel maze

Scrambled Words

Tower of Babel anagram

Links checked Jun 2013

Abraham Worksheets


© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

God chooses Abraham to be the father of the nation, Israel, who were to be a people set apart for God and to model godliness to rest of the world. Even though Abraham and his wife, Sarah were old, God promises them a son. After Sarah tries to "help" God achieve his promise (and Ishmael is born to Sarah's servant), God supernaturally gives them the son of promise, Isaac.

The first two lesson plans on this page are about Abraham: Abraham is called: fill in the gaps worksheet (p2) and a word search puzzle (p5) and God tests Abraham: crossword puzzle(p3)

Scroll down to Spring 2010 [3] and click on week 1 for a worksheet about a son being promised to Abraham and Sarah on page 3


Abraham obeys God maze

(Lot and his family escape from Sodom to Zoar)

Scrambled Words

Abraham and Sarah anagram

Links checked May 2013

Isaac and Rebekah Worksheets - See also Abraham above for Abraham about to sacrifice Issac

Isaac and Rebekah
Isaac and Rebekah

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

When Abraham wanted a wife for Isaac, he didn't want a woman from where he lived. So he sent his servant back to his homeland to find a wife for Isaac. After praying to God, he met Rebekah at a well and brought her back to Isaac. Isaac married Rebekah and they had twin sons, Jacob and Esau.

Rebekah is chosen as Isaac's bride dot-to-dot

Link checked Sep 2013

Jacob / Israel Worksheets

Jacob and Esau
Jacob and Esau

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

Esau, the elder of the twin brothers, sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. Jacob tricks his blind father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing instead of Esau. Naturally Esau is very upset with Jacob, and Jacob has to flee to save his life. He runs away to Haran where he marries Leah and Rachel. He has twelve sons, who go on to become the fathers of the tribes of Israel.

Download a wordsearch, crossword puzzle, and Bible quiz for the following stories: #12 Esau's Birthright, #13 Jacob's Ladder, #14 Jacob and Rachel, #15 Jacob Wrestled.


Jacob and Esau maze

Links checked Mar 2014

Joseph Worksheets

Joseph in Egypt
Joseph in Egypt

© Copyright Sweet Publishing

and licensed for reuse under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

One of Jacob's sons is Joseph. His brothers are jealous of him and sell him into slavery. He gets taken to Egypt. While in Egypt, he is falsely accused of a crime and ends up in prison. God gives him the gift of interpreting dreams and he is called before Pharaoh to explain one of his dreams about a coming famine. Joseph submits a plan to survive the famine, so Pharaoh makes Joseph second in charge of all Egypt.


Joseph's coat maze

Joseph maze

Scrambled Words

Joseph anagram

Other Worksheets

Joseph's coat word mining worksheet

Any tips for my readers?

Do you use worksheets to help teach the Bible?

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