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Ghost Hunters: Where Are All The Ghosts?

Updated on March 22, 2013



If you're a fan of paranormal TV shows, you know the run-down: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, Ghost Lab. They're the darlings of Cable TV's supernatural line-up. Rough and ready, they're equipped to the hilt and lookin' for action. So why is it spirits seem to elude them like the plague?

If you're like me, you fall for every teaser they produce, "Coming up next week: Waverly Hills Sanitorium!!" The music, startled investigators, deleted expletives- all make it too hard to resist tuning-in. But many times the tales told on the initial tour by the property's caretaker eclipse the actual investigation footage by a mile! Where the heck are all the ghosts??

Granted, TV is a visual medium- it's all about dramatic video, even if it IS only a cat-fight between crew members. And what does the public know anyway? These ghosts are slippery characters, aren't they? Least that's what I used to think- that is until I started my own recording practice 2 years ago. FYI- spirits are anything but illusive! Not only do they WANT to speak to us, they literally LIVE everywhere! A structure doesn't have to be eons old or have a 'gruesome past' to house the "on-living."

I have over 900 sound files full of good, audible recordings- the vast majority of which were recorded right in my own kitchen. So what makes my seemingly isolated situation optimum?

Let's see:

THE BIG FIVE: - Franklin, Kentucky's Octagon Hall

Kentucky's Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Goldfield, Nevada's The Goldfield Hotel

Ohio State Reformatory

St. Augustine, Florida's Lighthouse

A Clue! - Fan 'Provokes' a telling answer from G Hunter, Jason Hawes

DURING A TELEVISED question and answer segment an eager fan approached the mic and asked the million dollar question, "(After doing all these investigations) What is the most interesting thing you've learned?"

Without skipping a beat, the straight-faced entertainer replied, "How to make a TV Show!"

Hmmm- very interesting.

In my experience (garnered from hundreds of recorded sessions), spirits have absolutely no interest in "gold" (or ANY materialistic endeavors for that matter). They dismiss money and commerce believing the rabid pursuit of these to be damaging to the human race.

Paranormal investigation shows are entertainment!

DRAMA staged to sell the advertisers' products.

While technically informative, they are not always good examples of benevolent or optimum investigative techniques.

Note* Ghost Hunters, Season 8; IMO show finally got it together, Great group/good chemistry, very respectful investigating- Finally getting consistent response from the Spirit-side; 'Bout time!

Speaking of Provoking... - Really? Do you know what you're dealing with?

SPIRITS HAVE ACCESS to an enormous amount of energy. The injuries investigators refer to as "scratches" are actually contact radiation burns- the result of spirit energy interacting with the atomic structure of the crew member's skin.

They will defend themselves when need be.

WHAT LENGTHS WOULD you go to in an effort to discourage an intruder?

Hunting Season

DEER ARE VISIBLE AND ACTIVE between Hunting Seasons. During Deer Season, they're scarce as hen's teeth.

Maybe 'hunting' is a non-productive term.

While spirits are eager to communicate with us,

they certainly aren't bound to

by any means.

In my experience,

they are moral beings

who can read human minds

and feel our emotions.

How would you feel if... - You were sitting there, in your living room ~Just enjoying a peaceful morning

When all of a sudden - -A motley crew of strangers TAKES OVER YOUR HOME!

STRANGE, OMINOUS LIGHTS move toward you. Demands are levied, "Come out and speak!" "Show yourself!" With the aid of devices, they seem to anticipate your every move.


Disturbed by the situation at hand- depending upon your disposition, you're apt to do one of two things: Passive individuals will retreat as far away from the stimulus as possible. Aggressive spirits stand their ground and prepare to defend! Either way, the investigation team loses.

(Spirits 'see' us as bright, mega-intense lights. Our presence can be overwhelming to their subtle forms. I've heard human energy described as "frightening," "very, very tall," "bright lights")

Again- Great "TV"

doesn't necessarily equate with

productive evidence gathering!

In the Interest of Fairness-

(Because I had a little time on my hands...)


Recently, while down with a bout of the Flu, I enjoyed my very own Ghost Hunters marathon...gave me a little perspective on the whole scenario. Of course it's a TV Show which makes virtually all the 'evidence' suspect from the onset, BUT: There are a few shows that seem to contain really intriguing footage and EVP work.

After reviewing seasons 1 through 5, I came up with a short list of "must sees" (presented in no particular order):












EVEN SO, when you consider they've got 8 seasons 'in the can.' (Over 80 shows) Speaking from experience, it's hard to find an active location with absolutely NO ONE talking, with NO EVPs whatsoever! Yet the vast majority in their repertoire reflect just that. Puzzling!!

GEROMENANCE: (gir-ah-minince) The propensity or tendency for phenomena to occur in one place and not another. Represented by a 1 to 10 scale, factoring-in known qualities (i.e.-Tragedy/death, available energy sources such as underground mineral veins, running ground water or aquifer, above ground water source- lake, stream, ocean, etc.,and/or a plentiful electrical system) affords the investigator the ability to assess the likelihood of consistent paranormal activity in a particular location.

It's a "10"!!

Personal Experience - A friend of mine was considering the purchase of a home which borders a large cemetery. She asked that I record to determine the quality o

WITH A PICTURE OF MY FRIEND in hand, I proceeded to record on the home's back porch. I had no sooner begun when it sounded as though someone hit the back porch window from the inside. Standing next to it, I felt a cold rush of air forced between the panes (That afternoon, it was 85 degrees in the shade and there was no electric- no air conditioning, etc.). After a short explanation, I asked for comments. The entire recording ran under 5 minutes.

Subsequent analysis revealed unexpected comments, expressed by several different voices: (middle-aged woman) "What's all the commotion?!" (young woman) "You just want to know if the Andrews house is HAUNTED!!" (strong man's voice) "Well, NOW YOU KNOW!!" (high-pitched woman's voice) "We don't WANT you to buy it!"

Taken aback by the responses, I re-examined my thought processes during the recording session and realized the excitement I felt recording so near a cemetery might have over-ridden the true intention of my visit. With clearly focused intention, I recorded a second time.

This visit, I took time acclimating myself to the home before speaking directly to those present, "I'm sorry that my presence upset you...that was not my intention. My friend would like to buy this house and she wants to know whether it's alright with you before she goes any further."

The resulting recordings revealed an entirely different attitude among the observers: (young woman's voice) "It's so hard to know who to trust." Just a few blocks from my own residence, those present spoke to each other about coming to my house to converse during the daily recording sessions, "We can walk right down Washington Street!" Washington street is the next street up from the cemetery; It leads practically to our back door. (I love it that they spoke of 'walking.' Fully materialized individuals have been observed walking down her street- away from the cemetery. Out for an "afternoon stroll")

Heartened by the supportive responses, my friend bought the property.

To listen to 3 great messages recorded 'in-house' on 11/10/11 and 2 recorded on 03/19/2011 (GRAB HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS); Click on the 1st link on the LINK LIST below. Once on-site, scroll down to the messages entitled, "FULL MOON SOIREE," "Lovely Colleen" and "Exiting the Party."

While you're there, you'll find additional recordings to peruse (the first 14 are some of the best Class A's I've captured)- ENJOY!


WHILE HELPING THE NEW OWNER with restoration tasks, my husband witnessed the full-body apparition of an elderly man slowly making his way down the street.

When Hubby approached him, the man dematerialized!

On recording the next morning- the following message, "People disappear around here!"

Soul Searching - Spirits are motivated to speak for various reasons. They often want to further a message of kindness and love. They may need help in some way

ALWAYS FORTHCOMING with messages regarding our lives, you never know whether or not you are in the presence of a being who has direct knowledge of your personal path. In addition, through recording, I have encountered spirits who spoke about past life relationships.

**Remember- It is impossible to hide true intention from an energy being who can literally "see right through you." Genuine courtesy and a compassionate attitude are the keys to unlocking the proof you seek.

Our Loved Ones remain close

to help us through the labyrinth of life.

There is much to be learned by establishing open dialogue between those on the physical plane

and the On-Living:

~About energy

~About our true nature

~About infinite life

~About love and compassion

Talking to Dead People EVP - The Author's Info-tutorial Video

I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting~ - Got Questions? Comments?

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    • Oneshotvariety LM profile image

      Oneshotvariety LM 5 years ago

      Another great lens on paranormal!

    • profile image

      astralgal 6 years ago

      This lens has helped me to understand the nature of the spirit world in a whole new way. I'm going to give serious consideration to doing some research of my own, taking into consideration what I have learned from this most insightful article and for this I thank you and look forward to reading more of your views in the near future. Thanks again