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Ghostly Encounters

Updated on July 26, 2014

The True Stories of Ghost Encounters

Ghostly Encounters is a paranormal TV show that airs on the A&E Biography Channel. I love this show, it gives you different personal ghostly encounters by normal every day people. Some of these stories are just horrifying, like something you would see in a nightmare. But some cases the ghostly encounters have been peaceful and full of joy.

Come and watch the full episodes on the Bio Channel or YouTube and check out for yourself these real and scary Ghostly Encounters. If you are into the paranormal you will love this show!

Real Ghostly Encounter

Ghostly Encounters
Ghostly Encounters

Ghostly Encounters Paranormal TV Show

The Paranormal TV show, Ghostly Encounters is a Canadian show which airs in the USA on A&E Biography Channel. The show was created by executive producer Phyllis Platt, is produced by Brian Dennis, and is hosted by Lawrence Chau.

Ghostly Encounters uses a combination of interviews and dramatic recreations, examining the events that led its subjects to accept or reject occurrences as supernatural, and how the experience has helped or hindered them.

Ghostly Encounters won a Gemini Award for best original score in 2007.

Books on Ghostly Encounters

Watch Episodes of Ghostly Encounters - Youtube videos of Ghostly Encounters

Stories Of Hauntings, Possessions And More

Best Selling Paranormal Author Gregory Branson-Trent returns with Ghosts Among Us: Stories Of Haunting, Possessions And More. For centuries people have reported odd occurrences that defy explanation. And a fascination with the mystical still exists today. Movies such as Paranormal Activity and The Haunting In Connecticut and TV shows like Fringe entertain our curiosity with the unexplained. Since the beginning of time there have been stories of ghosts and haunting. From the haunted castles of the United Kingdom to haunted houses in the United States the stories are too many to be ignored. The number of locations around the world said to be haunted by a ghost (or ghosts) is almost infinite.

Ghosts Among Us: Stories Of Hauntings, Possessions And More
Ghosts Among Us: Stories Of Hauntings, Possessions And More

Virtually every city, town, battlefield, or famous building has its associated ghosts and any attempt to describe them all would be futile. In Ghosts Among Us, you will be offered opportunities to enter the world of the unexplained. You will be presented with complete profiles of Haunted Houses, Haunted Lighthouses, Haunted Cemeteries, Haunted Hotels, Haunted Castles, Poltergeists, and information on investigating the world of ghosts.


Biography Channel "Ghostly Encounters" Seasons and Episodes


Season 1 (2005)

1 "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Grieving people are helped by a supposed visit from a loved one. From beyond the grave, dead loved ones comfort the bereaved Pauline and Stacey.

2 "Father Knows Best"

A deceased father and a sister supposedly make an appearance. Mitch's dead father and Salwa's ghostly sister return to tell the two how to live their lives.

3 "The Believer and the Doubter"

A former employer's ghost supposedly appears to a woman. Anita keeps seeing ghosts but refuses to believe in them. But when Suzanne sees the spectra of her dead employer, she's all too happy to embrace the supernatural.

4 "Horror in the Basement"

A supposedly haunted house in which something horrible happened in the basement many years ago. The Carmichael family haunted for 30 years by a ghost that sprang from some unspeakable terror in their basement.

5 "Uninvited Housemates"

A house is supposedly haunted by a former occupant, and a teen in the home is thrilled rather than frightened by the experience. Geri is horrified to discover a ghost lives with her, but a teenage Jackie is delighted to share her house with its long-dead former occupants.

6 "Angels and Demons"

A couple's supposed encounters with both good and bad spiritual beings lead to a religious awakening. Encounters with spiritual beings--good and evil--lead Carolyn and Eric back to God.

7 "Ghostly Warfare"

People fight back against evil spirits that supposedly haunt their homes. Victor and Katrina fight back against the malignant spirits threatening their homes, and even their lives.

8 "Growing Up Ghostly"

Profiling sisters who claim to have seen ghosts since childhood. After having supernatural experiences as children, Charlotte and Tamara both

continue to see ghosts for the rest of their lives.

9 "Phantoms Between Friends"

Three friends recall supposed supernatural encounters. Three friends, Tina, Louise and Lisa, experience the supernatural in different ways, with different responses to the strange things they've seen.

10 "Angels on the Highway"

Highway encounters with supposed angelic apparitions. The open highway becomes a journey into the unexplained when Paul and Diana encounter angelic beings that change their lives.

11 "Ghosts in the Blood"

Two individuals who come from families that supposedly see spirits are the focus. Deborah and Jay both come from families that see spirits, and both have had ghostly encounters of their own.

12 "The Ghostly Catalyst"

Two different experiences are recalled. One is a supposedly friendly visitation by a ghost; and the other more sinister. A friendly ghost influences Stephen to end his marriage, while a malicious ghost makes Chris decide to move.

13 "When Kids See Ghosts"

A girl claims to see a ghost, but her father doesn't believe her; and a young man claims to see a ghost in an old dormitory. Lesley is traumatized when her father doesn't believe she's seen a ghost, while young Lance's family takes it in stride when he sees a phantom in an old dormitory.

Season 2 (2006)

14 "The Journey Back From Death"

Near-death experiences are discussed with two individuals who claim to have been to the other side. Two people who have been to the other side tell of the supernatural experiences surrounding their own deaths. As a young girl, Katherine encounters a brilliant white light accompanied by a voice as she lies dying on an operating table.

15 "My Dad's Ghost Saved My Mom's Life"

Purported messages from long-dead fathers and their impact on their living former spouses are discussed. Barbara's father had loved Morse code and numerology, and one night she heard strange systematic tapping, and figured it was him sending her a message, but couldn't figure out what the message was.

16 "Refuge in Rosaries"

Catholic talismans are used to ward off supernatural threats.

17 "'Til Death Do Us Part"

Ghostly experiences from childhood are recalled by two sisters.

18 "Waterly Awakenings"

Ghosts with unfinished work are discussed.

19 "Anorexia and the Haunting Hag"

Six years of ghostly visits, anorexia and sleep deprivation have caused a young woman's health to deteriorate.

20 "Living in a Haunted House"

Haunted-house experiences are discussed.

21 "Ghosts of the Murdered"

Ghosts of murder victims are discussed.

22 "Phantoms of the Philippines"

Spirits from the Philippines are investigated during this look at two cases.

23 "Graves Undug and Graves Disturbed"

Neighborhood ghost sightings are alleged after an Indian burial ground is disturbed.

24 "Ghosts in the Workplace"

Two women discover supernatural activity at their jobs.

25 "Undying Love"

Two people believe their deceased mothers have returned from the grave.

26 "People Who See Ghosts of Trauma"

A lump of coal from the Titanic leads to a paranormal experience.

27 "A Family Torn Apart by a Haunted House"

A frightened family believes their home is haunted.

28 "The Price of Disbelief"

Nobody believes Kendra Lee and Aaron when they claim to have had horrifying supernatural experiences as children.

29 "When Folk Tales Come True"

Georgia and Ravi discuss alleged supernatural experiences mirroring cultural folk tales from Greece and South Asia.

30 "Danger Detectors From the Great Beyond"

Two people believe ghosts have attempted to warn them of imminent danger.

31 "The House that Tweedie Built and Never Left"

The deceased owner of an old farmhouse still walks its halls, according to the family living there.

32 "Paranormal Pathways"

A look at pathways and trails that are purportedly haunted. Included: an old native footpath in Toronto.

33 "Ghosts That Save Lives"

Honey Sherman believes a ghost saved her son's life; Robert Algeo claims a ghost protected him during a deadly industrial accident.

34 "Scared to Go Home"

Paranormal occurrences in two homes scare the residents from returning.

35 "Tombs and Temples of the Dead"

Ghost sightings near a temple and a graveyard are discussed.

36 "Condemned Judge"

A couple speculate about the ghost of a judge who they believe haunted their first home.

37 "Ghosts That Banish Nightmares"

Two people discuss how ghosts helped put an end to their disturbing nightmares.

Check the rest of the episodes here: Ghostly Encounters Episodes

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Ghosts Among Us - by James Van Praagh

Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side
Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side

Product Description

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ghosts, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

From a very young age James Van Praagh was aware of a dimension that most of us cannot see, and he has dedicated his life to explaining it to the rest of us. The New York Times bestseller Ghosts Among Us takes us on an incredible journey into the spirit world that brings to light one of our greatest mysteries—what happens to us after we die?


Videos about Ghost Encounters

What Every Paranormal Investigator Should Always Have - Ghost Hunting Equipment

Do You Watch Ghostly Encounters on Biography Channel?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      ive always beievvd in ghost but never saw one for my self till about 2 years ago so the first time i saw a ghost i was scared and in awe my cousins katie and zane saw it too i believe it was my moms mom and on july 2011 i saw her once more and i asked her if she was my grandma she took two steps across the kitchin and disapered. we recently moved in to a new house and me and my nefew have reson to believe that it too is haunted from a lady humming to people talking we have tried to debunck all the hapenings but got nothing .we watch Ghost adventures every time it comes on and now we also added paranormal challenge to are list. brooklyn

    • Angelgirl1976 profile image


      4 years ago

      I do watch most paranormal shows and GAC is my fav but TAPS is a good TV show as well.

      Really enjoyed my time on this lens :)


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