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Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is yours

Updated on July 30, 2013

Jesus Christ still bleeds for his sheep

If ever a sermon could save a soul.........

Over two thousand years have passed since Jesus Christ was crucified by a self-righteous mob of Jews on Mount Calvary, died, was buried, and rose to sit on the right side of God the Father in Heaven, but the Lord still bleeds on Earth for no fault of his. The time has now come for mankind to do something to stop the sacred bleeding of Christ rather than madly rushing to Heaven in selfish soul-preservation.

In an earlier hub I had prescribed ten tips to find your way to Heaven, but on second thought I feel that even those tips smack of selfishness. It really pains to see hordes of Christian souls selfishly rushing to Heaven through retreats, prayers, penance, and fasting when Jesus Christ bleeds on Earth as never before.

So, before rushing to Heaven, let us first stop contributing to the sacred bleeding of our Savior. He bleeds to regain his abode, you and me.

Let me start with a quick logical review of theology based on limited biblical knowledge and analysis. I believe it is high time logic is introduced into religion because man is now slave to logic, thanks to Satan and his logical designs.

First, a word about God: God is an abstract supreme power better left as it is untouched and unknown, but as far as man is concerned, I believe God comprises three characteristic forms, love, knowledge, and sacrifice—love leading to life, knowledge leading to truth, and sacrifice leading to creation. There can be no life without love, no truth without knowledge, and no creation without sacrifice.

Note that God may have several other characteristics or forms irrelevant and unknown to mankind in other areas of the Universe or existence, but we are not concerned with them. For example, God is the creator of all those stars up in the sky, but I find no relevance for love or knowledge or sacrifice among those stars. God may be just heavenly silence there, or peace and calm. Probably God also manifests as color, fragrance, beauty, etc. among the plants and animals on Earth. These are all creations of God, and I would prefer to believe that God manifests in all His creation.

Second, a word about man: As scientific explanation, man is just another civil animal based on atoms and mass, no better than swine, but as theological explanation man is (theo)logically created as the abode of God. Man is even more than the abode of God, for man’s destiny is to be one with God after death—his return to his creator. On earth man represents God's characteristics in concrete form.

Third, a word about Satan: Just as God expresses himself in three characteristic forms of love, knowledge, and sacrifice, Satan too has three corresponding characteristic forms—hatred, falsehood, and destruction.

When God created man with a handful of dust, he wanted man not just in his own image but also as his abode—He wanted to live and stay within man in Paradise. He therefore breathed his personal characteristics into Adam, instilling His faculty of love into man’s heart, urge for knowledge into man’s brain, and positive sacrifice into man’s uterus. The uterus represents the creative instinct within man; without positive sacrifice there cannot be creation.

Note that the female uterus gained a role in creation only after Adam lost Paradise for a piece of negative knowledge: the first piece of negative knowledge Adam gained on biting that forbidden fruit was shame, the realization that he and his mate were naked, indicating the relevance of the female uterus in creation and leading to the role of sacrifice in overcoming death.

.As soon as God created man, Satan decided to take over the creature for himself. A quick glance through the past and the present seems to indicate that Satan has been highly successful in taking over man for himself. While God wishes to live within living man, Satan cherishes living within dead man. Thus, a major part of mankind today is dead and serves Satan as abode. Only through sacrifice can man overcome death, as exemplified by Christ.

From human perspective, God is basically intangible power. Since intangible power evolves from tangible power, Almighty God is absolute power, comprising both tangible and intangible power. But as far as man is concerned, as stated above, God expresses in three forms, the highest forms of pure love, positive knowledge, and creative sacrifice.

Pure love (characteristic of the Father) and knowledge (characteristic of the Holy Spirit) comprise pure intangible power, and pure sacrifice (characteristic of Jesus Christ) creates tangible power through sacrifice. Thus, sacrifice (the power of Jesus Christ) is the route to love (the Father)—hence they say that Jesus Christ is the route to the Father.

In an ideal situation, the Father lives in the human heart, the Holy Spirit lives in the human brain, and Jesus Christ lives in the human uterus (sacrifice). Sacrifice is the basic unit of power toward achieving God. When man generates pure love for his brethren, God the Father occupies the human heart; when man uses his knowledge for his brethren, the Holy Spirit occupies the human brain; and when man sacrifices himself for his brethren, Jesus Christ occupies the human uterus with His supreme sacrifice. So, if you want God to stay within you, love your neighbors, have positive thoughts about your neighbors, and sacrifice yourself for your neighbors. When the Lord says “Love your neighbor as thyself,” what He means is, “Love the God in your neighbor as you love your God within yourself.” Your neighbor has no relevance; it's the God in him that has.

Unfortunately, man prays to God in fear of Satan and not in love for God. It’s ironical that we do everything for Satan to stay happily within us and pray to God for protection from Satan. If you love God, let him stay within yourself. However, it’s not easy to maintain God within you, for God wants everything of you clean, including your tongue, your thoughts, your eyes, and so on. On the other hand, it’s such a pleasure to maintain yourself for Satan—he loves a dirty you: your dirty tongue, your dirty thoughts, your dirty eyes, and so—a dirtier you, the happier he is.

Thus, Satan still rules every human being through the pleasures of negative knowledge while Jesus Christ still bleeds to save the abode of God through bleeding and sacrifice. Jesus Christ came to earth as the uterus of God to bleed and overcome human death. Jesus Christ has been bleeding for over two thousand years now, for man is still dead and continuing his urge for negative knowledge, the bait used by Satan to capture mankind.

When you let hatred into your heart, Satan takes over your heart; when you let negative knowledge into your brain, Satan becomes boss of your brain; and when you let destruction into your instincts, Satan rules your uterus (creative instinct), ejecting Jesus out.

Since Jesus is the route to the Father, our first step toward Heaven is sacrifice. I think Jesus Christ has been bleeding too long for mankind and it is high time that we stepped up our sacrificial steps toward God. A small sacrifice on our part will go a long way in reducing the bleeding of our Lord.

But how do we escape the clutches of Satan? This is quite easy. First, do not fear that fire-spitter—just put him in his proper place, hell, and trust your Lord. Allow God the Father rule your brain through the power of his love, allow the Holy Spirit rule your heart through the power of his positive knowledge, and allow Jesus Christ rule your creative instinct (uterus) through the power of His sacrifice. Return yourself to God. The smallest drop of sacrifice (power of Jesus) with the help of love (power of the Father) and knowledge (power of the Holy Spirit) will save you from Satan.

Remember, a drop of bitter dropped into a cup of milk removes all traces of sweetness from the milk, rendering it undrinkable. In the same way, the minutest evil within yourself will render you unlivable for God. Penance and prayers and Holy Communion and reading your Bible are all good for your soul, but the minutest evil thought or negative knowledge in you brain, the smallest hatred or ill-will in your heart, and the silliest selfishness in your creative instinct (uterus) will remove all traces of God from you. So my dear brethren, let us resolve to first eject Satan from ourselves and enthrone God there. Let us return ourselves to our God. We are designed as God’s abode; let us be thus. If there is a heaven, let us start living heaven here and now; if there is a hell, let us reject hell here and now. Moreover, life is very simple as designed by God. Just love your neighbor as yourself, the Lord will take care of everything else. If the smallest trace of God remains in you, you don’t have to give a damn for Satan.

Also remember, you are not just a meaningless human soul but the abode of God. As the abode of God, you need to think more about God than your soul. As I said earlier, everything you do for a clean soul is good, but too much of cleaning can be negative. I feel ashamed to see so many holy souls shedding tears in retreat halls for TV shows not for God but for themselves. It is better to first re-install God within you and take care of God rather than care for your soul. Please do not take this bit of advice literally, but on a lighter note I would say, “Let your soul go to hell, just take care of God within you.”

For example, if you feel like having a drink, avoid that peg; it might reduce the bleeding of Christ through a small personal sacrifice. Having a drink is not sin but an opportunity. It becomes a sin only when tempered with destruction, either personal destruction or third-party destruction. When you feel like scoring a point over someone, sacrifice your ego; it might stop one small drop of blood falling from Christ. Ego and selfishness are evil qualities to be sacrificed. It’s better to sacrifice evil qualities than harmless pleasures, like having a harmless drink.

But remember, if you want God to stay with you, keep yourself clean. The smallest ill-will toward your brethren banishes the Lord from your heart and enthrones the lord of hatred there; the smallest negative knowledge banishes the Holy Spirit from your brain and enthrones the evil spirit there; and the smallest selfishness toward your brethren banishes Jesus Christ from you and installs Satan within you. Today the Lord of hatred and Satan rule the world around us while


Something needs to be done urgently. Remember, your soul will take care of itself. What we need now is to urgently eject Satan from ourselves and enthrone God in his abode—the Father in your heart, the Holy Spirit in your brain, and Jesus Christ in your uterus (instinct of sacrifice)—and keep them happy there. This can be done only through creative sacrifice, or the sacrifice for life. Remember, we do not have much time left, DO IT NOW.


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