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Updated on October 21, 2008

God Reveals His Glory to Me Through Water


I believe that Christians should be so excited about revealing God's glory.

I even find dirty bathrooms glorious.

I see all of God's creation, and even some of His creation's creations as bits and pieces of God's glory. You can point out anything to me, and I believe that God has blessed me with a keen sense of detail. You can name anything, and I can tell you about how glorious God is because of its existence. I thank God for that ability because it keeps in the forefront of my mind that God is able, creative, wise, and caring.

Pregnancy, plant life, weather, planets, the human body, and many other things are easy, but I chose something simple to expound upon. WATER.

Water! H20! It's amazing! Full of properties and so resourceful. Inexpensive or free, plenty, and necessary. Sounds a bit like God's grace to me.

Properties of Water: Can be solid in ice form, can be gaseous in fog, cloud, and breath, and can be liquid when simply water.

Processes of Water: Evaporation: liquid to gas. Sublimation: solid to gas. Condensation: gas to liquid. Frozen: liquid to solid. Melt: solid to liquid.

This is an amazing aspect. For those of you who took those simple science or chemistry classes in middle and high school, we all know that water is just two hydrogen atoms or a hydrogen molecule that is connected to an oxygen molecule. One amazing thing is that if you separated all three (which look like a Mickey Mouse head), it would disappear to the human eye. It's already clear, but it would be invisible! But together, it can turn to a visible liquid, splashy thing! What keeps the hydrogen molecule and the oxygen atom hanging together to make this very very necessary substance? My God knows!

The Bible says that things which are made were made of things which do not appear. If you could separate the water molecule, you would have gas. I know this because on the scientist-made periodic table of elements, hydrogen is a gas and oxygen is a gas. How can two invisible gas atoms make us a visible liquid thingie? Glory be to God!

Water is so helpful. Human bodies are about 70% water. If you wished all the water out of your body and were successful, you would look pretty gross. I'm guessing beef jerky. This body water helps us to cry, keeps our eyes moisturized so that we can blink, helps us to sweat, urinate, not to mention live! God knew it! Only a good God like my God would be so kind as to make what our bodies need free!

Water can also be dangerous. A flood can wipe out an entire city and kill thousands. A tsunami can do the same. One woman tried to outdo another with drinking the most water. She died of water overdose or poisoning. You can drunk if you drink enough water. Afterall, the molecular structure of alcohol is made of the same two atoms that water is, it's just in a different combination. Alcohol is OH! How did they combine differently? No one knows but God! He made it thus!

For the first time in my life I went to a beach/island last spring break. I was FLOORED at how amazing it is to see a huge body of water with no trees or people on the other end of it! Water, water, and more water as far as the eye could see. Ebb and flow or tide or something is so cool to me now! My friend and I had first went in the morning and afternoon, the water was further up on the beach sand. Then we went at night. WOW! The water had receded several yards back! The water had not disappeared overnight, but the way that God designed the earth makes it so water somehow contracts back and comes forth depending on the time of day! GLORY BE TO GOD!

Water is also described as the universal solvent. (I'm not a science major at all so I may be saying things wrong.) Anything you leave in water will at some time or another be worn, eroded, or rusted to being dissolved into the water. Iron, sugar, rocks, dirt, ANYTHING! The two most visited natural attractions in America (The Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon) were both made by water. The Niagara Falls is obvious. The Grand Canyon was carved out by constant streams of water! The water isn't there anymore I believe, but it did create it. Two of the seven wonders of the world are water created!

SNOWFLAKES! It is said that no two snowflakes are alike. Of course, no one has captured every single flake of snow and checked to make sure it was different that every other one, but it is believed that they are the same. But if you look at my picture of a snowflake, it is so amazingly intricate! Did God just make a trazillion (a number that doesn't exist) snowflake stamps to make sure each came out unique? Is every drop of water unique? Who knows? My God does! God is so amazing and glorious that He can make the things that the makes make amazing things!

I love watching shows on the universe like on TLC and Discovery Channel. The scientists think they are disproving God's existence, but they are doing just the opposite! They said that on another planet there is solid water. It is not frozen ice. Just hard water. They said that either it's because of the tremendous gravity or the tremendous push from the atmosphere or both that pack the water molecules together so tightly that they become a solid. ONLY GOD!

Clouds shows God's caring heart for us. Clouds are not cotton swabs placed in the sky (as I used to think when I was a child). They are very tiny droplets of water that hang out together floating in the sky that wait until the wind to blow it over somebody's crop to rain and cause their food to grow and feed the world. God loves us so much! God has this huge, free sprinkler system for farmers! Thanks, God! I don't own a farm, but I do eat fruit!

Let's praise God for buoyancy. Gigantic Titanic sized ships can float on water when they know full well that they weigh several tons! They float as easily as a feather! But yet a small pebble will sink. Some people can float on water; some drown. I like to draw a parallel between water and God's grace towards us. As I mentioned earlier, God's grace is plenty, free, and necessary. Water is the same! And when it comes to floating, we can just rest in God's grace, but those who struggle to be seen as righteous in God's eyes will surely flail to no avail. We struggle not to drown, but then we could just trust God enough to float and rest. I have never floated before because as I like to joke around and say, "Black folk and water don't mix!" My Little from Big Brother, Big Sister who is eight, would tell me to just float, but I was either hanging on the side or desperately trying to swim. She would just swim or float. I don't know how long one can float, but I would think that since the only thing you have to do is rest, no one should drown.

This is probably going to be only understandable by people with very curly hair such as myself. I can put heat to my hair and make it straight, but if I put it in water, it coils right back up into an afro. Why is that? Why does a combination of a hydrogen molecule and an oxygen atom make straight hair return to its kinky state?

This note is not at all an exhaustive list about how amazing water is. I am a Child Development major. I like to watch science shows, but I have no idea about how cool water can be!

I used to ask God a lot to reveal to me or show me His glory. I heard it in some of my favorite gospel songs. But then I realized that I could stop asking that. Because His glory surrounds me. I drink it every day. It rains on my house every other week. It snowed on my yard last Friday. It cleans my skin when I shower or bathe. It rids my hands of bacteria. I drink it throughout the day. I cry it when I'm praising God in church. I sweat it when I'm hot. I am surrounded by His glory. Sure He shows His glory to us in so many other ways, but I wanted to keep it simple and just talk about water. Maybe in a few days I can talk about His glory being revealed through hands. Oh the many things we can do with our hands! HALLELUJAH! GLORY BE TO GOD!


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