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God Has No Gaps

Updated on January 20, 2014

One of the arguments against a god figure is the God of the gaps is not a valid argument. As humans we agree we are finite creatures, limited by time and space. Saying there is an all knowing, omnipresent, all powerful god is hard for some to come to terms with. And rightly so. With such a narrow window of the universe how could someone begin to understand an infinite being. Shouldn't we be able to figure out how everything started? Even before we existed?


When humans decided they needed something to assist them is their modern lives they turned to the computer. A device that has changed the modern world is more ways than we can count. Why are computers important to this topic? Computers are a creation by us. A logic system that helps us where we lack time to accomplish the same task. Different from us, computers cannot understand emotions. They are strictly logical systems taking orders. Computers would see us as gods of the gaps. Our minds is juggling complex emotions, streaming the highest HD graphics 12 hours straight every day, Hi fidelity surround sound, all while running our body. We are the most complex system in the universe. Yet, we cannot understand an infinite, all knowing being. Is it to much to ask that we might be just like the computer? Created for a simple purpose, not meant to understand everything. Because we can't, just like the computer.

The Opposition

You might ask yourself what is the other side of this argument? Atheists will say if there is a gap in our understanding we just need to keep looking. The problem with this argument is that they will look till they think they found the answer. Reason is secondary to their goal to find answers. By using the computer argument we can verify everything instead of making a false premise by blindly search for an answer. Can the unknown areas of science be god? The opposition believes this to be false. Their logic says how can we know it is a god if it is unknown. If science can't figure something out by the natural laws then there is nothing else we as humans can do. The unknown is simply the force that created us, hence the title "god".

Learning About The Gods

I am not trying to say don't learn as much as you can. We all are here to learn. It is very evident from a child to an adult we are curious about the world around us. We are born to tinker. Who or what made us? There are many who claim to be god. They come as avatars to share the truth with us. I believe most of them are fakes. But it is up to you to decide which one is the real god.

What Is Our Purpose Then?

It's a good question to be asking. Why are we constrained to these physical bodies? To be honest, I have no idea. But, maybe that is exactly what we are, in the process of becoming gods. Learning on this earth to understand as much about this world as possible, and then we are birthed into a new era. Joining God in the heavens.


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