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God's Voice Is Real

Updated on December 3, 2015

I can't deny the night I heard God's audible voice. I was going through so much stress in my life that's when I believe he decided it was time to reveal himself to me. I actually had a conversations with God in this dream.

His voice was deep but very calming. He told me that in due season everything I asked him about would come to pass in my life. Now many people would think, I was losing it or have already lost it. However, keep an open mind when you hear about my wonderful experiences, you will want to seek the same and I hope you all someday will experience it too.

There was a time in my life where God also sent angels to minister to my spirit, I've seen an angel in human form and some in the form of small white lights.

I was surrounded with love when I saw these beautiful lights. I want everyone to know that God speaks to us in many ways. He speaks through the bible, he speaks to our spirits and he speaks audibly to us if he chooses to. Prayer is something that we should never neglect in our lives. God desires to hear them and answer our prayers. Faith is something we should have and let patience go hand in hand with faith.

This world is so full of misery and knowing that God is in my corner is very reassuring. There may be many skeptics out there but until they walk in my shoes they will never understand that what I experience is very real. I felt compelled to write my book to let everyone know that God is not a figment of our imagination. He wants to talk to us every day and he wants to hear us speak to him.

Not everyone is going to believe in God nor have faith in him. However, those of us who have strong faith knows he is real and in my book "In Due Season" you will learn about the many supernatural experiences my family and I has had with the supernatural realm.

I will offer just a little bit from Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"If you can't perceive that God loves you so much that he wants to
comfort you even in your sleep while you dream. You have so much to
learn, but I believe after you read this book you will be blessed and
you will be determined to seek the Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis.
You will desire to hear God speak to you. Trust me you will be forever
transformed when it happens."

God has spoken to me in my dreams and I know that it is a message that everyone should hear and in due season everyone will hear the audible voice of God. God sent angels in human form to minister too when I needed it most. If you get this book don't forget to read where my dad snapped a photo 3 angels with his old Polaroid camera, while he was fiddling around with it trying to get it to work. And don't forget to read where I saw and talked with an angel in the mall.

You will hear about many supernatural experiences and be in awe when you read this book.

Embark on a spiritual journey with author, Leslie Trotter, as she gives witness of her encounters with God. He is not your grandmother’s wrathful God; he laughs and cries with us. In Due Season proves that God and his Angels are watching over us. We are never alone, even in the bleakest of times. He speaks and his voice is divine; we just need to stand still long enough to listen.

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