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Gothic Fallen Angel Art

Updated on July 21, 2015

Fallen Angel Art

Fallen angel art almost always takes on the Gothic look and feel, as the subject matter lends itself to to the genre and theme, with few exceptions.

Most, but not all fallen angel art, points to a being not concerned with its fallen state, and appears ready to take action upon or influence humanity in some evil way.

That results in the angels in the art being depicted in strength or unconcern over their position and consequences of the fallen state they are now in.

A fallen state suggest the former angels, usually now identified as demons by most people familiar with historical accounts of the beings, are less than they were, and have not only transformed outwardly, but more importantly, inwardly, which is captured by the artists in that usual interpretation of the circumstances they came from and now live in.

Other Fallen Angel Art Designs

We're not going to touch on it in this article, but the other fallen angel material out there is concerning the appearance of angels that have fallen and been broken, but are regretting the position they find themselves in.

With this type of art you get the feeling it's being channeled from human experience into the appearance of the angels, which is usually depicted with broken wings and a hung head, revealing the regret they now embrace.

In other words, fallen angel art reveals beings that rise up from their state in a projected image of enormous strength and darkness, while the opposite is expressed in those that are weakened from their fall, yet have no way of going back to where they had been.

Here we'll look at those fallen angels that are revealed as those that garner strength from their fall and are ready to perform foul deeds.

Kneeling Fallen Angel

What was great about this fallen angel was the idea it had just happened. The angel down on the knees with its head still lowered implies a recent experience. The light shining from the back through the wings also seems to imply just leaving the light, which is now behind it.

As for the art itself, the wings are magnificent, and the surrounding Gothic architecture brings you into the emotion of what's happening.

Fallen Angel in Demon Form

History, legend and lore says the devil usually positions himself in this world by stealth, operating and acting as an angel of light. So there is the belief that you never see his real appearance, which most of us imagine as something like we see below.

The demon is portrayed as the dark being he is, and the use of and blending of the black and red colors makes for great effect and design.

Fallen Angel Depicted as a Woman

With this fallen angel, a woman as used as the appearance it takes. She is walking down a path with the light behind her, again suggesting she no longer walks in the light. Her Gothic outfit and holding the flower in her hand while she looks about, makes it look like she's searching for something, or someone; possibly to make a victim of some foul deed. (You can click on the image to see it full size.)


Powerful Fallen Angel

This is a fallen angel with some interesting contrasts. If you look closely at the face, it's very youthful and innocent looking (minus the glowing eyes), while the rest of the body is powerful and fierce in appearance, making you think this fallen angel is about to wreak some havoc.

The light behind and darker front adds to the ominous feeling of the image.


Fallen Angel with Face of Skull

There is no boyish face with this dark fallen angel, as the face is the face of a skull, and rest of the body designed with all sorts of things growing out of it and skin that is made to look very odd and strange.

Making the image only from the waste up was a very nice touch, and allowing the viewer to see the being in the light while black is surrounding it was well thought out.

Horned Fallen Angel

Art that leaves one slightly guessing and unsure of exactly is being communicated is appealing to me, and this one with the powerful, horned fallen angel, with the female angel holding onto his leg, does just that.

Is the white winged female angel one that has just fallen, or has she been overcome with evil and made to pay obeisance to him in place of God?

As fallen angels can take the form of angels of light, my thought is these are two fallen angels, with one expressing himself as he is - within and without - while the other is appearing as an angel of light.

What sways my opinion is the female fallen angel appears to be willingly embracing the more powerful angel, not seeming to be coerced in any way.

The setting is also powerful to me. Flames dancing around them, while appearing to be in an underground cavern, suggests this is in fact a representation of hell.


Fallen Angel Art

For some people the digital art genre of fallen angels will be disturbing, and rightly so. It reminds us of powers that may be influencing the people of the world, and is also a reminder that what we see with the natural eye may not be all there is, nor the only world that exists.

In that regard art of this type, while being cool and interesting to some, also sends a message that there may just be powers in this world battling for the hearts and minds of men and women.

Fallen angel arts reveals one side of the forces that are part of that unseen world.


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