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Grave Stone Business is more unusual then you think

Updated on February 22, 2015

There are a lot of different type of business out there, amount the most common yet unusual in the same time, is the funeral Business.

So, when I came across a company that make grave stones, I couldn't help checking it out and the business is even more interesting then you think. This company is call Everlasting memorials

Usually, when you think grave stones, we think a very simple design, a single stone or a single Christian cross that carve the name of the deceased. But base on this company, well... let's say it is not that simple. Some of the types of tomb stone they have, is most unusual.

The most unusal grave stone I saw, within their website is that they literally have a type call "memorial bench" where the grave stone, is literally a stone bench, with the name of the deseased on it and sometime with some beautiful carving. I can honestly image some high school kids sitting on the bench for who know how many time, till one day, he decided to read the inscription and only then realized it is a grave stone, but I guess, this also provide a felling that the deseaced is a warm person, make me wonder, whether that is this company's intention of making such design.

Another type of tomb stone I found extremely interesting is one where they literally able to print or even engrave photograpic portrat of the decesased onto the grave stone. I also saw family grave stones and couple grave stones. The couple grave stones remind me of those scenes, where eldly couples that grew old together, are burried next to each other with their own grave stones, I guess this company thought it would be nicer if they can have a joint grave stone


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