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Gretchen Gottlieb I

Updated on July 18, 2017

On May 10, 1970, a Methodist minister by the name of Caroll Jay conducted a hypnosis session on his wife Delores with the aim and objective of curing her back pain. For those of you who are wondering why someone would go to a hypnotist to cure his or her back pain well the answer is because the pain may have been caused by an accident or an injury that the patient has forgotten about or it may be the result of repressed memories.

By bringing these memories to light, hypnotists hope to help patients come to terms with what’s happened and thereby put them on the road to recovery. It is a separate subject by itself and I’ll elaborate on it when the time permits.

While under hypnosis or induced sleep the hypnotist will ask the patient a series of questions and in the beginning at least, the patient will reply with a simple yes or no.

When Caroll started asking his wife questions under hypnosis, she did reply, as per the norm, but oddly enough she replied in a language that was foreign to her i.e. a language that she had no prior knowledge of and her answers were all in German.

This prompted Caroll to question his wife further and in so doing, he managed to establish the identity of the speaker. Her name was Gretchen Gottlieb and she was murdered when she was 16 years old by some men in a forest close to the town of Eberswalde, in the 1870’s, while she was waiting for her uncle. The information came to light after a series of sessions.

Gretchen lived in particularly difficult times, during a period known as Kulturkampf – which is in reference to a struggle between the Roman Catholic Church and the political powers that were trying to subject the church to a written constitution which under most circumstances will limit or place constrains on the powers of the church.

She also lived during the time of Martin Luther who was a German professor of theology, a priest, a monk and a protestant reformist. Gretchen clearly indicated that she was a Roman Catholic and that she was uncomfortable with the changes that were taking place to the extent that she was intimidated by what was happening and transpiring around her.

She was the only daughter of Herman and Erika Gottlieb. Herman was the town burgomaster (mayor). Her mother Erika had passed away when she was 8 and she lived with her father Herman who she described as an elderly man with grey silvery hair. They were attended to by a cook Frau Schilder or Schiller.

Frau Schilder would bring her own children while she was in Gretchen’s home and Gretchen would play with her 4 children. They resided on a street called Birkenstrasse and her father from all accounts appeared to be a man of at least moderate means.

Gretchen was a well behaved girl who replied quietly to the questions that were posed to her. She was averse to the changes that were taking place and resented the implications on her family. The struggle between the church and the reformists had placed a great burden on her family and as a result her father had been imprisoned.

I think it’s safe to speculate a bit here and it is possible that her father had been imprisoned because of his views in favor of the Roman Catholic Church and that the young lady was distressed by his imprisonment.

According to most sources she didn’t know how to read or write but the alternate personality of Delores Jay wrote up to 40 words in German in one session. So there is some discrepancy there.

There is also some mystery surrounding her death. There are some sources that quote her as having died from a serious illness but all sources confirm that she died at the age of 16.

While there are suggestions that there may be a hint of possession, I’m going to rule it out. She wasn’t in favor of the reformists but she accepted her faith to the extent that she spoke freely about it. I’m also not certain if the line of questioning prompted her to speak about her religion or if Gretchen herself was trying to lead the people who were questioning her in another direction.

© 2016 Kathiresan Ramachanderam and Dyarne Jessica Ward


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