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Updated on August 22, 2017
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Talented, super creative and an alternative teen stuck in his day dream. not interested in doing what other teens do (drugs and alcohol!)

Yesterday I saw a TED talk of Shah Rukh Khan in which he proposed new views on modern humanity and it got me thinking that as humans we have survived nature's anger for millions of years and yet we have not been able to grasp the real sense of humanity.

In this futuristic, modern and fast-paced world small feelings like hope and humanity get crushed in the heat of crowd. We relate humanity to philanthropy and in that sense, one can only do a humane gesture if one has money. It is true that rich people do some charitable and philanthropic works but that does not make them humane and you know the worst part is that they publicize their works.In the Holy Bible, it is said that when you give alms, do it so secretly that nobody finds out.

We as a race of homo sapiens have faced numerous terrorist attacks and it is instilled, engraved and inculcated in our minds that killing terrorists is humanity but I want to question the society that are terrorists, not humans? What kind of people kill each other and call themselves humane? The guilt of taking human souls weighs more than any other sin. We are not the ones to decide the fate of terrorists only God can. I do not speak in favor of terrorism but they are only misguided, lost, brain washed people who do not know what they are doing. Every soul is worth being saved and one can find a single good quality in them if one seeks. They can be counseled and made understand the value of life so that they also are able to feel the feelings of love, compassion, and mercy.

We understand humanity as killing other people and doing charity but not as giving a glass of water to a beggar who is sitting outside in the scorching sun. in our own homes, there are quarrels where some people try to break the bond of love and go and rant outside about how outcast they are!

I say that hypocrisy challenges the very existence of humanity because people who are hypocritical hide under the skin of false compassion and mercy. That is more dangerous than thousand tons of nuclear bombs.

We say that humanity should be the only religion but we fail to understand the basic values it teaches us.

© 2017 Elvis Pereira


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