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Harmony in Spirituality

Updated on March 3, 2015

Harmony at the Core of Disharmony

Things are not what they seem. When you look at a mere cross section of something, it makes a little sense. But view the whole of it, and lo! a meaningful image emerges. Similarly, the magnificent painting of creation stretches across the infinite canvas of time and space. Every object and event in nature is a masterful stroke of the Great Painter. But the ordinary person sees only confusing bits and pieces of these depictions.

Consider everything that happens as a note in the symphony of the Cosmic Conductor. Individual notes seem meaningless until heard in relation to the whole composition. In the Creator's cosmic magnum opus, which has been playing throughout all time, everything - storm, death, love, life - has its part in the medley. All unite in a universal rhythm of harmony, which is heard only when the soul is attuned to God in meditation.

Man's perception

How limited is the scope of man's perception. You have ears, but do they really hear? You have eyes, but do they really see? You have a heart, but are its feelings accurate? You have a soul, but is your consciousness a pure expression of that divinity? Those who are of night live in darkness; those who are of the day live in the light. Only those who partake of the harmony within their souls know the harmony that runs through nature. Whoever lacks this inner harmony feels also a lack of it in the world. The mind in chaos finds chaos all around. How can one know what peace is like if he has never tasted it? But he who has inner peace can abide in this state even in the midst of outer discord.

We do not see the things that are nearest to us. We pass by riches that lie close at hand and chase after rainbows. We seek security in darkness, when in reality we are longing for light. We drink golden dreams when our souls are athirst for the Ultimate Reality. We run after the nonexistence sheltering shade of mirages while actually craving the oasis of peace and harmony that lies within our souls. The inharmonious diversity that beckons to us outside is a mere shadow-play of the real treasures that are inside. Quiet the outgoing mental restlessness and turn the mind within. Harmonize your thoughts and desires with the all-fulfilling realities you already possess in your soul. Then you will see the underlying harmony in your life and in all nature. If you harmonize your hopes and expectations with this inherent harmony, you will float through life on buoyant wings of peace. The beauty and depth of meditation lies in its bestowal of this invariable tranquility.

Harmony is born of Love and Wisdom

Harmony is born of love and wisdom. These, in turn, are offspring of a heart that is pure and outreaching. A pure heart is the result of pure thoughts. Mental purity comes from a selective process by which the mind sorts good thoughts from bad, rejecting the latter and dwelling always on the former. By repetition, and by reinforcement through application to action, discrimination becomes a virtuous habit. When the mental conflict of divergent thoughts ceases, owing to the elimination of wrong thinking, there arises in one's life an outward as well as an inward harmony. Therefore, whenever your thoughts engage in a family quarrel among themselves, mediate their differences with wisdom and behold! distressing conflicts will disturb you no more. Such is the experience and testimony of those who practice meditation.

The mind is nature's incinerator wherein you can burn to ashes all mental dross that is not worthy to be saved; your waste thoughts and desires, your misconceptions and grievances, and your discords in human relationships. There is not a single relationship, however estranged, you cannot reconcile, provided you do so first in your own mind. There is not a single problem in life you cannot resolve, provided you first solve it in your inner world, its place of origin. Be not intimidated by consequences, even though they be drastic. Before you act, if you first harmonize the situation with the discriminative wisdom in your mind, the outcome will take care of itself. A harmonized mind produces harmony in this world of seeming discord.

Cosmic Harmony

Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony. Love nurtures all things that grow; it harmonizes and unites. Hatred agitates and separates; and indifference destroys what could have been made good and beneficial. Love is harmony and harmony is love. Hearts that do not love are never visited by angels of harmony. Love it the highest, the grandest, the most inspiring, the most sublime principle in creation. All human souls, the world, the whole universe, are attuned to the cosmic eternal harmony of love. Disharmony arises from ignorance of this divine unity, which is the heart of God pulsating in everything He has created. He is the love that flows through caring hearts, and the bliss that expresses as joy in all souls.

People have time to worry and to suffer, but feel they have no time to meditate and work toward being truly happy. Throw off indifference and cultivate love, forbearance, and wisdom. Build your joys on the sure foundation of inner harmony. Cherish no thought that does not harmonize with the love and lawful ideals of God. Thus will your whole life be flooded with the light and bliss of the Divine Harmony.

Welcome to the Inner World............

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    • profile image

      Truthmusica 5 years ago

      no words to describe how beautiful this lens is....

    • ColorPetGifts profile image

      ColorPetGifts 6 years ago

      To believe that this realm is all there is of the universe, that perception is real, is like to pick up a straw and look through it, claiming that the little circle of vision is true. I've been in the Divine State where there is no form, no light, no body, no mind, and I knew I was Everything, the Entire Universe, and it was pure ecstasy. To pick that straw up again and call that little circle of vision real is painful, indeed, as it blinds one to the greatness that one truly is. Thank-you, dear one..

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      There is harmony in spirituality. Thank you for the light that you have shared here.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      WONDERFUL.. LOVE THIS LENS AND YOU.. dearest lady Ma Sunyo Ananda :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      A very clear message indeed. Simple yet elegant and well conveyed. Thank you for sharing.