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Harold Camping Predictions - End of the World 2011

Updated on May 8, 2011
Harold Camping
Harold Camping

Doomsday Prophet

Born in July 19 1921, Harold Egbert Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio. He is best known for his doomsday predictions and May 21 2011 is his latest doomsday prediction. Camping previously thought that this world was going to end on 6th September 1994 but he discovered that he had made a mathematical error.

Camping used mathematical predictions applied to the Bible to predict the doomsday. According to him, the Rapture will take place this month on May 21 and that the ‘end of the world’ will take place five months later on October 21. Believers also claim that 3% of the world population (around 200 million people) will be raptured. Camping also believes that only the righteous will be saved and taken to heaven on that day. Everyone else, on the other hand, will remain on earth for a period of torment. Camping asserts that before the End comes, every believers should “flee the church”, resigning ffrom any church they belong to.

About His Calculation

Instead of standing on a random street corner and telling people his new theory, the message has been taken to the airwaves and the internet. Not only does he maintain a radio presence from San Francisco to China, the doomsday prophet manages a sprawling media company that spread his predictions via postcards, billboards and mission groups throughout the world. Some people have adorned their vehicles with the information.

“Because I was an engineer, I was interested in numbers. I’d wonder why God put these numbers in or those numbers in? It was not a question of unbelief but it was a question of ‘there must be a reason for it’ ”.

He concluded that the number five equals to atonement, the number ten means completeness and seventeen is heaven. By using the date April 1, AD 33 as starting point, Camping added 1,978 and came to April 1, 2011. He then multiplied 1,978 by 365.2422, the number of days in aech solar year. After that he realized that its 51 days between 1st April and 21 May and added those to the sum of his multiplicaton total and got 722,500. Camping then realized 722,500 equals five times 10 times 17 squared (722,500 = [5X10X17]2) – or in other words as he prefers: atonement times completeness times heaven squared.

These predictions have been largely rejected by mainstream Christianity. However, whether Camping’s prediction is correct or not, this has grabbed him a lot of attention.


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    • SteveMacken profile image


      7 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      1st of April, 33? Now, was that the Gregorian calender or the Julian calender?

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      722,500 would be the number of days since April,01 33A.D or 1,978 years.

      How can he be so sure?

      In revelations it say no one would know the exact date,time or year.


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