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Ghosts and Haunted Places - Do You Really Know The Reason?

Updated on January 5, 2014

How To Take Steps With Ghosts And Live To Tell About It


From the Psychic Medium featured in the docu-film 'The Possessed' and the upcoming film 'Soul Catcher' seen on SYFY and The Travel Channel, heard on SIRIUS Radio

Renowned Paranormal and Life Consultant Rick Hayes presents the new E-Book 'Reasons For Hauntings'

"I just received my copy of "Reasons for Hauntings" and "Reason for Hauntings-Other Places, Other Spaces". I just had the opportunity to sit down and read them this weekend and they were GREAT! I really enjoyed them. You answered so many questions about the ghosts that are here with us and why they choose certain places to "haunt". Thanks once again for sharing your wisdom about the afterlife with us!" Beth G.


The 29 page download to print ebook by Rick Hayes


Why The Word Haunt Should Be Redefined

Never Forget This Key While Researching A Haunted Location

The Three Important Words To Dissolve The Fear

Why The 'Ghosts' Are There

The Reality Of Trapped Spirits

Why Spirits Are Caught In Photographs

Reasons For Hauntings


with purchase

Reasons For Hauntings

Rick's Interview - Rick talks about the docu-film 'The Possessed' as seen on SYFY

The Foundation

an excerpt from 'Reasons For Hauntings'

"The only thing to fear is fear itself - but to understand will eliminate the fear".

Think about that statement for a moment. Why do we become frightened by what we may be told is a haunted place? Is it truly because we do not fully understand what we do not know?

Do we really know anything about the afterlife? Have you ever heard the phrase "you wont know until your there"? I believe when we receive 'signs' from loved ones who have moved on, it is not to say

"we are haunting you and this place"

but rather

"We are here and we want to help you better understand".

I feel so often we misinterpret the supernatural life. We really cannot blame our own selves. We grew up with movies and television shows showing us to 'fear' the unknown, or what we may have heard from adults while growing up. To state it as blunt as I can ...

*To read more on understanding the fear mindset, order your copy of the ebook 'Reasons For Hauntings'


"Rick has done it again! Once again the way he views the paranormal can be described as making sense for the unexplained." ~Sean.B.~


and find your Reasons For Hauntings


Included with your purchase is the ebook 'REASONS FOR HAUNTINGS- OTHER PLACES OTHER SPACES

Reasons For Hauntings

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