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Haunted Antique

Updated on April 29, 2018

Supernatural experiences haunted objects ... Do you have a possession that is possessed by a spirit

By Sharon Stajda,

So, Can antiques or an inanimate object really be possessed, haunted? Do you love antiques, is your home brimming with them? Do you spend hours in search of wonderful treasures to add to your décor? When you find a treasure do you purchase it without little thought to where your treasure lived, and who owned it before you? Have you ever pondered what attracts you to certain antiques? When you spot something you just know you must have, does your sixth sense just kick in, and you just purchase it? Have you ever purchased a used object or an antique that once it's in your home you noticed odd occurrences happening? Such as, unexplained bumps in the night, quite ghostly murmurs in the still of the afternoon or perhaps even things being moved or go missing? You just may have brought home a haunted antique. It seems hard to believe that an inanimate object could carry some residual energy from its previous dead owner. Whereas the previous owner has in some way attached itself to that object and has the power to project itself in the form of a "haunting".

There are so many paranormal television shows today that deal with the paranormal, one such show "Haunted Antiques".Haunted Antiques is an interesting show. Each week the show deals with hauntings that are believed to be caused by antiques or an inanimate object. It's very interesting to see how once the object that is believed to be haunted is removed, the ghostly hauntings as a rule stop.

Well known psychic "Sylvia Browne" states in her book "The Other Side and Back" that before buying an antique, one should handle, and spend a bit of time with the piece before actually making the decision to bring it home. Handle the antique, and see if you pick up any negative energy. Be careful of the objects you possess, for one day they might possess you...Below you'll find some personal paranormal encounters that visitors to this lens have provided. Are these encounters paranormal in nature? Can an antique or other inanimate object be possessed - haunted?

I am Curious?

Do you think - an inanimate object, such as a piece of furniture or perhaps a toy , could be possessed by a supernatural entity ?

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"The Magic Mirror

Visitor Jennifer wrote to me and offered to share her haunted antique experience ...

August 6, 2013

I have a mirror dated pre-1850s that came from an old house that caught fire. I've been in possession of this mirror for thirty years, never contributing my weird bad luck, odd sensations, and eerie feelings to an object until recently. My daughter and I call it our Snow White" magic mirror because if we do our makeup or hair in the bathroom mirror, it shows flaws, freckles, clumped eyelashes, but a step in front of the magic mirror and within a few seconds the image peering back at you is flawless! Unfortunately, the magic seems to have a "dark side"; My family has suffered multiple catastrophic incidents. Traumatic car accidents, illness, financial woes, and it's been repetitive for thirty years, no matter where we move, new employment opportunities, financial stability, it all gets taken away again. The mirror has graced the wall of every home I have moved to, seems very coincidental. The bad luck is not the only issue, our dog frequently comes in my bedroom, hair raised, fighting stance and stares up at the ceiling growling, cowering, and backs up to get out of the room. There are times when I walk past the mirror and become chilled if I stop and look into it I honestly feel like it's "mocking " me. There are times when I dust it, I swear the wood frame feels warm as if the mirror is preening at its tender care. I know this sounds crazy, and I would like to think it's all nonsense, but once again, my family is suffering huge hardships, my mother included ( who just recently moved into my home). Any comments would be welcomed!

" I want Gracie, and get what I want". Amazing Gracie - She Is Up For The Fight .... The Fight Of Her Life !


Letter From Gracie, Nov 3 2012

Dear Shar,

A month ago I would never have believed I would find myself with this horrible problem. I am one that never believed in anything paranormal. My paranormal experience started one night at a friends house. My friend had just purchased an ouija board at an estate sale. Well, she talked a few friends and I into playing with the board that evening. I believed the Ouija board was just a harmless game.

Everyone at this gathering felt pretty much the same about the Ouija board is a game. We all gathered around a dining table and proceeded to put our fingers on the Ouija boards planchette. Everyone asked questions, and all seem to be taking the whole experience as a joke. The planchette did seem to be moving on its own, and for awhile the words seem to mean nothing, there weren't any words that made sense. After a few minutes, I began to feel ill. I was a bit nauseous and began to feel a little dizzy. I got up from the table and went into the bathroom. Thinking I would feel better if I moved around.

When I returned to the dining room, everyone at the table had removed their fingers from the planchette, and it was apparent all had lost interest in the game. Everyone looked a bit odd, with looks of concern on their faces. I asked, "what's up, why is everyone staring at me"? The host of the gathering stood up and left the room. I asked again, "what the heck is up"?

One of my good friends told me to sit down, and she proceeded to tell me that after I went to the bathroom, the planchette spelled out a very disturbing message. A message that involved my name. The message - " I want Gracie, and get what I want". I will admit this did upset me. But, I was more concerned how sick I felt.

That night as I turned out the lights to go to bed, I felt a little spooked. Once in the night, I was awoken by a scratching noise. This freaked me out. About a week went by, and one day I was returning from work and found most of the lights in my house on. Even the light in my guest room was on, and I very rarely enter the guestroom, and I know I had not been in that room in weeks.

This occurrence really concerned me, I was sacred. That evening I was sitting in my living room and heard a loud crashing noise in my bathroom. I got up immediately and went to check out the bathroom. My soap dish with a large bar of soap was on the fool clear across the room from the counter it had sat on. I noticed an odd fowl Odor. I must admit this frightened me. In fact, I was so shaken, I called a girlfriend to spend the night with me.

We decided to stick together, and spend the night in my bedroom. At 3;45 AM I was awakened by the sensation that someone or something was on top of me, the weight of this "whatever" was so heavy I could not move, I was pinned to the bed, and could not utter a word. It was as my vocal cords were frozen. The room was cold, and the foul odor was present. I could see my friend standing at the end of the bed, and hear her screaming. I was so scared, but knew I had to gain some kind of control, I prayed, and screamed: "in the name of Christ get off of me". Whatever it was seemed to slither off of me, and I could see a very dark black mass go right through the wall from my bedroom into my bathroom. At that moment the bathroom mirror shattered into a million pieces.

This entity is still in my home, and it has attacked me on two other occasions. I am in touch with the Catholic church, and they are trying to help me rid myself of the entity. I am still in my home, I have decided that I will not be run out of my home by the evil thing.

I wanted to write you to implore you to warn people against playing with the Ouija board. It 's a dangerous game to play, I have never been one to believe in the paranormal. But now, no one could ever convince me that there are not forces that we can't see. Call them spirits or entities, they are out there and can make themselves known to the living. I hope this letter will help someone out there avoid the wrath, that these type of entities can cause in a home.


I Have Actually Had An Ouija Board Experience

I have had my own experience with an Ouija board. I actually purchased an Ouija board at an estate sale. Many years ago my husband and I went to an estate sale in a prominent metro Detroit suburb. The home had belonged to a well-known business person in the area. This made the sale a must, I love antiques, and was hoping to find some great treasures at this sale.

Everything at the sale seemed to be picked over or well beyond my budget. In the basement there was a grand game room, I noticed on the floor in one of the corners a stack of old games. I discovered a very old Ouija board in the pile and decided to purchase it. On the way home, we were rear-ended! Needless to say, that Ouija board was never played with. I had heard never to destroy an Ouija board. So, I just left in in the garage and told all in the house, it was never to be opened! It is still sitting in my garage and has never been opened. Call me superstitious, and you would be right on.

I am Curious ?

Would you play with the Ouija board, after reading

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October 22, 2012

Always Bothered Wrote

Starting off, I've was raised believing that hauntings were a result of demonic activity. I believe this because I've had many paranormal things happen to me in my lifetime that defied logic. Growing up I lived in several homes where elderly people lived and died. One such place I was held down in my bed by an unseen force, and when I tried to scream out the Lord's name, I couldn't. Eventually, I did regain my voice, and was able to scream the lord's name, and was released. The incident seemed unreal, but I knew in all reality that it happened.

When I was of age I moved into my own apartment. Before long I noticed the odd smell of burnt rubber. My apartment was 3 stories up from the street. The smell eventually went away, it was bizarre. I never really found where the smell originated from.

I'm married now and have been in my current home for three years. My son and I hear very loud bangs coming from the attic. I actually have tried to ignore these noises, and I tell my son to do the same. One morning before I left for work, I heard voices, it sounded like whispers coming from many different people's voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying, the voices were very soft and low. I thought it might be my TV? I checked the TV, and it was off. I also went to my son's room, thinking he had his TV on, it was also off. There was no apparent logical reason for the voices. I don't consider myself crazy, and I do not do drugs.

I have as mentioned had several paranormal experiences. Another that was truly disturbing to me happened in the home of a person that I was doing home care for. This particular assignment had me doing home care for a man who was dying. The day before he died, I was talking to his wife who was in the kitchen. I was near the home's kitchen and had a partial view of the kitchen. I was near the kitchen door. As I was talking back and forth with my client's wife, I noticed a dark shadow move past the doorway. The vision was very clear, I just assumed the client's wife had someone in the kitchen with her that cast the shadow, I just blew it off. Soon after, I entered the kitchen to run a load of sheets in the washing machine.There was no one else in the kitchen with the client's wife? The only ones in the home were my client, his wife, and me. It seemed so surreal while it was happening, but I knew what I saw.

One other paranormal experiences stand out in my mind. My son and his girlfriend were going to prom. A took many photos, in one of the photos there was a large bright orb, It just appeared to be floating above the couple. To sum up, I can't explain the paranormal things that have happened to me through my life. They just seem to happen, without any provocation from me or anyone around me. I have strong feelings about the spirits I have come in contact with. I believe many of the spirits that have haunted me are not in any way " good spirits". I believe if they were good spirits, of people that have passed on, they would not be trying to scare and cause discomfort to the living. I feel a good spirit might be more apt to be comforting and pass messages to help the living avoid life's many problems.

In my case, I truly feel that spirits that I have encountered are demon spirits. I believe the evil type of spirit will seek out places they can draw energy from the fear of live people, and innocent spirits. I don't believe these demons have enough power to manifest themselves. So, they do what they can, such as, causing foul smells, creating various sounds, like low whispers.They can bang about, and even throw objects. But, they can't fully form into anything, because they don't have enough power. They seem to derive a certain amount of energy from inanimate objects, borrowing the leftover energy that was left on the object by its original owner. This might explain why so many inanimate objects are possessed. I also believe that If a demon form into an apparition, this may be the results of several demons binding together to form the apparition. Demons do exist. That's why I pray daily for God's protection.

Photo Taken In April, 2012

Photo Taken In August, 2012 - "(DSC) image was taken"

A Doll With A Duel Personality, With An Agenda Yet To Be Discovered ?

Date; Sept 19, 2012. "AB" was brave to share her photos and her paranormal experience.


Before I begin I would like to ask if you would look at the two attached pictures side by side, the first taken sometime in April and the second this previous August (DSC). There is a hard lesson to be learned through these two images, one I only wish I could have seen much earlier.

The following is all first-hand and took place between June and currently still takes place...

I suppose it always starts out with someone buying something second hand, the curiosity or desire to own an object is no simple thing. We ponder over the object, wonder what it would be like to own, and eventually come to the decision to buy or pass on the object. In my case, it all started with a friend. She decided (quite out of the blue) to sell one of her ABJD's (Asian Ball Jointed Doll) that she had owned for approximately 6 years. It was at a decent price and was one I had always admired, made by a company that I had wanted to buy a doll from. I was ecstatic, I already owned a much smaller doll and upgrading was a huge deal for me, so we signed some paperwork, started the payments, and began the smooth sail from there. The only person who had an issue with me buying the doll was my boyfriend, he kept saying he had a 'bad feeling' about it, but I knew how much he despised the doll, so I wrote him off and kept making my payments. As soon as June came the doll was paid in full and I was notified I would have it within the week.

From the moment I took the doll from his box I got a strange feeling, it wasn't anything 'dangerous' per-say but it was just not normal. I felt almost as if the doll was attention-starved, lost, alone, angry. Anyone and everyone who has been around this doll has said he is 'creepy.' But I continued to ignore it all in the pure bliss of owning my first 60 cm tall doll (almost 2 feet tall). He was quirky, cold to the touch, and had the oddest face, even when I thought I'd see shadows move around him I just wrote it off to stress. Then my family dog started to run away or stay out of my room. I had been able to bring my smaller 40 cm (1 foot 3 in tall) doll around him with no problems, but the second I brought that big one out, he would balk away from it. Again I just wrote it off as something simple and moved on. Then I started feeling like I was being watched.

I would come into my room and swear it was like my old house all over again, just that feeling of someone glaring at you, the type of feeling that made chills run up and down your spine. I would leave the doll in one position on my bed and come back to find it in another, even when I stood it by my TV he would manage to change positions. My sister said she had gone into my room to put mail in there and when she forgot something came back and he had fully shifted towards the doorway on his own! I didn't know what to do, why was everyone trying to make me unhappy, trying to take away my doll. It was later I realized just how angry I was becoming with it around.

In August (the time of the second picture) I had fully been discussing selling the thing, it just wasn't worth having around if it put everyone on edge so badly or kept scaring animals (it scared a very large pit-bull, a large golden-retriever, a German-Shepard, a Tibetan Terrier, and a Collie). I had my friend who had not seen it before doing a 'reading' on him (she can feel energy off objects) and she told me that he was very sad and angry, acting out like a foster child (this was the same day the DSC image was taken). I tried to hold on, tried to work with this 'spirit' but in the end I cracked, I could not deal with the feelings of anger that were not mine, so I agreed to sell the doll to a friend of mine. Things, however, seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

Since having the doll in his possession my friend (who is certified autistic) has become angry, violent, acting out against his mother and his possessions (he ripped the cords out of the back of a TV), and has become distant from all of his friends. He has also become very ill. His mother is terrified of the doll, feeling like something is glaring at her the moment she enters her son's bedroom. I have not been near it since I gave it over to my friend, but I am terrified there is something much more sinister at work. The previous owner of the doll was very Gothic in nature and might possibly have practiced some form of witchcraft or Wicca. I am frightened for my friend because he wanted a haunted doll, and in this case, he might just have gotten what he asked for. I just pray that the holy-water his mother has is enough.

And a quick side note I forgot to mention. On the drive over to deliver the doll, I had placed a Celtic necklace (the knot of protection) that had been blessed by a priest around his neck, things were quiet, the dis-ease that we felt around it was eased, it was as if the doll were silenced. However, since removing it, things seem to have increased ten-fold.

thanks for listening,


Please Help! I have come to my wits end. - I ran crossed your website by chance, it is my hope that maybe you or someone reading your web page will be able to h

Date Sept, 9, 2012

I did not buy my antiques, I inherited them from my Grandmother, she passed in 1988. However, when I was a child I remember seeing lots lot of orbs in my Grandmother's home. I'm 49 if that helps, and have many memories of my Grandmother's home.

In the past few months, my ex-husband has started bringing the antiques over from Grandmother's home. Grandmother's home had some major paranormal activity. A lot of what has been brought over to date are old pictures from the late 1800s and the 1920s. My more valuable antiques have not been moved over as of yet. Here's where I have a problem, I'm scared to bring the remainder of the antique pieces into my home.

To complicate things further, my fiancé also has moved several of his belongings into my home around the same time as the antiques arrived. My fiancé just recently told me that when he lived in his previous house, his niece and her boyfriend lived there with him, and they were devil worshipers.

Before I go on, let me first say," I in no respect feel that my Grandmother has anything to do with the paranormal occurrences in my home."

Let me get on to why I am uneasy about my inherited antiques. What has been happening some pictures frames from the collection have turned up with the glass shattered, it appears to be blunt force breakage. I also had a very big printer have its glass broken. I also have had on occasion seen the apparition of a goats face. Whatever is in my home at times seems to affect my fiance's personality? At times he just seems to be someone else.

Now for the biggest event. On June 14th, I had a blunt force trauma fracture of my ankle. I didn't have any explanation for the fracture when it happened, it was very hard to give any explanation to the ER staff. In March, I woke up several times with fingerprint bruises on my body, in places that I could not possibly make them myself. When this paranormal event happens, I have actually called the police," they think I am crazy." I have also undergone testing both medical and psychologically. The medical community found me healthy, and psychologically fit.

I know this is for antiques so I won't go into great detail, But I am hoping that maybe someone out there could help me rid my home of what's haunting it. I fear it will only get worse. I have become very frustrated, it seems no one will listen, and no one will help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to try anything I can to get my life back to normal.

Thank You,


I Have A Ghost In My Guestroom - Any Help Would Be Appreciated - Haunted Antique Dressers - Double Trouble !

Date Sept 5, 2012

HI, my name Is Christine, and I could really use some help.

My mom has given me two very old antique dressers that were part of a set. The bed that belonged to the set went to my sister's home, and the nightstands are being used by daughter in her home.

First I should explain why Mom decided to part with the antique bedroom set. Mom was living In her boyfriend's home, his wife had passed from a blood clot in the brain. About a year ago moms boyfriend sadly passed with cancer, he passed away in their home. My mom no longer wanted all of these memories so she gave decided to give the antique bedroom set furniture for the family.

To clarify my paranormal experience, I have to backtrack a bit. A few years ago I was staying at my mom's house and actually slept In the bed in question, the bedroom set was located in one of the spare bedrooms. The night I spent in the antique bed, I had a horrible time sleeping, and when I did fall asleep I had terrible nightmares. At one point in the night, I was woken abruptly by someone or something grabbing my ankles, and pulling me to the bottom of the bed. I, of course, jumped up, my heart was pounding, and I was very out of breath. I soon to realize no one was in the room with me, "no one was there."

So, you might ask why would I even consider bringing any part of that bedroom set into my home? Well, I absolutely love antiques, and this was not the first occasion that I had experienced the paranormal, I have had other experiences with ghosts.

As soon as these dressers arrived in my home, they seemed to be very haunted. One can hear noises coming from the room the dressers are in, "noises" like someone Is fishing through the drawers for looking for something. I "had shelf's" hung just above one of the antique dresser, they were well secured with screws, one day I found these selves ripped from the wall lying on the floor. Another incident with the dressers, I have a baby photo of my daughter, I noticed it would move about on the dresser top, and one day I found it broken and smashed on the floor.

Yesterday, was by far the most frightening occurrence with the dressers. Just after I showered, I walked In the room that the dressers are in, both dressers started shaking violently at the same time. Later on, In the day, my daughter called to tell me she was frightened concerned, she claimed that my two-year-old grandson was growling while looking up at the ceiling. He stopped after a minute or two, and ran to her very upset, and scared. My daughter then decided to get out of the house, and as she began to leave, her purse flew across the room hitting her.

I immediately call my mom. I wanted to find out if she knew any of the histories on the antique bedroom set? Turns out that her boyfriend's mother- In- law (who was known to be very angry women) had purchased the set for her daughter when she was 2 years old. Mom said, "the woman was very mean, and abusive toward the family."

I am asking for help, hopefully, one of your readers can help me with answers to a few of my questions.

Is It possible for a spirit to travel from house to house via a piece of furniture?

Is there a way of getting rid of this unwanted spirit? I have cleansed my home, as well as the antique dressers. I have had no luck in ridding my home of this unwanted spirit.

Please help!

Someone or something is not happy with the new owner of their Figurine.

The Fickle Figurine !

Date Sept 4, 2012

Murphinman1 writes:

Good evening, I have been visiting an antique store outside of Clinton, MO that is operated by a friend of mine. Two members of the staff at the antique store have reported that the store is haunted and that they experience weird/paranormal activity at least weekly. They believe the store is haunted because of some of the antiques they have for sale. The name of the store is "Red Barn Antiques", it's located outside of Clinton, MO near Tightwad, MO. The store is kind of out in the country. I was very skeptical of their claims at first; however, I have been "Ghost Hunting" for six years and have experienced paranormal phenomena first hand.

Last week, I visited the Red Barn Antiques Store and talked about the paranormal phenomena that they have experienced. The owners reported seeing full-bodied apparitions, and hearing footsteps above them on the second floor, also hearing weird noises/voices, etc. I asked them if they had any antiques for sale that they believed to be haunted? They directed me toward two items. I went ahead and purchased both of the items. One of the items I purchased was an antique Knight's Helmet Whiskey Decanter that plays music. They claimed that the whiskey decanter sometimes plays music on its own; however, I have not witnessed any paranormal activity associated with this item to date. The second item I purchased was a ceramic figurine of an old woman. When I bought this item, the lady running the antique store at the time guaranteed that I would experience paranormal activity associated with this "little lady". She was not kidding, I have since experienced paranormal activity with the figurine.

I bought the two items thinking that it might be interesting to experience the paranormal from an old antique. But, I am starting to have second thoughts on the subject. I am scared of some of the things that have begun happening in my apartment since purchasing the figurine. Last Friday night, I was laying in bed trying to go to fall asleep. The figurine in question was placed on top of the dresser in my bedroom. On this night the antique figurine actually seemed like it was staring at me. I wrote it off as an optical illusion and continued to try to go to sleep. I had my bedroom door shut very securely, as I have the habit of doing. I know the door was secured. because I double checked it. As I was trying to go to sleep, I heard a creaking noise, I looked up. My bedroom door was opening by itself. It opened all the way up. I do not have any drafts in my apartment, and my bedroom door has "NEVER" done this before. It totally freaked me out! I got up and tried to figure out how it could have opened on its own, there is absolutely no way that it could have done this.

On Saturday night, I was in Kansas City, MO having a pleasant dinner with my girlfriend, when I received a strange text from my roommate. My roommate asked in the text, "What do you have in your room that would make a howling type noise?" I had no idea what he was talking about. When I came home, he told me that he was in his bedroom, and heard what sounded like a wolf literally howling from inside the room. I own nothing that could have made this sound.

On Sunday afternoon, I returned home from church, and the figurine had moved on its own, approximately 18 inches from where I had it was placed earlier in the day. I asked my roommate and my girlfriend if they had moved it? Perhaps just as some sort of joke. Both adamantly denied moving the figurine.

This very afternoon when I returned home from work, I heard what sounded like scratching noises on the outside of the bathroom door. (Couldn't figure that one out either). The "antique figurine of the old woman" is legitimately starting to creep me out! I don't want to just get rid of it, like throw it in the trash or something, because I worry about the spirit or spirits that may be attached to it? So I decided to post both of the items that I bought at the Red Barn Antiques Store for sale on eBay. I hope that maybe someone that would know how to handle haunted antiques will buy the items. I really want these antiques out of my home. If the items do not sell on eBay, I am going to either return them to Red Barn Antiques or get rid of them altogether. Any advice for dealing with these items while they are in my home?

Haunted Antique Chiffonier

This paranormal experience was sent to me By Brittany on Sept 4, 2012

I love antiques. A couple of years ago I purchased an old 1910 antique chiffonier. A chiffonier is a type of storage cabinet, they were used in kitchens to store dishes and such, and in bedrooms to store clothing. The antique chiffonier I purchased is tiled and painted green. it doesn't look eerily like some other antiques I have seen.

Each night when I go to bed and try to get some sleep - I suddenly find that "someone or something" is knocking on the doors from the inside of the antique chiffonier. I'm not too worried though. Why would I be, when it plays me sweet paranormal music at night? I've had also been experiencing doors and drawers (that have been shut) open and close by themselves.

I must also mention that my haunted antique chiffonier was one of the only things in my kitchen, that survived a house fire in 2010? I still have the chiffonier to this very day!

I don't intend on getting rid of my beautiful antique chiffonier. I feel I have developed quite an attachment to my friendly ghost.

Don't Mess With A Lady's Vanity. Especially with a photo of her love. Check out Beverly's Haunting. Does Bev have haunted antiques?

Beverly submitted her story Aug 19, 2012

I recently attended an estate sale. The home had belonged to a very "well-to-do" local family, and it was sad to see the family's possessions up for sale. The estate had fallen into a distant out of town relative, and he made quick work of selling the home and all its contents. I decided I would attend the estate sale, more to see the home than anything else.

In one of the bedrooms, I came upon a beautiful vanity table. The vanity was full of lovely objects one might imagine you would find on a grand lady's vanity. I could not afford the vanity table but did purchase several of the objects from its top. I purchased a gold dresser tray, mirror, brush, comb, a perfume bottle and a lovely old antique frame that was trimmed in gold filigree. The frame held a photo of a gentleman's attire looked to be from maybe the 1920s.

I set all my beautiful gems on top of a dresser in my guest room. I had replaced the photo of the gentleman with an old photo of a woman, (another antique store find). I felt guest would enjoy these wonderful old antique, they gave the room a B&B atmosphere. A few weeks passed, and I didn't think much of the estate goodies that now decorated my guestroom. I entered the guestroom to give it a cleaning, and as I passed the dresser that held the antiques I had bought at the estate sale I notice that the picture frame was turned face down on the dresser, and the perfume bottle was on the floor clear across the room. I found it odd the perfume bottle could have fallen off the dresser, it was set on the tray which has an edge?

I put everything back as it had been, and I will admit I gave it little thought. For the next two days, I checked the room, just out of curiosity, and all was well. A few days later I was at lunch with a friend and told her what had occurred with the antique I had purchased, we had a good laugh. That same day after returning home, I checked the guestroom, lo and behold the picture frame was again face down, and the brush and comb were on the floor in front of the dresser. the perfume bottle was still where I had placed it.

This actually freaked me out a bit. I think I brought home a ghost with me from the estate sale. I am certainly going to keep an eye on the vanity objects. It leaves me to wonder if the lady that owned the items might be perturbed with me for changing the photo that was in the frame? I tossed the photo, so I can't return it to the frame. What would one do to either get rid of a spirit or at least appease a spirit? Any help would be appreciated.

Beverly In New Jersey

Can I Come Home With You? - This paranormal experiences was submitted by "Louise Jackson"

Ghost In My Car


Though this happened nearly 10 years ago the memory is etched in my mind. I do not go to antique shops because I can feel the energy from several 'people'.

August 17, 2012

Traveling I-95 I saw a sign advertising an antique shop and museum in an old school building. From the moment I walked in, I had an eerie feeling. I headed for the exit but was drawn to investigate a hallway near the door. There I saw a mirror about 7 ft. high. As soon as I looked in the mirror I felt the presence of someone. As I hurried to my car I felt the presence hurriedly following me. I entered my car and headed to I-95. The presence was in the back seat; its essence became stronger. At that point, I put down all the windows and opened the sunroof. I said aloud "whoever you are you must go back where you came from. You can't go with me". At that moment I felt the energy leaving the car.

I no longer explore antique shops.

Louise Jackson

Tea for Two ?

I thought I would post this photo just to get some feedback.

In the photo you can see I am setting a table, I was preparing to have friends over for a Christmas tea party. Shortly before my tea, I had purchased two different tea sets, both being very old antique sets. I felt very drawn to both, so I purchased both sets.

As I set up the two tables my husband took several photos, the photo here is one of the photos he shot. As you can see I have a rather odd phenomenon in this photo. This white ghostly phenomenon only showed up in one of the many shots my husband took that day?

I hope you will leave me a comment, and tell me what you think of the photo phenomenon above...

The Michigan Ave. Ghost. Is there a spirit of a lost soul, roaming the streets of Detroit Michigan " the "D" ?

"Late one night in a suburb near the west side of Detroit, my husband and I were driving home, our two young children in the back seat of the car. We were on a street called Michigan Ave. The area we were driving down had eight lanes, and the section we were driving along had a large grass medium, which separated the eastbound traffic from the west bound traffic. It was from this medium that a most strange spectacle came into my view. I noticed a ghostly figure crossing the road from this medium towards the left side of our vehicle. Although we were traveling at over 50 MPH, we weren't passing it up, it seemed to stay in front of our car? As we finally moved closer to the figure, I could see it more clearly and was completely dumbfounded. I was also amazed that no one else on the road seemed to see this apparition. Its body was like black electric static energy, it appeared to be waving its arms wildly in fragmented movements. its hands were white, as was its face which was shining brightly. Its head was actuality spinning as well, from left to right. Its eyes, nose, and a gaping mouth were all blurred and glowing. When our car finally collided with this apparition, it completely vanished out of sight a. My husband assured me that I was just seeing things. I later heard similar stories about the same area of road"

The Piano Sounded Wonderful - However, no one was playing it !

That is no one could be seen playing it?

When I came across this website, I was so surprised that so many people have haunted antique. I have a story or experience I would like to share with your visitors.

Last year I bought an antique piano. It was from a local antique store. The piano itself was just beautiful, it was a very rare "Evans" Mahogany Victorian upright from about the 1890's. When I first saw it, I knew I had to take it home! I fell in love with this piano.

I purchased the piano on the spot and hired a moving company to deliver the piano.

From the very first night, I knew I had purchased a problem. Deep in the night, I was awoken by sounds of the piano. Not just faint sounds but someone or something was playing a small tune.

I will make a long story short, the piano woke me nightly, and had me so afraid to shut my eyes, that I was lucky to get an hour or two sleep each night. After about a week, I called the dealer that sold me the piano, and he was gracious enough to take it back, and give me a refund. I inquired as of who the piano may have belonged to, and the shopkeeper claimed he picked it up at a warehouse auction, and the piano didn't come with any provenances.

I am a true believer in the fact that objects can be "haunted". I guess sometimes a spirit just loves something so much, they will not part with it, even in death.

I hope you will post my experience.

Sally From Maine.

Antique Cameo Vase

actual haunted Cameo Vase
actual haunted Cameo Vase

May 10, 2011

This paranormal experience was sent in by Grace, she lives in Maryland and hopes to stay anonymous. Grace was kind enough to provide a photo of the "Haunted Antique Vase".

I was surfing eBay one afternoon and found a very pretty cameo antique vase. I bid on the vase and won the bid. I was so pleased with myself, I got the vase with a low bid value. I remember the afternoon the vase arrived, I knew just where I was going to put the vase, in the guest room. A good friend was going to visit soon, and I just felt this beautiful vase would be a good addition to the rooms décor. I set the vase on the dresser in the guest room and went about my day.

The following morning, I walked past the guest room and as I gazed in, I noticed the vase was at the edge of the dresser, it appeared it had been moved? I put it back in its place, and I did not actually think it was anything paranormal.

A few nights later I was sound asleep, and I woke to a noise, it was coming from the guest room, and it sounded as if something was being dragged across the top of one of the pieces of furniture in the guest room. I got up and went to check it out. Sure enough, the vase again was moved to the edge of the dresser. Need I even mention how scared I felt. I did not sleep the rest of the night.

I gave the incident some thought and decided to move the vase into the living room. I did not want to have my good friend scared out of her skin while sleeping with that vase so near her bed.

Two days later, my friend was due to arrive, I had added some beautiful flowers to the vase, and I felt somewhat comfortable with the vase, there had been no further problems occur with the vase moving. Maybe it liked the atmosphere, better in the living room.

That evening my friend and I were up late, just catching up on anything and everything. We finally turned in at about 1:30 AM. At 3:45 AM we were both awoken by a loud crashing sound! We both were on our feet and rushed into the living room. The vase was still sitting on the mantle where I had put it days ago. One of my very heavy candle holders that I kept on the other end of the mantel was lying on the floor.

To make a long story short, I wrote the woman that I had purchased the vase from, I came right out and told her what had been happening in my home since the vase arrived. She wrote back that the vase had belonged to her Mother-in-law, and that her Mother-in-law has a fastidious personality. She requested I send the vase back, and that she would refund my PayPal account.

I really loved the vase, and I decided to let it stay. I set down some rules and actually spoke out loud to the spirit. I told this entity that the vase would be the only decoration on the mantel, but I would not stand for any further disrespect for my belongings, and no more moving the vase around.

All has been calm in my home from the day the spirit and I have learned to respect each other's things.

Just Curious ?

Grace is a very brave lady. She must really love that vase or maybe she just feels the previous owner deserves to continue to enjoy her wonderful vase? I hope it all works out for her...

Would you make an agreement to let a spirit live side by side with you in your home?

See results

Just how does one go about assessing an antique for potential Spirit energy?

Browne makes it clear in her book that she does know and again buy antiques to decorate her home. But, she also states the importance of evaluating any antique before bringing it home. She advocates spending several minutes with an object to see how it "feels" and how you responds to being near it, before purchase.

Ms. Browne states,"A spirit might have a lingering fondness for an, and want to come visit it". Every object is capable of holding an imprint that may or may not be a happy one."

So- my question to you? Are you ready to consider the possibility that an inanimate object can possess energy? Enough energy, to haunt your home?

My Fastidious Aunt, And Her Beloved Grandfather Clock

The Haunted Clock

Actual Photo of my aunt's beloved Herschede grandfather clock.

My tale is of an old grandfather clock that I inherited from my favorite aunt. As a girl, in the year of 1962, I accompanied my aunt on the shopping trip that she actually purchased the grandfather clock.

My aunt was a hard-working woman and worked in a factory for the better part of her life. She was known to only pay cash for anything she bought and would save money to make a special purchase, as she did for the clock. As we drove to the store where she was to purchase the clock from, she confided in me that she had always wanted a Grandfather clock, and she knew just the one she wanted. It was a Herschede Grandfather clock, that was known to have wonderful sounding chimes.

When the clock was delivered it was placed in her dining room, and she would fuss over keeping it spotless and well cleaned. You would never find a smudge on its glass or dust on the clock at any part of the clock. My aunt had high standards when it came to keeping her home clean, one might say she was a "fastidious housekeeper."

The years passed, and my aunt passed away. The clock was passed on to me. I placed it in my formal living room, I wanted the clock to have a special place in my home, where it would be seen daily and enjoyed by all.

I had the clock in my home for some months, and Christmas was coming, and before decorating as a rule I would give all wood pieces in the house a good polishing. When it came time to clean and polish the Grandfather clock, I was astonished! There was not only not a bit of dust on the clock, the glass inserts were sparkling.

To make a long story short - I have had the clock for over 15 years, and it always appears clean and dust free. I know this may be hard to believe, I find it hard to comprehend myself? I feel my wonderful aunt, that has long left this earth, keeps her clock clean, and up to her fastidious housekeeping standard.

I find it comforting knowing she stops in now and then - even if it's just to clean her clock.

Rock At Your Own Risk...

Rock At Your Own Risk...
Rock At Your Own Risk...

Haunted Antique Rocking Horse

I was brought to your site in search of information on Robert the haunted doll.

I have actually seen Robert the Haunted Doll, and I will be staying in his Turret Room soon.

I have or should say had what I believe was a haunted antique. As you have made the request that your users pass on any haunting experience's, I thought your readers might be interested in my haunted antique rocking horse.

My mother got me an antique rocking horse at an antique flea market some years ago. At first sight, I must say I had a bit of a weird feeling about the rocking horse.

But the feeling passed - I even tried the horse out, even though I was in my thirty's at the time. I should point out this all happened approximately 5 years ago, I am now 39. The rocking horse was meant to be used as a decorator item, and I thought he was sort of cool.

I had a great Raggedy Ann doll my mom had made for me, it's about 3 feet tall. I decided that the antique horse would be a good place to display the doll. So I placed the rocking horse in my bedroom with Raggedy Ann on his back. It looked great!

That night I had a dream or should I say a nightmare. The dream was so vivid - In the dream, there was a little girl with long black hair dressed in an old-fashioned nightgown. This little girl was in pure blackness, she was crawling around very fast in a circle on her hands and knees saying - help me! - help me! - help me! I woke up scared and shaken...

The dream reoccurred about 3 weeks later. The exact same girl was in the dream, she was wearing the same nightgown. I did not see her face in either dream, and this seemed very odd to me? In the second dream she was again in pure darkness, but this time she was holding a stuffed teddy bear. She was laughing loudly as if playing. Again I awoke with a feeling of fear. I felt that this child was only allowed to play in the darkness of her room. It all became too creepy. I was starting to truly believe the dreams were related to my antique rocking horse. I was not one that was given to nightmares.

My fears about the rocking horse were confirmed. One day I entered my bedroom, and my Raggedy Ann doll was not sitting on the horse's back as I had placed her on display some weeks ago. The doll was literally standing next to the horse with its cloth hand on the rocking horses back. My Raggedy Ann is a rag doll, yet she was standing totally straight up on her legs. I was frozen, I didn't dare move. I thought to myself, what if the doll moved or ran or flew at me? I was so scared I grabbed the doll, and put her back on the horse's back, and ran out of the room.

For the next three weeks when I would go in my bedroom, I would close my eyes, I could not even dare sleep there.To conclude - my story end with me selling the rocking horse via a newspaper ad. My doll was put in the basement. I had no more dream's after the antique rocking horse was out of the house. The doll remains tucked away in the basement. You see I am not one to tempt fate...


Lewiston Maine

The Vain Victorian

The Vain Victorian
The Vain Victorian

Antique Eastlake Bookcase - Possessed By A Vain Victorian Woman

A bookcase, as a rule, will house many stories, all tucked neatly into bounded books. But "V's" bookcase has another story, and she's not housed in any book.

V is a college-educated woman, whose friend will tell you she is normally a very logical woman. Although she does admit to holding an open mind when it comes to the paranormal. Her story begins with an auction sale. Her husband was attracted to an Eastlake bookcase, and she could see he was determined to win the bidding, and make it his own... Little did he know just how that bookcase would change their lives.

V's Story - "Upon the bookcase entering our home, my 15-year-old daughter and I started seeing a "shadow figure" in the hallway leading to our family room. This actually went on for several years, we never made mention of this to my husband.Not wanting to alarm him. It appears that the figure likes to stand in front of the mirror at the end of the hallway. As if admiring her reflection?

Over the past year, things have become a little more interesting, however. My daughter when sitting on the couch started to notice the cushion next to her, at times, would indent, as If someone was sitting there beside her. She says that she does not feel alarmed at all by this occurrence. On many occasions, I have found numerous items on my vanity moved about, at times even missing? Eyelash curler ended up on the grass outside the front door. My daughter's eyelash curler also would come up missing. The sound of banging pots and pans can be heard from the kitchen as if someone is were cooking?

On to my husband opinion, who I must admit was a severe skeptic up until about a year ago that is. He finally admitted that he has also has seen the woman in a white dress (Victorian attire) on numerous occasions standing in front of the same mirror in the hallway that my daughter and I see the shadowy figure standing. He claims that she will look at him, and then turn and just walk back down the hallway. Last year when my husband was rebuilding our Civil War cannon in the garage, he placed his T-square on the ground next to him and turned away for just a brief moment. When he reached to get it, it was gone! After an extensive search, he located it hanging from the rafter in the garage.This occurrence shook him up. He just recently confided it to me.

Recently we moved the furniture around in my daughter bedroom. She now has clear view of the stairway coming up from the first floor. She claims that she frequently sees shadowy figures coming up the stairs. I myself hear footsteps on the landing when no one else is in the house. Again, I do not feel threatened either.

I frequently feel that someone is with me, watching me? One afternoon as I sat on the couch, I had an overwhelming feeling someone was in the room with me. I blurted out - "if you are going to stay with my family, then at least tell me your name." Nothing happened immediately, but then the name Ella simply popped into my mind several minutes later. So, I call our ghost gal - Ella..."

Grandfather, Grandmother, you don't live here anymore ...

I enjoyed reading all the paranormal experiences listed on this site and thought I would share just a few of my own. I truly believe objects can be haunted, as can an entire room be haunted by those that have passed on, and just refused to give their room up, to the living."

"I've had quite a few paranormal experiences in my lifetime. One such experience occurred when I was just a child, in my childhood home. When I was just a young child. I would wake up in the middle of the night, and would frequently see an apparition of a young girl. This young spirit actually reminded me of my own little sister. I can't describe the apparition well, it's hard to describe her features. The spirit was vague, somewhat shadowy and white, very filmy, and somewhat see through.

Each time a saw her, I would get out of my bed, and physically follow her into the hallway, I could see her only footprints on the floor before me. The footprints appear filmy and white, as the apparition so appeared. As I would approach the end of the hallway, the footsteps would disappear. I would then return to my bedroom, and climb into my bed. Needless to say, I was frightened and would pull the covers up over my head.

Another childhood memory takes me back to a night my brother, and I was in the guestroom of our home. I must mention this very room had been used by my grandparent's, as they lived with us for a period of time. My brother and I were standing near the heater, which is right under the rooms' window. We were just killing time, and talking about random things. Suddenly, out of the blue, the blinds flickered, all in one motion they opened. We were both startled, I will admit we were scared! We both ran out, beating each other to the doorway.

Some years later two guests stayed the night and slept in the guest room. They both had a very unrestful night, claiming that they were awakened by the loud sound of snoring, which sounded as if it were coming from within the room?

On another occasion my younger sister and I were sleeping in my grandparent's old room, we were awakened suddenly, and both saw a ghostly face in the window. We retreated under the covers and yelled out loudly for our father. My Dad looked out of the window and claimed to have seen a cat. He tried to comfort our fears. Telling us, "it was just an old cat". However, to this day I know what I saw was not a cat at all, It was the face of a human, a ghost. For years after I would have dreams of ghosts being in my grandparent's old room.

I truly believe the family dogs could also see the spirits that haunted our home. I was awakened many nights, by our dog's barking in my bedroom. Just barking into thin air - barking at nothing? I would be too terrified to move, so I just would hide under my blankets. I would become sweaty, and hot because of terror I felt. After these incidences, the dog's would come by the side of the bed, cowering. I could feel their fear, feel them shaking so badly it shook my bed. It was clear the dogs were as afraid of these spirit's, as I was. I have always felt the dogs could more readily see the spirits that haunted our home. Perhaps dogs can see more than what appears to the human eye?

The most frightening experience, a night I will never forget, was a night that my parents were entertaining, having a party of sorts. My brother and I were in my bedroom. We were talking, and just passing the time, when suddenly we both simultaneously saw someone. I filmy vision formed out of nowhere, it was very near us, and reach its hands out quickly towards us! Its hair could barely be seen and was sort black with tinges of green in it. My brother and I agreed, it was definitely a woman. Needless to say, we both ran screaming from my bedroom, and as you might guess, this frightful apparition was nowhere to be found, when our parents came to see what all the shouting was about.

I had many frightful nights growing up in that home. Almost nightly I would hear odd faint sounds, such as footsteps coming from other rooms in the house or light knocking on the windows, soft voices that echoed down the hall. I guess one must experience the paranormal, to be a true believer.

Nothing is more relaxing than a rocking chair - perhaps it would be hard for the previous owner to give up that daily pleasure?

Nothing is more relaxing than a rocking chair - perhaps it would be hard for the previous owner to give up that daily pleasure?
Nothing is more relaxing than a rocking chair - perhaps it would be hard for the previous owner to give up that daily pleasure?

Lullaby and goodnight sleep well my little baby ...

Bethann Bought an antique rocker, hoping to rock her new baby to sleep each night.

I bought this wonderful old antique rocker, thinking it would be a great addition to the nursery. I had visions of rocking my firstborn to sleep nightly. Perhaps passing this heirloom down someday.

I found the rocker at a local antique shop, one I had been frequenting for years. The owner explained "the rocker was purchased from a person that claimed he had picked it up at a flee market. The price was good, so I purchased it, and bought it home.

I put it in the nursery, it looked wonderful, that night I rocked the baby to sleep, and then my husband and I watched a bit of TV and retired to bed. About 3 AM. I was awake, I heard a strange unfamiliar sound. A creaking noise, I got up to check it out, peeked in the baby's room, all was well. I returned to bed.

Two nights later I was again awakened, by the same creaky sound, I got up immediately, and walked towards the nursery. I continued to hear the sound, a stood outside the nursery for a moment to make sure that the sound was actually coming from there. It continued, I knew at once it was the rocker, remembering the sound that it made when I rocked the baby that night.

I slowly walked into the room, the rocker was slowly rocking. As I turned on the light the rocker stopped dead.

I returned to bed, and by that time my husband was awake and wondering if there was a problem. I told him what I had just witnessed. He said: most likely it has something to do with the placement, something jarred the rocker? I thought, he must be right. We checked the rocker out the next afternoon, trying every which way to make it move. Nothing made it move even slightly?

Three nights later, my husband woke me, he was awakened by the rocking sound. He took it a bit more serious this time. We both crept to the nursery, and from the door, we watched as the rocker rocked and rocked. Again as we approached the rocker it stopped abruptly. We could not believe our eyes.

We took the baby's bassinet into our room. The next morning I returned the rocker to the antique shop, I told the owner what had happened. She gave me my money back and put the rocker back up for sale.

After the rocker was gone, all returned to normal.

Bethann From Ohio

Time Never Stands Still ...

Time Never Stands Still...
Time Never Stands Still...

A Rummage Sale Bargain or A Haunted Timepiece?

Another Interesting paranormal experience provided by one of my readers.

"It was just an old antique watch donated to a rummage sale because it didn't work, or so I thought. The price was reasonable so I bought it and took it home, the first three days it was fine, it had stopped 37 seconds after 9:17 and I didn't plan to get it fixed because I loved collecting knickknacks. On the fourth day I was heading to class and it fell out of my jeans pocket, I bent down to pick it up and saw something strange, not only was it open, but it showed the time as 37 seconds after 9:15, the minute hand had moved backward two spaces. This sort of freaked me out but I decided that the impact must have opened it and moved the hand, but I was still in doubt, later that day I was checking the inside for damage and saw that the minute hand had moved back another space so now it read 37 seconds after 9:14, that's when I really started freaking out. The next day I looked at it and it had moved back to 37 seconds after 9:15, then suddenly the second hand started moving backward and rested after about 4 spaces. Now my watch read 33 seconds after 9:15, after that the minute hand was moving between 9:14 and 9:15 every couple of hours and the second hand was moving between 35 and 33 seconds every day or so, the freaky thing was that it started to feel warm and have a smell much unlike metal. My friend and I decided that it was possessed, so we decided to find out its previous owner, it's been about a year and our search continues. The lesson learned? stop buying antiques that you don't know where they've been." - F

We're Not In Kansas Anymore Toto ...

Erik wrote...

"My wife and I bought a brand new (not antique) set of the Wizard Of Oz "Bobble-Head figurines from a store in a local mall. All 7 (Dorothy, Toto, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Glenda The Witch and The Wicked Witch Of The West). We decided to display the set on the fireplace mantle. We wanted to place them in an area in our home, where we could enjoy them. When placed on the mantle the figurine's all stood perfectly erect, as they were before we removed them from their individual boxes. Not long after the figurines were purchased, I had a rather odd, I was working in my office, and I heard my wife and baby son in the hallway talking. However, when I went out into the hall to join them, I found the hallway empty, no one in sight? I thought it best not to mention it to my wife, thinking I was just hearing things, and I certainly did not want to "freak her out".

Not long after this experience, my wife called me at work, upset and claiming that she and the baby heard me in the hallway talking on my cell phone? She claimed that she thought I had come home from work, but became concerned after I did not come into the living room when she called my name. It was only then that she realized I wasn't even in the house, and never had been.

The house seemed to be haunted, evidenced by many other unexplainable events that have happened in the house, events that have no plausible explanation. Nevertheless, one occurrence that actually gives physical evidence of what I believe substantiates a haunting in the home is the " Dorothy "Bobblehead" incident. As I mentioned all the Wizard of Oz figures were erect when they were placed on the mantle, and I must mention that the figurines are made of ceramic pottery. The Dorothy doll has become inexplicably bent over backward, there is no explanation as to why or how this could even be possible? We believe that something is not right in that house and that whatever it is has affected the figurine somehow? We have since moved out of that house. No longer being able to put up with the presence of the unknown that haunts the house.

At The Top Of The Stairs

Does this poor girl stay near her place of death?

By Silvara Wilde

While reading your lens "Robert the Haunted Doll", I noticed you were looking for people who have had paranormal experiences. I have actually had a few paranormal experiences. The one I will submit here is more or less cemented in my memory. I think the memory is so strong and stays with me due to the age I was when my experience occurred. I was 12 years old, and my parents had gotten a divorce. I would spend visitation time with Mom in Indiana, two weeks every summer, and a week either at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Mom owned and managed a New Age Bookstore, this all came about in the end of the 80's, when all that "New Age stuff" was all the rage. The store Mom had was a rental in a very old two-story home. The home was very old, and the top floor was occupied by a lone gentleman. My first visit to the home, Mom showed me all around the store, and the bottom floor of the home. I was so excited to find the home had a secret escape room and part of the old tunnel leading out of the kitchen. It all seemed fun when Mom first showed me the place... One had to know where the door was to this secret room, it was a pocket type of door that slid open and closed, and was very well disguised.

After I had been at Moms for a few days, I overheard a customer in the store talking about the history of Moms Old Store. The. The story goes - a family had lived in the home sometime before Mom has rented the place. The family had a daughter, about the age I was. The father was known to be a big "drinker" and abusive wife, and daughter. It was said that he would lock his daughter in the upstairs closet for hours at a time. She would also be seen about town with bruises on her person. It was clear to the neighbors the child was being beaten... As the story goes, this girl had even been pushed down the stairs, at the back of the kitchen.

Well, one day during a hot summer day, her Father locked her in the closet and proceeded to get very drunk. The girl was found in the closet dead. She had suffocated, and died in that closet, while her father was passed out drunk.

So that's the home's' history, as I know it. My paranormal experience begins shortly after the day I heard the history of the home. Mom had shown me the back stairs, and the closet that was at the top of those stairs. But, now those stairs and that closet had new meaning to me. I was told by Mom, I was not allowed on the staircase. She explained, she only had access to the lower level of the rental. This rule was fine with me, especially now that I knew the story of what happened to that poor unfortunate girl.

Well, during the weeks I was there, I would wander through the shop, and sometimes when passing near the stairs I could hear soft crying. It was not long before I would swear that I saw a girl sitting on the upper steps of the stairs. However, when I looked more closely nothing was there? Things from the shore began to be moved around in the store. It would happen nightly after we'd closed up, and gone home. First Mom felt someone might be breaking in at night, but it seemed unlikely, due to the fact nothing was ever stolen or vandalized. Objects were just being moved into strange places. One particular morning stands out. As we entered the shop, we found the kitchen room had been opened? We found several items that had been moved from the store to the secret room and sat all around the floor.

This haunting went on for the entire time Mom had the store. She more or less learned to live with the haunting. After a year or so Mom eventually ended up closing her New Age Store. Her business just could not pay the bills on that haunted rental.

To this very day, I can still hear the cries of that poor girl, and see her sad face staring down at me, from that old creaky back stairs.

Haunted Desk In Maine Antique Shop - A spirit that kept their personal fragrance - long after death.... - Visitor Linda wrote

Vintage Afterthoughts...
Vintage Afterthoughts...

I always read and heard that spirits that obsessed a person or possessed a person would sometimes mimic that person when they died and stay attached to something that person loved. As far as I know, I never bought an antique that was haunted in any way, but I did have an experience when I touched an antique and the spirit followed me.

My husband and I were in an antique store in Northern Maine and it was loaded with antique furniture. I was just walking around looking at things when I touched this one item and pulled down the door and then opened the draw. It seemed as soon as I did that, I kept smelling a scent of an old type of men's cologne. I thought maybe I leaned up against something or it was just in that area of the store. As I headed for where my husband was the smell got stronger. Ok, still didn't think anything of it. We went to the desk to pay for a teacup that my husband pointed out to me. At the desk, the cologne smell was almost overwhelming. I couldn't figure out where in the world it was coming from. So we paid for our stuff and walked outside. I was still smelling the cologne.

We got into the car, and I was still smelling this horrible cologne. I asked my husband if he smelled anything on me. He said he doesn't smell anything. He smelled my clothing and my hair and smelled himself and neither of us had any smell of cologne. As we were driving the smell got so overwhelming I started to get nauseated. I was still smelling around trying to pinpoint where this smell was coming from. We got to our destination about an hour or so, and as we got out of the car the cologne smell was everywhere. My husband said, "what is that smell?" I yelled at him, "you smell it now?" He said I smell something like flowers or perfume. I said that smell has been following us and I'm so glad you finally smell it. It's driving me crazy.

We started to walk across that street and the smell was following us but very faintly. We walked into a bar and grill restaurant and sat down in a booth. The smell was not as strong, but still there with me. As we ordered I was wondering if the waitress could smell the cologne, but didn't have the nerve to ask her. After we ordered our food the soup came first. We bowed our heads and prayed over our meal. The power of God. The cologne smell was completely gone and I never smelled it again. I realized without a doubt it was a spirit. Why it followed us I'll never know. Especially since we are both believers in Jesus Christ and are saved. But the power of prayer sent it away. Just thought I had to share this story with you. I never thought I would have an experience like that. I'm very very very careful now when I'm in an antique store. I pray after I leave an antique store now. I pray that if there are any spirits attached it has to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. The power of His Name will send it away.

God Bless


Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?

Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?
Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?

Please take my poll... - Do yo see the writing on the forehead of this apparition, if so please leave commet on what you think the word is?

Do you see a spirit face in this photo, and writing on the forehead of this spirit?

See results


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ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
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