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Have you experienced the deepest love

Updated on March 4, 2012

Allow Your Heart to Blossom

As a tree nurtures the bud into a beautiful blossom, so too allow Gods love to blossom in your heart
As a tree nurtures the bud into a beautiful blossom, so too allow Gods love to blossom in your heart | Source

Let your heart blossom

Have you experienced the deepest love you could ever be blessed with?

They who have experienced the Lord have experienced his delivery. Whether in hard times, or sickness or danger, you can easily share stories of how He delivered you.

For me it was a bear attack. He tried to attack a girl I was working with when tree planting. I stood between him and her thinking this was going to be my last day on earth. But believing it was better to die with honour than live with shame. The bear charged. I swung my shovel at him and it broke. It didn’t even fizz the bear. Now I was defenseless waiting to die. I cried out “Lord, if it is my time to die, let it be quick. If it isn’t my time to die, send and angel t protect me.. The bear attacked. It stopped suddenly, short of me as if hitting an electric fence. He tried from a different angle. Same thing. Again and again he tried. Again and again it was as if he hit an electric fence. Finally he gave up and walked away. Try and tell me the Lord did not send an angel to protect me?

When you love Jehovah you have received peace and forgiveness, so you do not live a live burdened by guilt. You have done wrong and with a humble heart asked for and received His Devine forgiveness. This gives you a feeling of calm and serenity.

When you have had faith in God to deliver you and you have gone through affliction you are stronger in your faith and share a deeper relationship with God. I went through a three month recovery from a very abusive relationship. It was to this day the most horrible and painful experience of my life. Through it all God was healing me and teaching me to spend upon Him and Him alone. It has brought us closer than I have every felt to anyone.

God wants you to say “I love You God, I need You God. I worship You.” That’s what it is all about. When you experience this, then you will experience a deep and personal relationship with our loving God above all other relationships.

Praise His wonderful name.

Prayer: Jehovah Immanuel – God who walks amongst us- thank you for always walking through life with us. Especially Lord, in those times of trouble, grief or danger. In the name of our loving, caring Savior Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

May the sweet sunshine of Jesus’ love bless you today and every day


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