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Healing Spiritually

Updated on January 7, 2015

Are You Spiritual?

What is spirituality to you? Is it going to church, mosque, temple or other and praying words that have been taught to you by others? Or is it quiet meditation and listening to the voice inside that washes you with knowledge, blessings and healing? Is it you asking for miracles and nothing happens or not having to ask for miracles because you are protected and led away from danger and ill health?

This lens is a request to write on something that might be considered my area of expertise. There is only one thing that fits the bill here and that is my knowledge of spirituality and why my experiences matter. The information does not come from religion nor from long suffering adherence to church related leaders or their teachings. It comes from my reincarnation and strong spiritual links to the Spirit of Creation.

Silencing Women
Silencing Women

What is Spirituality?

You can feel it

They say you can't take anything with you when you die but that is not correct. You take your memory and spirit with you and you carry them forward into the next life. At least that is what happened to me. But should I be silenced as many would like to see? No! The Spirit has allowed the Internet and free publication of these words to get to the hearts and minds of spiritual people who are searching for truth,

It takes a lot to be an expert and even when you think you have accomplished the highest goals there is always more to learn. But having reached the pinnacle in spiritual healing must make me an expert because my teacher knew everything and actually selected me for a special job.

My learning did not come from books, or from other people. It came straight from the Spirit. Over 20 years of being shown great secrets along with visions and special guidance something strange and mysterious took place. Strange, that is, to anyone who has never experienced the true power of God. The mighty intelligence that put all things together as they are had foresight and hid things so that man could not discover them and alter the evidence to prove that man is an idiot and that nothing he has invented can oppose the Spirit of the Universe.

Man is destructive and the more power he gains the more devastating to life he becomes. He rips things apart and invents substitutes, changes nature to suit him and he uses money and power to make himself appear greater than the Divine Creator.

You don't believe me? Look around you at the state of the world, the people dying of hunger; the overpopulation; genetic modification of vital food sources that might never be able to be corrected; and look at the wars; disputes; murder; suicides; slavery; organ harvesting; and everything else that makes up the corrupt world.

We live in chaos under the direction of man's ridiculous laws and control. What you see is rubbish produced by his interference and changes to nature. The filth in which we now live and the pollution we breathe is no substitute for spiritual power. Man is destroying himself and the wonderful creation given to us to enhance our lives. Some scientists promote the idea that chaos created the world. That is sheer nonsense as that born of manmade stupidity is destroying it.

Climate change and global warming are manmade and the by-products of man's wilful and arrogant approach to nature and the use of waste products for power. Those waste products include coal, oil, and other carbon producing substances used to create a better life-style but think about what they are doing to us? Think too about why it is happening?

On top of that overpopulation is replacing native species, forests are denuded and the oceans are dying. Now nuclear fallout is racing around the world from the Japanese nuclear meltdown and continues to do so as it silently penetrates bodies of humans, animals and plants and causes devastating long term effects. That is after the Chernobyl disaster which killed thousands and continues to do so through cancer and other illnesses it has provoked.

Can you trust the food you are now eating or the air you breathe to not cause you cancer or other terminal disease?

If man is spiritual, as he claims, none of this would or could ever have happened? If you are spiritual then there is a path you would be on that protects you from these things. The greatest lie of religion is the bluff that all men are spiritual. While many treat women as little more than a necessary evil and promote themselves into powerful positions with massive lies that are destroying us it proves that most men are opposed to the Spirit and the real power they cannot control.

People feel the Spiritual protection but have learned to call it their Guardian Angel. Whatever it is titled does not matter as it is your protector and guide. But there are no such things as angels, only the Spirit. Born with a strong link to it the Spirit of Creation it is obvious that it has only a small percentage of ambassadors in this world and they know who they are. They have power because the term I-s-ra-el means 'Eye's light - power with God'. That is what spirituality is and if you have it the noise of the world and the things of the world is insignificant.

What About You?

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What is Spirit?

Within me is a force that talks to me and it leads and guides me to do certain things. Good feelings come with the right actions and bad feelings when on the wrong path. It is those bad feelings that kill spiritual power and for most of humanity that is the case. They can't feel or hear God so they ridicule those who can.

Those who try to speak out against the emotional and spiritual abuse of their spirituality by religious clones are usually silenced one way or another because their organisations are powerful, wealthy and long reaching. They expect you to entertain yourself with frivolous meaningless noise and entertainment so you get your mind away from the things that matter. They don't want you to hear that inner voice and if you want to be in tune with it then you must come away from the pollution – that is from manmade hype and dreams and the noise of the world.

In my experience people try to overcome that yucky, dead feeling most get inside them by doing things that generate excitement or a rush of adrenalin. That type of thing motivates them to continue to seek out activities that make them 'feel good'. The truth is that such highs last only a short time before they are looking for their next 'fix'. In the case of the majority they think it will come with wealth and fame. So they seek out these things. Many turn to gambling in the hope of a rich quick strike. Others turn to stealing even murder when things go really haywire.

Many turn to food and become obese, others to things like sky diving, bungie jumping, entertainment and other things to get the buzz. All too many turn to alcohol, drugs and such. The illusions created by alcohol and drugs are temporary but dangerous to the body and mind of the addicted.. If you are spiritual you don't engage in any of it. The highs are always there for those in the spirit and you don't need to seek out the things of the world to 'get a life'

Those who don't want you to deride their lies call those who don’t take part in their game derogatory names. They ridicule them and use all kinds of lies, accusations, bullying tactics and threats to silence you. It's only when you are on firm, solid ground that you can tackle and drive them away. That's where I am now as the Spirit has strengthened me in ways that can stand against them. Their game is murder, money, abuse and power. Mine is serving the Creative Spirit that has everything in hand. That includes man's stupidity as he brings us ever closer to the end.


Spiritual Power

The worst thing about humans is the scepticism. Unless one knows firsthand what others know or feel they fail to believe it or to even want to know about it in the main. But that does not matter because those who are spiritual will know when God is calling them and when they feel the power. It is an exclusive club and membership is via the Spirit, not any man-made religion or law.

The religious bully will have it no other way than to try to bring you down. History is full of such characters and the pain and suffering they have inflicted on others is recorded for all time. They cannot escape the past or the present where hundreds of thousands are killed by misguided religious fanatics pretending that they act for God. .

Nostradamus who clearly saw future events, as with so many visionaries of history, would have been murdered by the Roman Catholic Church had the bishops caught up with him. Fortunately he escaped and went into hiding as was part of God's plan. His works were confused so that those reading them at the time would not understand them. They were meant to have an impact today when the truth of the vision can be understood in the light of what has now passed.

That is much the same with spiritual prophecy. It was meant for now when it can be better understood and there is no way that it can be cast aside as myth or make-believe. The Spirit buried the truth in many places and led me to unearth it from the most unexpected sites. The first one of these is language.

Who would have guessed that in almost every word we speak there is a record of past events that describe exactly past rituals and religious behaviour that has made their way into modern faiths. After some two million or so years we have not changed our thinking only the way we do it. There is a common link in all languages that prove the origin of religion in sun worship, and the things worshipped today are born of that. Think of the 'halo' as a symbol of holiness. Where do you think that came from?

Neither has humanity changed its gods but they now bear new names while the idols and icons are greatly improved in appearance and attractiveness. Stone statues are still worshipped in much the same way;.

The term 'feast' means to eat in abundance and feast days are about offering the images food (which, of course, they cannot eat as they have no life) and asking them for miracles which they cannot perform. The religions and the priests who run them are meant by God to test the spiritual and to cement the evil doers in their ways.

The ancient and honourable he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail. For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Isaiah 9:15

The tail is the end and the head is the beginning. The head of the beast is identified and the tail is the continuance of it to the end.

How Much Do You Know?

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What is Spiritual Deafness?

When I go into a place that is full of lies, such as a movie house or church, this horrible dead feeling comes over me. It's because the Spirit is not there. Where lies are generated there is spiritual deafness and I need to escape quickly. In places like this there are arrows of fire being shot out over communities to breed hatred, discrimination and wrong doing of all forms.

Anything that is make-believe or dangerous is against the Spirit. Terrorism and bullying of any kind is also anti-spirit. Threats of hell and other things are bullying tactics while killing others because you think you are doing Good's will is definitely anti-spirit. Commerce and wealth are both anti-spirit. Those who seek riches cannot be of the Spirit. Similarly those who preach lies and influence others into their ways are not of the Spirit.

Deception and magic is anti-spirit and those who fool others or try to achieve by cheating or sleight of hand are anti-spirit.

Religions are responsible for wars as one set of ideals rises against another. The 30 years of terror and wars in Ireland saw Catholic's against Protestants battle it out. Neither side knows the real God but many died needlessly in the darkness of their anti-spiritual beliefs. The war raged by Islam against the west is darkness that also sees one form of Islam fighting it out with another of the same faith, just as Christian fights Christian. These things are the product of darkness and evil fed by arrows of fire.

The effect of all these things is disease, hardship, murder, and so on. Why? The dead feeling is darkness invading the body and a warning to get away from it. That shadow of corruption manifests and lodges in parts of the body where conditions such as cancer and so on can occur. Darkness is also addictions to drugs, gambling, alcohol, and tobacco and so on.

There is much made of light in the New Testament for that reason. The authors knew about spiritual enlightenment from others and they thought it clever to nominate Christ as the giver of light. But that is not the case. Only the Spirit is light and when you block it out there is only darkness.

As mentioned above Israel means 'Eye of light-power with God' and those who live in the light have the power. The darkness is there to test those who are of the Spirit to ensure they remain in the light.

Light is truth and light and dark cannot exist together. You are either of the Spirit in light or of the world in darkness.

What Do You Think Now?

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What is Spiritual Healing

There have been many healed as the Spirit passes through my hands into their bodies. It is a strong and powerful feeling that lights up the body as the power works within them to heal. It is not unusual for me to see broken bones healed in an instant. In my experience with healing alcoholics and others turned away from their addictions. There have been people healed of cancer, depression, confusion and so many other things that it is hard to remember them all.

There is one overall riding principle in all the healing that has occurred and that is a genuine desire to know the truth and then the person asking for it is free of their handicap. The darkness is a gripping tool that hangs on. Some call it demons, others nominate that it is the devil. There are no demons or devils in the Spirit world. There is only darkness in man's behaviour and attitudes. When he comes for healing and is prepared to receive the light the darkness vanishes and so does the problem. It is as simple as that.

However, many want the healing under their terms. They want to continue in their ways without the pain and tragedy of what is affecting their lives. That is when healing does not occur because they are clinging to the darkness. Many of this kind are not of the Spirit but only God knows who they are. You cannot opt to be one of Israel. You have to be born spiritual. If God is calling you then you need to respond.

That is the test, the judgement and the future. If you deny the Spirit you are dead for all time. This is my area of expertise and you have a choice if you believe you are spiritual. God demands your full attention and your devotion and when you hand things over you are starting out on the right track

My first experience of healing for another was when a lady asked for healing of an ear condition for which she had had an operation sometime prior. She feared another operation and came with genuine desire and need. As I held my hand over her ear it was like an X-ray as I could feel the condition within and it came out into my hand as the Spiritual light worked its wonders. That is what spiritual healing is about.

That miracle happened when the Spirit was teaching me about healing and showing me visions of the future that brought me to my knees. In the end they were too much and I begged not to be shown any more. What I saw is sickening and a great punishment for mankind who has taken upon himself to have other gods over him.

What About You?

Are you willing to escape the world's influence and ask God for light in your life?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Spiritual is related to our soul,its apart of our life..but many don't realize it

      Peoples tends to argue about each other's religion(especially in YouTube comments),that we forget that God watch us!

      We should be grateful,not just by spreading message about our religion but also show kindness to everyone and care about others. Isn't that the reason we're here after all?

    • maryLuu profile image


      6 years ago

      Very spiritual lens!


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