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10 Spiritual Tips For Your Hedonism Vacation

Updated on July 2, 2009
Your hectic schedule demands that you take a
vacation once in while. You’ve earned it and
you want to make the most of your time off:
fun, sun, relaxation, and self-indulgence, all
within the healthy boundaries of your spiritual
Below we offer 10 spiritual tips to get the
most out of your pleasure-seeking vacation.
After all, as long as you’re not intentionally
hurting anyone (including yourself), pleasure
can be spiritual too.
1) En route to your destination cruising high
above the ocean, listen to a hypnotic recording
or two to help you unwind. Be careful not to go
too deep though, as you don’t want to get so
relaxed that you fall headfirst into your
seat-mate’s lap.
2) You arrive at the tropical resort and are so
excited that you’re finally here. As soon as you
unpack, do a quick 20 minute meditation to
ground and center yourself so you can begin your
time in paradise on the right foot. First though,
make sure to grab the ear-plugs because the 
newly formed couple next door are getting the 
party started early and don’t realize how thin
the walls are.
3) Enjoy the wonderful meet and greet cocktail
Party at sunset on the beach on your first
night. Pace yourself with those drinks, you’ve
got an entire week ahead of you. Though a sure
sign you’ve met a kindred spirit may be an
invitation to do Jell-O shots, remember to ask
your spiritual helpers of the Light on the other
side for guidance involving new friends.
4) You wake up the next morning ready to go.
You’ve got your MP3 player, sun hat, new
sunglasses, and sandals. You’re well aware that
birthday suits dry far faster than store-bought
ones, so you go commando, like most of the other
fun-loving guests. Besides, you like the freedom
of movement as you go for an early morning jog
on the beach. To relax those muscles after your
workout, accept the offer of some complementary
energy healing and Reiki from your new friend
as you lounge seaside.
5) Sun-block! Use it liberally as you frolic in
the sand and surf, especially on those body parts
that don’t often receive the sun’s rays. As you
relax and unwind in the warm sun and ocean
breezes, you overhear someone speaking French and
get flashes of a past life you lived long ago.
Make a note of your perceptions so you can explore
the insights later.
6) Don’t forget to follow good nude etiquette and
sit on a towel at lunch. You’ll also want to remain
centered and keep your spiritual focus sharp, so do
a quick meditation before eating. The last thing
you want to do is be so distracted by your fellow
adventurers’ body language that you dump an
enchilada with extra hot sauce and guacamole
in your bare lap. But hey, the photo-op would be
priceless. It would also prepare you for desert--
human sundaes.
7) Nothing beats a good game of volleyball,
twister, or a hula hoop contest after lunch,
all nude, of course. If it’s your good karma
to win, you will, but nobody likes a bitter
loser, so resist the temptation to secretly
film the winners and post the video online.
This would not help you gain positive karma
in the least.
8) How about freshening up in the late
afternoon before dinner with a good massage?
Perfect! Maybe 10 minutes of yoga afterwards
too, to further tap your energy reserves.
9) You’re excited for the All that Glitters
and Shakes and the Bubble Bath Party tonight
at the disco. While partying the night away,
you connect with someone who is so much fun
that you can’t stop laughing as you descend
the water slide together at the midnight
swim, right next to the jam-packed hot tub.
Sex is as spiritual as you make it, but be
sure to play safe too.
10) What’s that, a lost soul, or even an
innocuous demon in your room? All that
merry-making has inadvertently drawn in
some dark energy. Make sure to put aside
some time for a spiritual cleansing
meditation, and help that lost energy to
the light if you’re so inclined. Keep
yourself psychically protected with white
Light at all times.
After a week of non-stop action, all in all,
the trip was a blast. You’re confident that
it’s just what you needed to relax and get
a fresh perspective on your life, and you’re
more convinced than ever that a spiritual
lifestyle includes sensual gratification with
healthy limits. Thankfully, you have more
freedom now than you did in your strict,
spiritually devout lifetimes as a priest,
nun, or monk of various faiths!
Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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