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Herbs for Spells

Updated on November 16, 2014

Magic of herbs

I'm a third generation witch who follows the Italian "Old religion" and enjoys a bit of kitchen witchcraft. I'm lucky enough to live in the beautiful Cornish countryside, surrounded by nature and peaceful wilderness.

I have a wonderful herb garden and plentiful wild hedges all around my house.

Herbs have been used in spellcraft for centuries and each one has its own special properties.

Come on, enter my garden to learn more about this ancient and fascinating practice.

My Herb garden

I love my herb garden. It's a fragrant secluded section of the garden where I can go and relax sitting on a lovely wooden bench.

I have a great selection of herbs including flowering ones which are great for insects and bees.

As well as the most common herbs used usually in cooking I have more unusual ones such as Mullein, Bedstraw, Blessed Thistle, Mallow and Comfrey ( in the picture). I also have some Belladonna and Wolfbane but, as they are highly toxic I keep them in pots away from the edible herbs. Great care must be taken if growing poisonous plants, I would only recommend them to experienced gardeners and definitely wouldn't keep them around small children or nibbling pets.

I pick leaves and flowers and, if I don't need them immediately I sun dry them and store them for later.

What herb to use?

Each herb has its own magic powers and a mixture of herbs is often used to cast a spell. They are normally put inside sachets, in small bottles mixed with liquid (such as oils), boiled to make magic teas or simply sprinkled around. Another common way to use herbs in magick is to make incense and burn them.

Here's some herbs and their magic correspondence.

Basil: money, success, happiness

Bay leaf: protection

Blessed thistle: purification, removal of hexes

Bracken: Healing, Prophetic dreams

Clover: money, fidelity, exorcism, success

Comfrey: keeping money safe

Dandelion leaf: Wishing spells, psychic ability, summoning spirits

Dandelion root: psychic dreams

Lavender: Love

Mallow: Love

Marjoram: protect the home

Mint: to break hexes

Nettle: Exorcism, lust, healing

Rosemary: Purifying

Thyme: Courage, Healing, psychic powers, purification

It would be great if you could add your knowledge on magic herbs here!!!

Not just herbs

As well as herbs there are other plants that can be used in magic. Flowering plants such as geranium (for fertility love and health), Rose (love), Calendula (luck with legal matters) are an essential part of spell casting. Also trees like Oak (protection and healing), willow (purification), hawthorn (wishes, fertility), apple (love) are a common ingredient but the bark is preferred rather than leaves or flowers.

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    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 4 years ago

      I'd love to learn more about using herbs in spells.

    • winter aconite profile image

      winter aconite 4 years ago

      @darkflowers: Thanks, going to look for your lens now!!!!

    • darkflowers profile image

      Anja Toetenel 4 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

      Hi little-devil, I'm going to use some of these herbs for the Magic Wand I made for a Squidoo Lens I wrote last week. Real good info here, thank you!