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The largest and Highest mountain ranges of the world.

Updated on March 7, 2014


The name Himalayas is derived from the Sanskrit language which means the house of snow(Him:- snow & Alaya:- dwelling). The Himalayas have continued to exert powerful influence on people from many parts of the world who come here for spiritual desire.There in the foot of it are many holy places of Hindu religion which make them so sacred for the Hindus.The Buddhists also find many of their pilgrimages.For a long period of time Himalayas have continued to protect India from the Northern invasion. It was only in 1962 when technological prowess of man(Indo-China war 1962) increased and defied the former statement.As we move further in our content we will explore the different aspect of the great wall in paragraphs.

There are two aspects that I would like to give on my behalf in regard to this great range.The first one the tangible aspects which comply with the modern established science.The second one being bit little intricate as one requires a spiritual approach. The second one believes the famous quote made by the Indian sages in the past that not all seen is always true and not all which cannot be seen is worth deny.

The Geography of Himalayas

The Himalayas are highest mountain ranges in the world.The famous Mount Everest is located in this range.There are more than hundred mountains which have a height more than 7200 meters.These ranges separate Indian subcontinent and Tibetian plateau.Their are two other ranges beside Greater Himalayas , Lower foothill(height approximated to 1000 meters) called Shivalik range.The other little higher (2000-3000 meters) is called the Mahabharata range.The Himalayas sprawl over five countries India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan.The three great rivers of the world that drain the region are Ganga, Bramhaputra, Sindhu. They provide the water and lively-hood to 600 million people.

Spiritual Books on Himalayas

A Hermit in the Himalayas: The Classic Work of Mystical Quest
A Hermit in the Himalayas: The Classic Work of Mystical Quest

This book well describes the spiritual world of India. Paul Brunton well describes his imaginations and experiences vividly in this book.


Myths of Himalayas

Their are many legends that surround this colossal structure.It is said that Indra after having taken the golden armor from Karna hid that wonderful armor in Himalayas. A Bollywood movie "Naksha" is made on this legend.

Other legend that evolves from the travelogue of an Indian saint who told that when he went into the unexplored paths where no human dwelling or signs of human travel he found.He saw there a tree with circumference of 1 mile.This tree in Hindi is known as 'Vat'.He wanted to sojourn there for the meditation when a man in seraphic dress came and asked him to leave the place.The traveler was told by the strange man that this place was not accessible to the human beings.But the stubborn saint was not ready to desert and expressed his desire to meditate which was the sole motive of his daring travel.Impressed by the persistence of the saint since he was now in his 30th day of his meditation, the seraph like man said that he would show him a fortress but on a condition that as soon as he visits it once, he would have to leave that place where the saint took shelter.

The man took the traveler to the front of a cave which opening was a guarded by a massive stone.But the man easily shifted the stone and made passage for both of them.They headed in utter darkness until light started creeping in.

As soon as they came out they were inside a fort which spanned across miles.The saint after inquiry found that this fort was built by the Arjun and sprawled in 10,000 miles.There he saw various types of saints who were in the state of trance.The traveler insisted to stay there but the seraph like man told him that only the people born before Kaliyug are allowed to stay here.After that traveler was taken out and asked to complete the condition.The traveler left the place with a heavy heart.

One more story which is a myth rather legend that relates itself to the Himalayas is that it is the dwelling place of the God 'Shiva'. It is believed that he resides in Mount Kailash. He meditates there on ice mound and sits on the stripped skin of tiger.He has snake as his garland and moon as his adornment for hair.The holy river Ganga trickles from his clustered hairs.When Ganga was persuaded by the Bhagirath to come and flow on earth, she said that she had no problem except for the case that she would come with such a surmounting force that the whole earth in the vicinity of the impact would be devastated. It was then Lord Shiva said he would hold her in his cluster of hairs and from there she would flow in such a way that she would only benefit the mankind.

One of the chiranjeevi(Immortal)of Mahabharata, Ashwathama, he is said to reside in a wretched condition due to the curse given to him by Shree Krishna. It is said that he was spotted in Himalayas.He had eye brows which hairs touched the ground. Their was a blister in his forehead which continued to bleed the serum. It is said that wound resulted due to ripping of the pearl that was situated in the forehead.

Books on Himalays

Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure
Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure

This book describes the living in Himalayas and the spiritual and inspirational adventure associated with it.


Rahul Sankritayan visits Himalayas

These Himalayas were of profound interest to the great Indian traveler Rahul Sankrityayan. He traveled the places where it was very painstaking and impossible to do so without external aid. He went to Tibet in order to study Buddhism. He returned from there carrying the scriptures which were lost in the Indian main land.It is said that he carried these scriptures on 22 mules. These scriptures were taken from the Vikramshila University which was burned down by the Muslim invaders of the 8th century. The fleeing monks took the great treasure of knowledge with them which might have fallen victim to the fire.

Himalayas Images

The northern view of mount Everest.
The northern view of mount Everest. | Source
The wonderful view of Kanchan Jungha.
The wonderful view of Kanchan Jungha. | Source
The Panorama of Himalayas.
The Panorama of Himalayas. | Source
The Political Map Showing the Himalayas across various countries.
The Political Map Showing the Himalayas across various countries. | Source
Mount K2 with a height of 8611 meters is second Highest in the world.
Mount K2 with a height of 8611 meters is second Highest in the world. | Source


There are many places in the Himalayas which still need to be discovered specially by the travelers taking interest in religion and archaeology.The great ancient legends and the myths woven around this range do have something substantial in them.There are still many sages who are continuously meditating from the time unknown to us.

In the end I would like to express that Himalayas are something even a bulky volume will not be effective to describe them completely. But I have just outlined what I wished to describe about them. I welcome the criticisms from my readers and I would be happy in appending any tale that they might suggest.


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