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Magic and Ritual Techniques for Home Blessing and Protection

Updated on July 1, 2018
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I've written for many websites including being an editor at BellaOnline. I love sharing articles on many topics.

Whether modest or luxurious - our homes are our refuge.
Whether modest or luxurious - our homes are our refuge. | Source

Home Sweet Home

Our home is a refuge from the outside world—that place where our heart and soul can relax. It's only natural that we want to keep it free of negativity and a place to be comfortable to commune with spirit.

Eventually, negativity creeps in either from ourselves or those around us. Possibly, even the land our homestead is placed on whether in the city or country has become tainted with unwanted energies.

Below is an example of a simple home blessing ritual along with nine protection techniques from different traditions you may find useful in keeping your home energetically cleared and protected.

Home Blessing Ritual

This can be done in any area, but the kitchen is traditionally thought to be the heart of the home.

1. Light a candle in honor of the hearth fire (nowadays, this isn't usually a fireplace but the stove on which meals are prepared).

2. Light incense in offering to your own hearth deity (or deities).

3. With hands upraised say:

Spirits of our hearth and home

Watch over all who dwell here.

Protect us from harm and fear.

We trust in you to keep safe

All that we hold dear to heart.

Substitute the names of any deity you wish, and create your own prayer that is in line with your belief system. An elaborate ritual with full circle casting can be devised or you can blend this simple prayer with any one or more of the techniques below.

#1 - Beating the Bounds

Believed to be derived from Pagan roots, this is practiced by modern Pagans and Christians. The term refers to beating or pounding the perimeter of your property with a staff or branches. Birch and willow twigs were traditionally used in pre-Christian Britain. This tradition has been revived at Cholesbury-&-St Leonard's in England by beating the bounds around the parish.

Sweep away the disruptive energy.
Sweep away the disruptive energy. | Source

#2 - Sweeping Away with a Broom

You can consecrate a simple household broom for magical use or make your own from the twigs of trees you feel a magical affinity for.

Go around the house sweeping the negativity into one big ball then finally out your door forcefully. If you know from where the disruptive energy is coming, then create a chant which includes the source (i.e. name of person or group) and forcefully say, "Be gone!" at the end while you sweep them out the door.

You can even do this with landscaping brooms around your property. The tools don't have to be considered traditional such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. You may also hang the broom above the threshold of your home and decorate it with protective herbs and crystals.

#3 - Protective Herbs and Plants

Hanging garlic in the kitchen isn't just used in B-movies to keep vampires away but also to repel any unwanted visitor. Common household herbs such as cumin, rosemary, lemon grass, dill, and basil can be utilized in protective magic. Sprinkle them around your property dry or make a tea out of one or more of them to be poured out over the boundaries of your land. Holly bushes and mistletoe are also traditionally protective.

Examples of Herbs Noted to Have Purification and Protective Qualities

Botanical Name
Part of Plant Used
Arctium lappa
Lavendula officinale
Urtica dioica

These plants have many uses including blessing, purifying and protective properties.

Crystals as tools of protection.
Crystals as tools of protection. | Source

#4 - Programming Crystals with Intent of Protection

In order to charge clear quartz crystals with the purpose of protection, first cleanse them with salt or running water. Hold them in your hands while mentally putting your intention into them.

Bury them at the corners of your property. You can also place some at the doorways and windows of your home. You can also place the charged crystal in water and sprinkle the water around your property. Some people like to combine clear quartz crystal programming with a light visualization and a meditation with a grounding stone like smoky quartz.

#5 - Offerings for the Land

Make offerings to the land spirits and deities revered as keepers of your hearth and home. Whiskey and bread with honey are said to be favorite offerings of the fairies. Leaving a spirit plate is the practice of placing a bit of food from one or all of your meals on a dish out for the land spirits. Offerings such as wreaths and other handmade crafts, food, drink, and even coins are given in the spirit of reciprocity to those beings who protect your home. It's important not to forget the indoor spirits as well.


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#6 - A Ring of Salt

Known as the all-purpose magical tool, sea salt is thought to be very effective in home protection. Kosher salt, as well as plain table salt can be sprinkled around the perimeter of the property for this purpose. You may choose to chant a prayer while you do this such as By Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, my home is secure inside and out.

#7 - Smudging Your Home

This is the practice of censing yourself, home and property with smoke from incense or herbs to be cleansed of impurities. Some people use sage which became popular in the New Age movement and was inspired by Native American tradition. White sage is commonly used for this purpose, not the sage used in cooking. Other useful smudging herbs include mugwort, lavender, sweetgrass and cedar.

Incense works just as well. It is believed that the Catholic church's use of a censor with burning incense during services has more ancient Pagan roots.

Algiz/Elhaz, a rune from Northern European pre-Christian tradition said to have protection as one of its qualities.
Algiz/Elhaz, a rune from Northern European pre-Christian tradition said to have protection as one of its qualities. | Source

#8 - Symbols for Protection

Inscribe symbols for protection such as the cross, pentagram, runes, ogham or any symbol you have magically charged on the earth around your home or on an object such as a rock to be placed near your doorway. You can incorporate these symbols into a decorative plaque to hang inside or outside an entryway.

#9 - Light Visualization

Ground and center yourself in whatever method you prefer. Visualize a sphere of opalescent light (or other appropriate color) above your home that stems from the a deity, spiritual companion or universal source. The sphere gradually becomes larger until it surrounds the top of your home. As you draw down this light, visualize it transforming unwanted energies into light from the source.


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© 2009 PatriciaJoy


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