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How does anyone live in a home with spirits or ghosts?

Updated on August 13, 2017

How does anyone live in a home with spirits or ghosts?

Recently my family and I have been doing some house hunting and I am not sure how the people that lived in some of these places could not know they had something in their home. I know that some people seem to be immune to any feelings of “creepiness” or are oblivious to anything that they might not consider “normal.” But after looking at so many homes I cannot believe that the owners of these homes have not ever had anything happen that they cannot explain seeing as how I had something happen in five out of fourteen homes. (so far)

Now you have to understand that where I am from there is a ton of homes that are at least 100 years old, and most of them are beautiful architectural works of their time with all the woodwork through-out and the interesting little nooks and crannies even the ones that are not very well taken care of are absolutely stunning. But how the owners of these homes did not know there was something there is beyond me, in all five of those houses, you could feel the vibes in the air as soon as you waked in the door. One in particular was very bad and as soon as you walked in the door it hit you like a freight train making me take a step back and I know that the realtor felt something and so did two of the members of my family. None of us wanted to open the basement door where you could almost see the air shimmering waiting to engulf you. So of course I had to open it! By the time I actually got my hand on the door handle I thought I might be sick, but I grabbed hold and yanked the door, and nothing happened, the door wouldn't open. I must have pulled on that stupid door four or five times and nothing.

The moment I turned to speak to my son, the door swung open almost knocking me down and of course me being the way I am grabbed hold of the door and said how rude that was. That is when I felt the burning on my back and what I can only describe as hatefulness rolling out that door thinking of my family and our realtor, I grabbed hold of that door and slammed it shut. It was as if you could feel the area lighten and that hatefulness slip back under the door.

Needless to say, we got out of there and never looked back and when the realtor asked why we left so quickly I was able to raise my shirt enough to show her the fresh scratch on my back and told her this is why we are leaving, and suggested she have the listing agent have the house blessed. I am sure she thought I was crazy, but I know she felt something in there to, she just wouldn't say she did, but her body language told me a lot.

Needless to say we are still looking and I do what I like to call a “full sweep” of each house and have managed to catch a few orb like shapes on my camera in two of the attics and one of the basements. It is a fun ride walking through all these houses, but you have to trust your gut instincts about each of them because if your not comfortable just walking through that house you definitely do not want to live there.


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