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Horse Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 18, 2010

Horse Zodiac Personality Traits

Cheerful, popular and quick witted, a person born in this year usually has raw sex appeal rather than straight good looks. Talkative and earthy, Horse people love exercise both physical and mental. An adventurer at heart, Horse tends to leave home early and his independent spirit may goad him to start working at an early age. His changeable nature will lead him to be hot tempered, rash, stubborn and headstrong at times. Vivacious, energetic, bold and self-reliant, but on the other side, the childish Horse also has an explosive temper, though he quickly forgets his outbursts and because of this you can be extremely difficult to deal with sometimes. Often called as a playboy or playgirl of the cycle, this unpredictable Horse falls in love easily and falls out of love just as easily. The Horse is just as skillful in business as in love.

Horse Zodiac Sign

Horse Zodiac Sign
Horse Zodiac Sign

The Male Horse

The male Horse is ambitious, passionate, very humorous and definitely a partygoer. At the first glance, he may not stand out from the crowd but as soon as he starts talking many people will be fascinated by his persuasive speech and impressed by his agile mind. When comes to managing his own finances, the male Horse usually does not have the patience, in fact he is often considered as a spendthrift. A productive character and a skilled communicator, he has low tolerance for people who are uninterested, unenthusiastic and uncommunicative. Especially good at jokes and stories, the male Horse has vibrant character who always talk with rapid and graceful body movements and animated facial expression. He bored easily and does not take criticism too well. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the more often the Horse travels, the more he will appreciate his sweet home. You should also understand that when you are in love with the male Horse, then give him freedom. The more you “ground” him, the more he will rebel.

The Female Horse

The lady Horse is full of spunk. Clever but not necessarily intelligent, good at promoting events and ideas, and talented in public relations. Frank and straightforward, tart and saucy, the female Horse doesn't beat around the bush. She could be a chatterbox without a reprieve, a Grand Prix driver or a tennis champion. She can do her nails, watch TV, mind the children, write a letter and talk on the phone, all at the same time. She loves to get things done. If she could, she would be in ten places at the same time. There isn't anyone else aruond who can do so much so fast. She makes friends easily but will take her romantic involvements lightly. The female Horse is definitely not the type of a shy woman who sits quietly in the party waiting for her Prince charming to approach her but instead an energetic and sociable individual who likes to approach any new face and start making conversations and friends.

The Horse Child

Animated, mercurial and boisterous, a child born in the Horse year will have a buoyant personality and a passionate love of life. This child will talk and walk early and will resent parents who restrict him too much. He learns fast and likes to do things quickly, definitely not a slow mover. The Horse child will tend to be disobedient, wilful and stubborn when held back but he is also not the whining and crybaby type. He loves the outdoors and should be allowed plenty of exercise. He will be plagued by a searching and restless spirit and needs to be occupied constantly. Quick tempered, demonstrative and affectionate, if you constrict him with regulations, demanding schedules and rules then he will bolt.


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