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how Enki and Enlil are not Satan and God

Updated on January 9, 2011

The obvious would make this hub too short and that is what about Anu? where does he fit in the Scriptures. Anu is the father of both Enki and Enlil who are suppose to be "brothers" Satan (Enki) and God (Enlil). He (Anu) isn't because God has no parents, which should make God not Enlil.

Here i will break down all 3 of their names. The father, Anu, which means sky or heaven god. He dealt with the stars, demons and judge creations. Since being the father he is the highest of the 3 Sumerian gods. The next in line directly below is Enlil, he was the god of the wind. He also had children as gods too. Last on the ladder is Enki, youngest son and was god of water and earth. He too had children as gods. Looking at the names it would seem better to consider Anu to be God since they share similar strong characteristics, although God really does everything. I believe Anu is not compared because there is no conflict like God with Satan here. The conflict is with Enki and Enlil. Another is that Enlil came first just like God also came first.

The things the seem similar to the Scriptures is for the facts that the creation the gods made were to not gain knowledge beyond to what they need to know. With Enki playing around and changing things that basic knowledge bond was broken and the creation became like the gods, their "eyes were opened." Satan had done the same thing to Eve who passed it to Adam. Both Enlil and God were angry about this event. This caused a strife between the 2 gods which they waged a Star Wars/sci-fi like battle in the cosmos. This same action also took place when Satan tried to fight the forces of God in space. What makes this a bit different is that Satan is the one who didn't like the creation made by God and disobeyed bowing to Adam. In the Sumerian myth, with their compared roles, its the other way around. What is similar to both is what happens at the end of the battle, Satan is caste out to emptiness and so is Enki.

Here is the main difference that shows the Scriptures and Sumerian myth are not the same. Both brother gods can create equally. God can create but Satan can not create the same way, Satan's creations are less developed and not natural like God's. Enki is good and wants to improve mankind as he did. Enlil is bad and wants them to stay ignorant. Satan (Enki) is bad and hates mankind. He also tricks them for the worst, doesn't seem like Enki. God (Enlil) is good and can punish as well, but unlike Enlil he urges man to seek knowledge. Plus at times, randomly God will help man out which Enlil wants no part of. Even if it was switched from Enki is God and Enlil is Satan it still wouldn't add up. For the fact that Satan is active to destroy man never wanted anything for it and Enlil just wants man to be basic with no advanced knowledge.


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    • profile image

      DENDOGODNED 3 months ago

      Anu, Enlil, Enki are fallen angels/aliens and the Sumerian tablets are written by the deceived humans of that era

    • profile image

      doingyourmom 2 years ago

      An, Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninartu were assimilated into Yahweh.

    • profile image

      peterok2015 3 years ago

      Enki was the creator of humanity. Enlil hated humanity. Enlil declares himself as the good God Jehova, Creator of all things and denigrate his brother Enki as Satan, the Evil God. Enlil /Jehova hated his brother Enki because of his kindness and protection to humans. All the scriptures in almost every religion are in favor of Enlil as the good God and putting Enki as the Evil God. The truth is that Enki was the creator god and Enlil, the god who hated mankind.

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Im even more mixed up now. The amount of information that exists is enough to make my head spin and alot of it is conflicting, confusing, and contradictory. Different sources disagree with eachother, different authors disagree with eachother, different books disagree with eachother. Its IMPOSSIBLE to know the objective truth. What I really want to know is who or what created the world and universe, and who or what created evil and suffering. Who or what created centipedes, cancer, black widow spiders, tooth decay, mosquitoes, malaria, hurricanes, tsunamis? Who or what is to bkame for human evil and sin? God? Which God? The Devil? Which Devil? A demon? Which demon? Theres more than one Devil and it seems there is more than one Satan and there are countless demons. Enki or Satan is described by some as a flesh and blood being who looks like a Swedish blonde man by his worshippers in the Joy of Satan organization. A flesh and blood Satan? This version of Satan is an Anunnaki alien who engineered the human race some 450,000 years ago. This version of Satan is said to be "good" by his worshippers and not evil. Others say Satan is made up by pure spirit and is pure evil or the personification of evil. Some blame Satan and demons for creating Natural evils such as centipedes and cancer while others say that Satan and demons are unable to create anything. Others think that Satan and demons are to blame for human evils and sins. Others think that while Satan and demons cannot create anything, they do have the power to change things and corrupt things. For example, Centipedes and Mosquitoes may have originally been harmless herbivores until Satan and demons entered the picture and changed and corrupted these creatures by transforming centipedes into a venomous predator and by transforming Mosquitoes into a blood sucking, disease causing parasite. In other words, Satan and demons are able to change and corrupt things which ALREADY EXIST. So who is right? Satan has many names. Mastema, Apollyon, Typhon, Set, Angra-mainyu/Ahriman, Ea, Enki,Shiva,Zeus, Lucifer, Baphomet, Marduk, and SATURN. I had an experience recently while sleeping and I heard and conversed with a voice. I saw the word Saturn. Saturn is another name for Satan. The Bible God, Yahweh, has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, or is partly evil which can be seen in His behavior in the Bible and in the Nature He created. So there are at least 2 Satans. One is a flesh and blood alien known as Enki and the other one is pure spirit. Enki/Satan is supposedly the good Satan while the Satan of the Bible is said to be purely evil. So who is right? Its impossible to know. The world is in a state of hopeless confusion.

    • profile image

      tony12fingers 3 years ago

      you are all mixed up enlil stole name and role of yhwy/jehova but is really satan the heir apparent throne on earth and nibiru also second son of any his angelic name is azazel.enki/lucifer[not satan]is eldest son but not heir since his mother not blood royal dracos queen like satan/enlil.enki created humans by genetic encoding annunaki [fallen angels]dna into austrialpithacus[uprightapes]enlil was against this out mistrust for his brother[half] to use as way to undermine his authority on earth leading to hatred for humans enki/lucifer/osiris loved us if not at least as zacharia sit chin 12th planet many scholars concur his findings as well as many archeological remains some of which i personally found

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Mass disagreement, mass division, mass contradiction, and mass confusion surrounds religion, history, mythology, the Bible, God, angels, the Devil, demons, Satan, and the Anunnaki aliens. Its impossible to know what the objective truth is and its impossible to know what is what. Objective reality, objective truth, and objective facts are impossible for anyone to know and all we can do is speculate. Im neither an atheist nor a theist. I call my personal belief Deficient Theism and I believe in a deficient God who is not so good, or not so moral, or not so powerful, or not so wise. Maybe He is insane and maybe He is stupid. Maybe God is uncaring or maybe He is mentally blind, morally blind, and amoral like the Nature He created. The Bible God is partly evil with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Yahweh the Bible God is cruel, violent, bloodthirsty, egomaniacal, narcicisstic, insane, unfair, unwise, unreasoning, and unforgiving. He punishes the entire world for the sin of two people, Adam and Eve who ate a forbidden fruit. He allows Adam and Eve's sin to spread to all future unborn humans which is unfair and He curses and punishes the entire world with Natural evils such as diseases, predation, mass starvation, centipedes, scorpions, mosquitoes, ticks, jellyfish, hurricanes, tsunamis,etc. Its a God who has shown more cruelty and who has caused and created more suffering to His creation all because two primitive humans ate a forbidden fruit for which He orchestrated for them to eat. Its disgusting. And He has an eternal torture chamber called hell where billions of people will end up in the next life according to Fundamentalist Christians with fire, worms, a sewer like stench, suffocation or inability to breathe, and being buried alive inside a claustrophobic, coffin like environment. Its monstrous, inhuman, fiendish, diabolical, malevolent, sadistic cruelty, evil, and horror worse than any horror movie. This cruel, insane, unreasoning God is punishing people for Adam and Eve's sin and punishing us for Satan's sins and punishing us for being what NATURE made us to be. We dont have total 100 percent free will. In the Bible, Satan inflicts physical torture and killing only in the book of Job which was still under God's permission. In nearly the entire Bible, its God who inflicts physical torture and killing. This God is cruel to both people and animals and He is negligent to both people and animals. Who or what created such horrors as cancer, malaria, centipedes, stonefish(a venomous fish with an unimaginably painful sting, the Sydney Funnelweb spider, ticks, fleas, lice, hookworms, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc? Is it God? Is it Satan? Is it some demon? Or are evil aliens to blame? We still dont know the origin and cause of evil and suffering in the creation. Who or what is to blame for human evils or sin such as selfishness, cruelty, violence, vanity, alienation? Some believe that God or the gods are really aliens and Satan or the Devil and demons are really aliens. Wait a minute. Arent both God and Satan, angels and demons purely spiritual beings with spiritual bodies under the category of Supernatural? Yet these aliens are said to have bodies made up of flesh and blood. Many believe that aliens and UFOs are really demons in disguise under Satan's rulership. According to the "true" Satanists and their Joy of Satan website, Satan is a real personal being who is about 500,000 years old and is one of the Anunnaki aliens from another planet called Nibiru or the Pleadies or Orion or wherever. These Satanists have even claimed to have seen Satan and conversed with him and they describe Satan as a handsome blonde Swedish man with angel wings. These people say that this version of Satan isnt evil but is actually humanity's creator and friend. This version of Satan is also called ENKI, MARDUK, and SATYA. He is not the enemy of humanity but he is the enemy of Anu and the enemy of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Anu is also called ENLIL and is believed to be Yahweh the Bible God. So Satan/Enki is said to be a geneticist and scientist and helped to create humans by using his genes with that of a hominid primate 445,000 years ago. I dont know what to make of all this? Satan is a liar and deceiver and can disguise himself as an angel of light. Either the truth about Satan has been distorted or there is more than one Satan or this Enki/Satan masquerading as a good guy is a LIE. Will the real Satan please stand up? Will the real God please stand up? What makes the these Satanists or followers of Enki so sure that they are right? Yes the Bible God Yahweh is cruel but so is their Satan. BOTH God and Satan are cruel. Both of them are to blame for having a world filled with evil, sin, suffering, and death. I dont trust either of them. These people at Joy of Satan are either deluding themselves to this false history and false theology or they are NOT telling everything they know. In other words they could be deliberately WITH HOLDING certain information which may prove embarrassing to their religion. I think they are hiding some unsavory stuff about Enki. Im almost certain that Enki/Satan has an evil side which they are not telling us. When one wants to promote a cause or sell something, its natural that they only show or reveal the good side of their cause and HIDE the bad side. So whats the other side of the coin these Joy of Satan/Enki fans arent telling us? Im sure theres a side to their Satan/Enki thats disturbing and embarrassing which they're not telling us. If they're not hiding anything and if they really are telling us everything they know then they are either lying themselves by giving out false information or they have been deceived by lying entities. These Satanists claim that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all false religions. Maybe they are all false or maybe they are true. Nobody knows. But what makes these Satanists so sure that Satanism is the only true religion and that Satan/Enki is the only true God? And what makes them so sure that Satan/Enki isnt really evil? What makes them so sure Satan/Enki is humanity's friend? In cases of demonic possession there is a sense of evil. Did Satan/Enki also create the world and universe? How can a flesh and blood Anunnaki alien create a world and universe? Did Satan/Enki create diseases and venomous pests such as centipedes? Who or what created evil and suffering? Is Satan/Enki made of flesh and blood or is he made up of a spirit body? I thought both Satan and God were made up of spirit bodies. The Anunnaki aliens are said to dwell in another dimension and on other planets. Theres so much thats still a mystery.

    • profile image

      thisaintright 3 years ago

      Go read the book...the lost book of enki...enki is older than enlil and enki came to earth first...sound like they made some of this up so the holy bible can be right...but it's not..go read the lost book of enki

    • profile image

      voiceofreason 3 years ago

      I am so sick of feeble minded insects writing about such matters online. Cant accept the hebrew god is enlil, and that his half brother and rival satan is enki? Tough shit, the bible is most certainly, a revised version of the sumerian myths, azazel aka satan aka agni (hindu) aka prometheus aka khnum created mankind, taught them "secrets" religion/witchcraft, masonry, pottery, cosmetics, and metallurgy. Anybody who argues to the contrary is incorrect.

    • profile image

      Hoon 4 years ago

      Well, Enki and Enlil were Gods. Satan might be Marduk.

    • profile image

      Jsin 4 years ago

      Sumerian culture shows no That the Sumerians had no interest in power or corruption nor do I believe they were evolved enough..wich to me makes there recording of data to be more for Christians (who slaughtered in the name of power and fear)..thief rise during the time of Rome ..well the worlds I'll to power nd corruption was already in full force..ich to me, knowing man lays twists things to their perspective or for gain(wether consciously or sub consciously) I gotta say I go with the scribblings of savages that were not economically or mentally enslaved yet..

    • profile image

      dawsonivxx 4 years ago

      It should also be added, that Anu is NOT anyone's father. He is a being that Enkis kind wasnt to evolve to. Some say he is the creator of all things. The only reason anyone ever thought her was their father was because of sitchins horrible interpretations. No respectable, successful theologists or translators accept his work. Smoking academics, he is a joke. He got some correct and twisted the rest to fit his version of the story. And Enki is a geneticist. He used his people's DNA spliced with the hominids that were on Earth when they got here. It is very science based and not mystical.

    • profile image

      Jenniflower 4 years ago

      Oh thank you for clearing that up for me, Ken! I knew a few others above were close, but they weren't paralelling with my hypotheses so far. Yours did, & was nicely written, too. I've been rolling it around in my head wondering which of the two brothers pulled off Eden, forgetting that Genesis does not name the serpent character (if memory serves me) and that I fundamentally disagreed with the whole entrapment of Eve scenario. I was never able to reconcile that god with any deity I'd want to worship. Although, I have to add that IMO it might not be brothers; maybe it's two different races from neighboring planets, or solar systems, or constellations, etc...but, the "brother" meme is pretty replete throughout the world in ancient mythology so that's probably it - assuming, however, that the translation is accurate or that the ancient use of the word didn't mean something else, like "neighbor" or something.

      It always seemed to me that the bible describes more than one god as being "God", unless he has multiple personalities; including some pret-ty scary ones.

      The serpent always felt like a benevolent being to me...I needed a hand in getting past the understanding that had been imposed on me. As I'm sure you're aware, it takes a lot of practice to think outside of your indoctrinated thought patterns. Many thanks.


    • profile image

      roberto 5 years ago

      Per chi si informa bene, non ci sono grosse difficolta' per capire cosa sia successo o meglio cosa ci hanno lasciato i sumeri nella loro genesi. Enki/EA (colui che la dimora sono le acque), figlio primogenito di Anu (re del pianeta Nibiru/planet X) fu il primo, assieme a 50 Anunnaki (astronauti venuti da Nibiru/planet X), ad atterrare sulla terra, nelle acque del golfo persico. Il loro obbiettivo era trovare l'oro che serviva per chiudere lo squarcio che si era creato nell'atmosfera del loro pianeta. Cosi' fu', inizialmente estrassero l'oro dai mari e successivamente nelle terre dell'abzu (africa sud orientale). Seicento eroi anunnaki sulla terra per le estrazioni e 300 eroi Igigi su marte per la raffinazione e spedizione dell'oro. Dopo millenni, gli anunnaki che lavoravano nell'abzu si ammutinarono......questo fu un gran casino per i nibiruani che, senza l'oro, erano destinati alla morte.Allora sulla terra arrivo anche Enlil, fratellastro di Enki, secondogenito di Anu ma, leggittimo erede alla successione reale perchèpartorito da una sorella del re. Enlil o dio del comando,. Dovettero risolvere il problema dell'estrazione nelle miniere ed Enki, capo scienziato della missione, asseri' di avere lui la risposta a questo problema. Disse di aver individuato nell'abzu degli esseri ominidi, fra cui unoin particolare. La sua pelle è coperta di peli, i capelli sono come la chioma del leone (uomo di neandertal). Corre con le gazzelle e gioca con i tanti pesci d'acqua. Potremmo creare tramite questo essere un'ominide a nostra immagine e somiglianza. E cosi' fu creato Adamu e ti-amat

    • profile image

      weak 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Ken D. Webber 5 years ago

      You are all partially right and partually wrong IMHO. None of them are "God" and all are "God." None of them are "Satan" and all of them are "Satan." All the stories of the Sumerians and other previous cultures were stolen and plagiarised by the Hebrew, and twisted as they saw fit. Then, years later, human priests decided there was too much confusion. So they crossed out all the names of the ruling Anunnaki/Elohim (Anu, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, Ra, etc.) and just wrote "God." And whoever "God" sent to torment mankind, that particular ruler's name got scratched out and "Ha-Satan-el" was written, meaning the benevolent or good agent of adversity sent by the ruling Elohim. They would use the tetragrammation YHVH to denote the current ruling Elohim. You must also note that Nahash, the Serpent... was someone other than "Ha-Satan-el." They were NOT the same individual. Nahash means the keeper of the secret wisdom, who in my opinion was taken from the stories of Enki. It was Enlil who lied to "Adam and Eve" saying that if they ate of the forbidden tree that they would die that very day (they ate and did not die proving Enlil to be the actual LIAR). The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not a real tree, it's a diagram, much like say, a modern day family tree. This tree of good and evil, a timeline, is what we call in English... HISTORY. The fruit of history is... TRUTH. No one dies from eating truth, however... if you give the truth to humans created as slaves then they will know the "naked" truth and you will no longer be able to control them with lies. Anyway, if you "believe" in the lie the human priests created, that lie being the "one true God" concept, then you probably also swallowed Son of God Part II, the sequel, which was yet another lie, built upon the first lie, by a secret society named The Order of Melchizedek. Memes beget memes until the original truth is forgotten in favor of strong and powerful delusions.

    • sjschultz profile image

      sjschultz 5 years ago from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

      Sumerians are real. Lutherans are real to a point to put input into the Sumerian religion. Here is the truth, Sumerians are real because of Enlil being evil and Enki being holy. Enlil is evil because he let humans live. Enki is holy because he knew of destroying all humans because he made the great flood to destroy us all. In the book of Genesis there is a flood and Noah had escaped the flood by not finding god but, finding the devil pretending to be god. I know of this because of knowing that Enki did not want us to know that we are part gods and goddesses. I know this because I read it in the scriptures where Enlil put his evil taint in us all that is why we are warring type humans. Then if you prove me wrong then where is all this evil coming from? Where is this Balance is and where it would be? Why would the devil a.k.a. Enlil is protecting us for? Why is there such a thing of being evil and being holy? I haven't seen anyone being holy so, that is my conclusion that Enlil is evil and Enki is holy. Enlil has a grip on us all to survive the cataclysm war between them. And yes I know about the war between Holy and Evil. Well there is more. Evil is here because then there will be no balance between this Earth and the other Earth. Also read more into Sumerian religion before writing this topic. Without the balance within the two Earths there will be war again. So in my real conclusion God is Enki and Satan is Enlil.

    • profile image

      wendy 5 years ago

      Enki is a little baby right now and is far from evil

    • profile image

      milky 5 years ago

      this is very good read. still very complex but all i want to know is where is enki now or how to contact him ?

    • profile image

      satan enki 5 years ago

      Sorry dude but satan is enki

    • profile image

      carl cash 5 years ago

      as a new student of these finds i am in shock.

    • profile image

      seth 6 years ago

      I've studied the Sumerian tablets for a while now, trying to make some sort of sense of them. Obviously there are parallels to other religions (especially from that area) but at the end of the day, every individual interpretation differs and it is best not to follow the interpretation of an 'expert' such as a scholar. At the end of the day, theirs is not better than your own.

      I don't think Enki is 'the good guy' nor is Enlil 'the bad guy' when taken at face value. Both have good and bad qualities. It's also important to take into account that they have been swapped. Tablets that praise one over the other should be questioned. Because history is not written by the victor.

      Which is why, if you believe in such a thing, with all the problems in our world. With life being a struggle for the average person. And all those people telling us that's the way it is supposed to be even though clearly things could be better, who ever is in charge (again if you believe in it) is Satan. The "Satan" and "Lucifer" person really is the good guy. Anybody brainwashed into the Catholic church without examining their history (all the way up til their recent history) would realize that these are not the good guys.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I was making a logical stretch in equating Satan with plague, in an attempt to find a Nergal connection, but I'm still curious. Was building from superficial knowledge of the Satan who worked for god and tormented and accused Job. That doesn't sound like anything Enki did? If anything Enki was an early Lord that Yahweh was partially modelled from. Some say that E-A actually was Yah-weh while others have Hadad or Ninurta. If Set was Hadad, and Hadad was the El Shaddai and no or teams of gods...with several Yahwehs. In one case, unless this was a being who was telling fibs, then Set who may be Hadad or 'Set-an' became 'God'. A convoluted manner of reasoning? A hypothesis based on his allegedly being a son of El and hence historially a later 'Baal Zaphon?'

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      A good try, but there are still layers of complexity this article doesn't deal with. I think one should specify, who is the Catholic Satan in the time of 'The Bible,' and who Satan might be historically. Since the name was also allegedly a generic title to designate opponents and accusers in the early Israelite period, possibly before? There are many who fell or were exiled from the heavens...apollo for example very early on...the watcher angels..shamsiel..and the 'abominations; of ishtar, chemosh, melkart, baal, also represent 'satans' in their own right. But Enki doesn't seem like the Satan, because Nergal is the one who is credited with plague, hence if Nergal was exiled from Heaven and went to live in Ereshkigal's underworld, he could be a satanic figure. So it seems like Enki was used partially for the Satan figure in modern confused times but was not that originally...although he may have been a Satan used as a foil for God, when they are both and all Gods.

    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Useful place for me to begin with the information given and to carry this forward to see what else I may be able to learn about this topic. I enjoy reading and learning about Gods, and other deities from the past and of the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...