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How to Activate Your Intuition

Updated on January 5, 2016

Intuition is an Active Result of the Spirit

It was a cold November evening and I was at home busily working away when I experienced a prompting in my spirit. A clear thought came to my mind and it had a sense of urgency attached to that thought. Pray for the safety of your daughter. O.K so I did, not knowing why, so I prayed that she would be safe and kept out of harms way. A short while later a knock came to our door and a police officer came to inform us that our daughter was in a car accident. She and her friend had run into the back of another car on a slippery road, but thankfully both girls were shaken up but were unharmed. What role did my intuitive thought have in the over all outcome of this incident, to this day I really do not know. I told you this story to prepare you for the journey ahead because intuition plays a very large role in each of our lives. I would like to acknowledge for this photo.

Lets Start With Our Journey on Discovering Our Intuition - Intuition is a Process found in the Human Spirit

Is there a specific intellectual formula behind understanding the components or outcome of an active regenerated spirit? Well the short answer is yes and no. You see our spirit man is separate from our soul (mind) and physical bodies. Intuition is an outcome or product of the spirit within us that gets sent somehow to our soul for processing and action. The soul or our intellect will take action upon that thought or it will reject that prompting from your spirit. Your soul can override the thoughts of the spirit. Usually it will make no logical sense to act upon your intuitive thought but trust me, you should because it could keep you out of harms way.

Oftentimes we think of a certain thing we have good reason to do and our heart delights in it and finally our will decides to execute it; yet somehow in the inner sanctuary of our being there seems to arise (an unuttered and soundless voice) strongly opposing what our mind, emotion or volition has entertained,felt, or decided.- Quote from Watchman Nee-

So we now know that an intuitive thought comes from our spirit man, it is not mystical in any way and yet somehow it seems strange and entirely different than anything our mind could produce.

A Great Book That Has A Lot to Say About Intuition

The Spiritual Man (3 volume set)
The Spiritual Man (3 volume set)

This book is filled with Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and great understanding.


Intuition A Function of The Spirit

Always a question with intuition
Always a question with intuition

Lets hear from you, how have you experienced a thought from your inner human spirit ?

Have You Ever had an Intuition or Thought from Your Spirit?

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picture from
picture from

Intuition Can Make You Look a Little Different

It's A Journey of Spiritual Expectation

Have you ever gone to get your fortune told? Well to be very honest each one of us has the intuitive power within each of us to be guided directly through intuition or what I would call spirit thought. The Fortune Teller may be a lot of fun to go to sometimes and I am certainly not telling you to not go, but it is within you to get good solid direction through your very own spirit.

I want you practice meditating on your spirit and look at the separation of the spirit man from your intellect. You might find this a bit of a problem at first but if you ask God for a bit of help in this area then God will supply the right path to accomplish your goal. You need a regenerated spirit man it activate that intuitive power within you. So get into a comfortable quiet spot and release your soul into an area where the process of connecting with God can begin. It will be different for each one so there is no set formula for this, drives type A Personalities a bit over the edge because they need that structure and control. Work it through and it will be a fantastic addition to your life.

Intuition Self Help Books

Intuition (a bonus Intangible short story)
Intuition (a bonus Intangible short story)

This is a good read on the subject of Intuition.


Would You like to share some of those unexplained in you spirit thoughts with us? It would be real encouraging for the readers of this lens to hear from you. So don't be shy and give it a try. Lets help each one of us on our life long journey.

What's on Your Mind or Rather What's Your Intuitive Thought? - Have You A Story to Tell Us about a Specific Intuitive Thought?

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