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How To Create A Wiccan Book Of Shadows

Updated on August 19, 2013

Each Wiccan Book Of Shadows Is Different

Ever wondered how to create a Book of Shadows before? You will find a comprehensive list of items that nearly every Wiccan Book of Shadows should include. Creating a Wiccan Book Of Shadows can be a fun experience, just as much as educational. Your ability to personalize your Wiccan Book of Shadows, is what makes each and every Book of Shadows different.

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Creating A Book Of Shadows Is Easy and Fun!

Creating a Wiccan Book of Shadows is not as hard as many think. There isn't any one way to make a book of shadows. One of the few times that they may be similar is if a coven has one general Book of Shadows that they use for their entire coven's needs. More seasoned believers normally will have multiple Wiccan Book of Shadows, as they usually will create one for teaching others, while a second is for their personal use only. The what is known as Teaching Book of Shadows is normally reserved for use by neophytes that may have an interest in joining a ritual.


"And Ye Harm None, Do As Thou Will"

Wiccan Dedication Page

Include any information on your "Year in a Day", and the dedication date to the Wiccan Beliefs. Have both a start, and end date on your Year in a Day, and when the date of creation for your personal Wiccan Book of Shadows was created.

Creating A Wiccan Book Of Shadows

A very good description of Creating a Wiccan Book Of Shadows.

General Wiccan Information

Tools- Description of every tool used, and the purpose of use within a circle:

Invocations- Usually will include for both the Wiccan Goddess, and God.

Divination- This area will include Stone Divination,Tarot Cards, scrying using a crystal ball, along with different methods of divination.

Symbols- Include every major symbol, along with meanings. There are many various different symbols, most of them will rarley be used but should still be included incase they are ever needed.

Preferred Book List- This could include your favorite books, or the best books for novices to read.

Recipes- Most love this section as the area where they put in personally created recipes, or ones that might be used frequently. This will make it so you do not have to remember each, and every recipe might be used.

Wiccan Sabbat and Rituals

Make sure to use not only the general information of how the ritual is conducted, but a brief history on the ritual will aid in broadening your knowledge. Each ritual has its own tools that are used, places it may be conducted, times of the year it is performed, along with other information that should be included.

Full Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual


Casting a Circle-How To

Preparing to conduct a circle

Samhain Ritual - October 31st

Yule Ritual (Winter Solstice)- December 21st

Imboc Ritual information on Imboc- February 2nd

Ostara Ritual- March 21st

Beltain Ritual- May 1st

Litha Ritual (Summer Solstice)- June 21st

Lammas Ritual- August 1st

Mabon Ritual- September 21st

"Merry Ye Meet, Merry Ye Part, and Merry Ye Meet Again...So Mote It Be, and Blessed Be"

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      RaDonna Fox 3 years ago

      Please visit Thanks!

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      Rowangaia 5 years ago

      Merry Meet! I love this informative lens: a true pleasure to read. Blessed Be!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      amazing website and very informative

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      Thank you surfer for the considerate thoughts, very few ever go to that extent.

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      I've not made a wiccan lens yet,but I'll add your lens to my lens when I do make one although.But for now I'm adding this lens to my content giving you a backlink on and making It easy for me to find this lens too.

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      I keep my book of shadows In my head where It's much safer from prying

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      Nice work; I'm lensrolling this to my Witchcraft tools page. Great video.