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How to know if you've been abducted by aliens

Updated on March 8, 2013

Have you been abducted by aliens?

Everyone in the world has some sort of idea what an alien is and where they come from (space). Many believe they even know why aliens are here and their purpose. Well one thing we can say for sure is they are here and many folks have had interesting encounters with them. Reports ranging from sightings of UFO's to abductions from inside bedrooms at night. These reports come from a staggering amount of credible witnesses and sources. Ufologist (experts on UFO related topics) agree that at least 25% or even as high as 40% of the human population has encountered E.T.'s. Out of the people suspected to have these rare encounters an estimated 34% don't have a clue any of this is happening.

What do they want?

alien visit
alien visit

Have you been visited?

So, you may be wondering if you have been visited or abducted by aliens. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you have been unknowingly abducted. Have you ever woke up with the feeling you don't know where you are at first? If you said yes this is a classic sign of being abducted by aliens. Before you go on thinking you might have been a victim of alien visits make sure you aren't just hung over from the party the night before. Next question - Have you noticed any unexplainable mark or marks on your body? If you said yes to this, just like before make sure you didn't get out of control at the party last night and hurt yourself.. and last screening question - Do you have dreams of being abducted by creatures in the night? Saying yes to this is not a joke and cannot be blamed on any sort of (legal) party that I know of. Now that we have gone through the basic screening list lets continue onto a few more specific warnings and signs of alien abductions.

"It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless ... Looking back now, it was like, 'F***, they downloaded something into me!' Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment." - Sammy Hagar

We are not alone.

Alien Abduction Poll

Do Aliens Exist?
Do Aliens Exist?

Do you believe Aliens exist?

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Alien Abduction Autopsy
Alien Abduction Autopsy

Signs You've Been Abducted

1. Missing Time - Missing time episodes can happen frequently, with the victim suddenly finding themselves someplace unfamiliar, not remembering how they got there and not being able to recall one or more hours of time. The missing time can happen anytime and anyplace, even on your way back from the grocery store. A trip that usually takes 15 minutes suddenly turns into an hour and 15 minutes. This is one of the signs of a possible alien abduction. Aliens might be smart but surprisingly they don't seem too manage details very well.

For a species that wants to remain anonymous to humanity, various abduction accounts show they are not concerned with their actions being known at all. Some people are not returning the way they left and in some cases, people are returning completely devoid of clothes and on the side of a mountain or dumped in the woods. They are returning up to a week later in some cases. Having multiple experiences of missing time could be an indication that you've been taken.

2. Having experienced unexplained paralysis, especially in bed - Most people who do recall their alien abduction experience don't remember the alien wooing and courting them out of their room with flowers and a box of candy. Most of them however, do remember having what could be described as a temporary paralysis overcome their body, becoming physically unable to move from their beds before being taken. They also report having strange tingly sensation and/or a cold sensation come over their bodies. Sounds like a bit of a frightening experience.

Skeptics excuse these episodes of temporary paralysis as sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. The skeptics are basically saying you are hallucinating these abductions while in your bed at night. Sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming is certainly a possibility, paralysis coupled with the other signs I've mentioned could mean that most likely, your suspicions of having been visited by aliens may not be completely unfounded after all.

3. Fear of eyes or dreaming of eyes such as animal eyes (like an owl or deer) staring at you - The Fourth Kind brought to light the alleged abduction experiences of the people in Nome, Alaska. Several of the alien abduction victims interviewed reported seeing a white owl staring at them through their windows before the abductions. It was assumed that these people were actually remembering the alien's large eyes right before an abduction. Possible victims of an alien abduction have strong marker memories of seeing these eyes. If you have a sudden fear of dear or owls you could possibly be a victim of alien abductions.

4. Have you awoken with soreness in your anus which cannot be explained - If you're currently not somebody's loving girlfriend behind the slammer, waking up with sore anus could be yet another indication that you've recently been violated by E.T.s Most abductees report being probed in various ways and having various tests taken on their body. Some remember large syringes and painful injections by the aliens. Based on reports and recorded experiences, abductions sound a lot like a general physical that you would get at a hospital. But the appointments in this hospital have the same calling card as date rape in them. I'm not too sure why these aliens feel the need to abduct and probe but they are doing it at an alarming rate!

"For the first time in our history, we are studying something that is studying us." - Marilyn Teare

Alien Abduction Signs

Which of the signs have you experienced?

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Alien Abduction Debate

Are people actually being abducted by aliens?

Yes, look at the evidence and how frequent abductions happen.

Yes, look at the evidence and how frequent abductions happen.

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    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Yes, they are. The universe is vast enough to not be alone.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      They did some type of "surgery" to my lower right leg, left a 5"x7" square scar, also on my lower left back

    • cusanus 4 years ago

      For a unique experience that explains a lot, read the account of what happened to my grandfather. I didn't start to undestand it until 1979. I sure wish I could go back and do something to save my grandfather, though. These "critters" are very real, but not from this dimension, nor is there any credible evidence that they inhabit other planets. It is a serious matter, so if you want real observations and not murky memories, read about what happened to me:

    • oooMARSooo LM 4 years ago

      There are too many people and too much evidence to deny it.

    • Rymom28 5 years ago

      Not necessarily the cinema aliens, but I deffinately believe there otger being outside of our planet.

    • Ebbsoh 5 years ago

      I think there is plenty of unexplainable accounts of people being abducted and some of the evidence is really hard to explain away.

    No, alien abduction theories are absurd.

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      • happynutritionist 5 years ago

        It's fun to think there might be aliens, not so fun the abduction part, but I lean toward not believing there are aliens...about 95% sure. I think there are other explanations...some of them equally creepy.

      • Jazroockfree 5 years ago

        I do not believe that aliens really exist. And I guess it's just a theory made ââby some people

      • Karla Whitmore 5 years ago from Arizona

        I don't know. I do believe it is more likely than not that there is more life out there in the universe and it is plausible that we have been visited before, but there are also a lot of hoaxes. I'm in between on this one.

      • Bob Zau 5 years ago

        I say - "Crazy"... mostly.

      Real Abduction Caught on Camera

      Its happening. People are being abducted DAILY.

      Alien Abduction Documentary

      Guestbook Comments

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        • Rymom28 profile image

          Rymom28 5 years ago

          Excuse my horrible typos in the debate section - typing on my phone is never easy for me. I was a skeptic on this subject until I watched the movie The Fourth Kind, which made it a little too real. Fascinating information!

        • FantasticVoyages profile image

          Fantastic Voyages 5 years ago from Texas

          Not a believer, but found the article fun!

        • JJNW profile image

          JJNW 5 years ago from USA

          Amusing. : )

        • profile image

          JoshK47 5 years ago

          Very interesting lens - thanks very much for sharing!

        • sarasentor lm profile image

          sarasentor lm 5 years ago

          Very Helpful and Interesting lens. I appreciate you for making such a splendid lens. It deserve THUMB UP!

        • profile image

          sheezie77 5 years ago

          Interesting topic, well done!

        • profile image

          anilsaini 5 years ago

          nice lens

        • allenwebstarme profile image

          allenwebstarme 5 years ago

          Video is interesting, I want to believe in this kinda stuff.

        • profile image

          Jazroockfree 5 years ago

          There are many theories about the existence of aliens or the video does not prove correct and that most of the techniques of some people who want to seek thrill.Thanks for sharing.

        • artbyrodriguez profile image

          Beverly Rodriguez 5 years ago from Albany New York

          Interesting lens. I'm not a believer, though.

        • LisaDH profile image

          LisaDH 5 years ago

          After reading this page, I think I can say with certainty that I've never been abducted by aliens

        • TonyPayne profile image

          Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

          I think it's quite likely that aliens do exist, and even though some reports of abduction might be faked, I am sure not all of them are.

        • Ebbsoh profile image

          Ebbsoh 5 years ago

          @mary-humphrey: thanks :D

        • Ebbsoh profile image

          Ebbsoh 5 years ago

          @BobZau: not suprising... lol

        • Ebbsoh profile image

          Ebbsoh 5 years ago

          @dream1983: Thank you! Have an awesome day!

        • mary-humphrey profile image

          mary-humphrey 5 years ago

          great lens

        • profile image

          dream1983 5 years ago

          Interesting lens, great job!

        • BobZau profile image

          Bob Zau 5 years ago

          I'm a skeptic.

        • Ebbsoh profile image

          Ebbsoh 5 years ago

          @Pam Irie: I was a bit skeptical of the video when i first came across it but it makes you wonder what if when you watch it.

        • Pam Irie profile image

          Pam Irie 5 years ago from Land of Aloha

          I didn't have the nerve to watch the first video. yikes!